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Gibbs, Tony, Ixchel and McGee were discussing how they could rescue Ziva and Kate without having to give Harper Dearing 1 million dollars. This was proving to be hard because McGee had found out where Harper Dearing was keeping them, but when they try to find a route, it always somehow has to do with them meeting Harper Dearing.

"Couldn't we just shoot him and get Tony and Ziva?" Tony asked.

"The CIA will get suspicious and investigate us before we can investigate them. It will be best to investigate the CIA before we can do anything with Harper Dearing. Anyway, Ziva and Kate would have-"Gibbs was cut off when Ixchel continued.

"Been told by Harper Dearing what he wants to do with them, which means it might involve the CIA and when we rescued them, they will tell us what he told them about the CIA and then we can investigate them before they can investigate us" Ixchel finished, standing next to Tony's desk.

"Exactly" Gibbs said.

McGee started talking, but all that Ixchel could hear was mumbling, which was very strange. Then suddenly her world started spinning and she nearly fell over, but she caught herself by hanging onto Tony's desk.

"Ixchel?" McGee asked as he finished his sentence that Ixchel didn't hear "Are you alright?"

"Yeah I just… get this feeling sometimes…. that something is wrong" Ixchel stuttered "When somebody talks loudly, but I can only hear them mumbling, and when my world starts spinning, I know there is something wrong"

"How many times has it happened?" Tony asked.

"A lot of times, and it always turns out that something bad has happened to someone I know" Ixchel replied.

Gibbs was about to speak when Ixchel's cell phone went off. She answered it quickly.

"Hello" Ixchel says.

"Hi it's me… Edward" Edward stuttered a little.

"What's wrong, your voice sound worried"

"Well… I got a call from an agent on my mom's team saying that Mom said she would drive in her own car alone to the crime scene, but she never arrived. Have you seen her?"

"Sorry I haven't. The last time I heard from her was when the director called to say that Hollis' team has been sent to the crime scene instead of Gibbs' team. Which means…"

"Which means what Ixchel?"

"Well, let me explain something. My Mom has been kidnapped and so has my second Mom, although I thought she was dead. What links these two disappearances is that they are both pregnant. Which means your Mom might have been… kidnapped"

He was almost crying at the end of the line, but he kept himself together "Well, that would explain why there are loads of black cars in the front of my house pointing guns"

"WHAT? Why didn't you tell me in the first place?"

"I wanted to connect up all the dots first before I raise an alarm"

"Wow, you have definitely learned a lot from me. Anyway, have you got your gun with you?"

"Yes I do, but I have already used all my ammunition and most of the windows in the front of my house are broken"

"We will come and get you OK? Hide till we get there"

"OK but will you have a plan?"

"I will have a plan. Now hide, we will be there"


Ixchel declined the call slowly.

"Who was that?" Gibbs asked.

"That was my boyfriend" Ixchel answered "There are black cars outside of his house pointing guns"

"This might be the CIA" Gibbs said as he made his way to get his gun. Everyone did the same until Ixchel spoke.

"Wait! There is something else" she added quickly. Everybody turned to look at her. "He also said that one of the agents from Hollis' team rang him to say that Hollis never made it to the crime scene and I have connected all of the dots to this one conclusion I made. Harper Dearing is targeting does who are more vulnerable. Both Kate and Ziva are pregnant, which we all know, but Hollis is too which means she might have been kidnapped by Harper Dearing"

Gibbs couldn't have felt angrier at Harper Dearing than he already was. Harper Dearing is targeting the ones more vulnerable to cause them pain, so now he was even more determined to find them alive.

"I said to Edward that we would get him and that we would have a plan. But we don't have a plan" Ixchel said, getting Gibbs out of his thoughts.

All four checked to see if they have their guns and then made their way to the elevator. By the time they all got the car park, they had a plan. The plan was uncomplicated, but risky. Ixchel would be risking her life, and she knew it.

"Anyway, since when do you have a gun?" Gibbs asked as they got into the car. Ixchel went in the front before Tony or McGee could make it. They went and sat on the back seats.

"Well, considering I have been growing up with parents who carry guns, it's just that bit obvious" Ixchel replied with a voice that said 'obvious'.

Gibbs chuckled whilst he was driving fast out of the car park. He was driving at almost 200 mph, swerving around every car, van and lorry that stood in his way. He went across red traffic lights like he never saw them. The only reason the public didn't ring the police was probably because they thought they were part of the police. Which is true, but not directly true.

They got to there, they parked far away so that the shooters wouldn't realise what was going on. Tony, Gibbs and McGee stayed round the back of the house, waiting for the distraction to start. Ixchel walked round the front sticking an ear piece in her ear, where the shooters were, which was the plan.

Ixchel calmly walked in front of the house like nothing was there, until one of the shooters started shouting. Ixchel turned to them, with guns pointing at her.

"Get out of the way. The CIA is who you're standing in the way of?" the man shouted.

"Oh right! This is how it's going to work" Ixchel started casually "With you shouting at me and saying you're the CIA! Very nice game you're playing but you can stop that right now"

"You cheeky bastard!" another man said "Now get out of the way!"

"Well I'm not going to do that"

The man laughed "Well there have got to be one hundred reasons way you shouldn't"

"Ok then. 1 because I don't know what you're doing, 2 because I like it just to stand here, 3 because you will shoot at me if I move, 4…" Ixchel drabbled on, making everybody listen.

Meanwhile, Tony, Gibbs and McGee realised the distraction was working, so they made their way into the house, checking every corner as they went.

Gibbs entered one room and found a boy, about thirteen, frightened underneath a bed. HE knew it must be Edward.

"Edward" Gibbs said as he knelt down on the floor. Edward looked up.

"You're not one of the people from outside?" Edward asked with a frightened voice.

Gibbs smiled "No I'm not. I'm from NCIS, helping you get out of here alive"

Edward got out from underneath the bed. Gibbs gave a signal to Tony and McGee to say that he'd found him. As they carefully made their way out from the back, Gibbs talked through his ear piece, to Ixchel, to say that they have got Edward and that she should get her gun out now.

Back at the front, Ixchel heard through her ear piece that he was out. The CIA was listening to her drabbling, so they had put away their guns, which was exactly what was supposed to happen. She got out her gun quickly and shot all 20 of them dead before they could react.

Ixchel put her gun away and rushed back to the car before anyone else could get her. When she got there, she found everybody was there safe and sound, even Edward.

Ixchel smiled; the plan was successful.

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