So this is a Next Generation Story of the digidestined, whose children are the legendary warriors and the new digidestined who will be revealed in this chapter. I know, just like everyone, that the legendary warrior are not the children of Tai and co but that's where the AU on this story ends, oh and the new characters of course. The plot lines for adventure, 02 and Frontier are still the same.

At the end of the chapter it does say who married who and had who as kids with ages.

Hope you like it =)

Chapter One

"TAKUYA!" Shinya smiled as he ate his cereal. His mother had to shout every morning to get Takuya awake, an alarm clock just wasn't good enough for his brother. "Get up or you'll be late." His mother shouted from the bottom of the stairs.

"Be happy you're an early riser." His father told him from across the table. Taichi 'Tai' Kamiya had grown up quite a lot since his time in the digital world. For one, his hair had been cut. His girlfriend wasn't the only one surprised when he came home one day with it done; it had been a topic of interest with his friends for weeks. After he had left university; Tai had gone on to be a professional soccer player, got married and had two wonderful sons. When Takuya had been eight, Tai had gotten to sports injury which meant he couldn't play. Instead he chose to coach sports at High School.

Shinya didn't say anything, choosing to focus on the food in front of him. Takuya was lucky that he didn't have any more school to go to. Well he would have to go university but that didn't start for weeks. Instead his brother chose to sleep in and hang out with his friends. It wasn't fair.

"Got any plans for your birthday?" Tai asked as Takuya screamed upstairs. Their mom probably dumped cold water on him, or threw him out of the bed. It may seem harsh but Takuya was the worst person to wake up, let alone try to get somewhere on time. Shinya wouldn't be surprised if he was late to his lectures.

"I was just going to go to school then come home." Shinya said back. "Everyone's coming later?"

Tai nodded. Shinya smiled, more people meant more presents. This family always gave the best presents, they knew exactly what sort of stuff the other person wanted or needed. At his last birthday his uncle Izzy gave him a new laptop, a few weeks later his old one stopped working. Shinya didn't know whether it was a freaky coincidence or if Takuya had done something to it.

"We just have to make sure Takuya and Kouji don't start some sort of argument."

"They're best friends; I don't think you will have much problem."

"T the other day I walked in on them arguing about the right way to fold paper. It was stupid. Sorry." Shinya pointed out, apologising for his language. At school he could say things like that but parents were strict.

"Shinya, Kimi called last night to say her and Izzy will be late today. Bring Tami home after school with you." His mother told him leaving no room for argument. He shared a look with his dad who rolled his eyes. Everyone knew to not argue with Sora Kamiya when she told you to do something. Not unless you had a death wish.

"Why was Takuya screaming?" He asked instead.

"Funny thing, he was already up." Sora said as she poured herself some coffee. "He was running around his room and slipped on something."

"Probably a book." Shinya joked as he washed his bowl. "You couldn't drop me off could you dad?"

"I don't know."

"But it's my birthday." He whined.

"Fine, be ready to leave in ten minutes."

"Oh, could you drop me off at Zoe's since you're going that way." Takuya asked walking into the Kitchen. "Happy birthday squirt."

"No." Was all Tai said in return.

"But why? I don't want to get the bus."

"I'm not going to leave you at your girlfriend house eight o'clock in the morning. Matt will kill me." Takuya shrugged then walked into the living room and started watching TV. "Why does he wake up early to just watch TV?"

"I don't know? Mom?" Shinya joked.

"Let's get going before your mom decides to cancel your party." Tai quickly said before anyone else could talk.

Shinya was sat in the car a few minutes later; it was a short drive to the school the bus just took forever since it stops at every single stop it saw. Why did it need to do that, couldn't it tell that people had places to go?

"How's school?" Tai asked since they'd been sitting in silence for the past ten minutes, it had been fine for Shinya. Even though they went to the same school, they didn't normally travel together. Tai had sport clubs on different morning which meant he left early from home or he had after school sessions which meant he'd stay late. It was just more convenient for him to get the bus. Even during school they barely saw each other, well expect for when Shinya had gym.

"Not bad. Zack got 98 on his science test, but I think he had asked Tami for help. There was no way he could have gotten that by himself."

"I don't know, Zack is quite clever. Remember when he beat you at scrabble."

"That doesn't count." Shinya countered. "He had Tami on his team and everyone knows you can't beat her at word games."

"I don't remember her playing much."

"That's because you were watching the soccer."

"You thinking of trying out this year?"

Shinya frowned; Soccer was a sore subject for him. It wasn't that he hated to sport, he would always play in the back yard. But he was the son of Tai Kamiya and his brother was Takuya Kamiya. People expected him to be amazing at soccer, be just like his family. Expect he didn't want to get up in front of everyone and fail. He would never be as good as his family so he didn't try out. Instead he stuck to other things. Safer things. "Probably not." He replied, happy when his dad didn't push the subject.

They sat in silence after that until they reached the school.

"I'll see you at home dad. Thanks for the lift."

"Remember to get Tami."

"I will." They both stepped out of car and walked their separate ways. Tai towards the staff room and Shinya towards registration. He was much earlier than usual but there had to be someone there.

Expect there wasn't. So he sat on his desk and texted Tommy, his best friend and cousin. Tommy didn't reply to the text though and after five minutes he was getting impatient. Did Tommy forget they had school or something?

Ten minutes of nothingness later two people walked in through the door talking angrily. Shinya rolled his eyes at the couple, Rex Motomiya and Emi Takaishi.

"What happened to you guys?" Shinya asked more out of courtesy then actual interest. He didn't want to hear what happened in his cousin's love life anymore then he wanted to know about his brothers. It was uncomfortable.

"She left me." Rex said taking his seat on the table behind Shinya.

"Sounds serious." He joked only to be cut off by a glare. Sometimes Emi was scary.

"You told me you'd meet me at the bus stop but you didn't show. What was I supposed to do, wait?" Emi said, starting up the argument again.

"Yes, another one would have come along. And it did."

"But I didn't know that. I just thought I'd wait for you at the front gate. I texted you."

"Yes because texting; 'Got on the bus, see you at the school' was highly informative."

"It told you I'd be at school. And where was I? At school."

"Whatever, I'm not bothered with this." Rex conceded.

"Unless it's soccer you don't care about anything." Emi said back angrily.

"Where's Tommy?" Shinya asked his cousin.

"Isn't he here? He left the house before I did." Emi said shrugging. "He probably just went to the library or something." Emi gave them a wave as other people began to come into the class. If Tommy was in the library it would explain why he couldn't answer his phone.

"Happy birthday mate." Rex said once Emi was out of sight. "Sorry that had to the first thing I said to you. But she's just annoys me sometimes."

'Then why do you date her?' He thought. Instead he said, "That's alright. I'm just worried about Tommy; it isn't like him to miss a day of school."

"Actually it is, well it is for this day." Zack Ishida said taking his seat next to Rex, which meant he was diagonally behind Shinya himself. "Happy Birthday. Finally fourteen, one of us now. Sorry Rex there's still time for you." He didn't sound sorry. Rex was the youngest in the year, if he was just two days younger he'd be in the lower year.

"Thanks." That was getting old. "Care to expand?"

"Don't listen to him. He thinks he's smart since he got that science grade." Rex commented as he rocked on his chair. Zack sent him a dirty look before turning back to Shinya.

"Every day on your birthday, Tommy takes a day off. I don't know where he goes but isn't at school. In fact even Zoe acts a little weird. But that could just be because she's a girl." Zack explained.

"Now that you mention it, Takuya was really weird this morning too. He was awake before usual."

"Don't you think it's odd that?" Rex started only to be cut off by a high pitched squeal.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY!" Within seconds someone had latched their arms around his neck, hugging him as if their life depended on it. He blushed red as he thought about who it was. In the background there were muffled sounds of Rex and Zack trying to keep in their laughter. 'Top notch job, guys.' He thought.

"I can't wait to give you my present." Rini Ichijoujisaid releasing her hold on him, beaming with a massive smile on her face. "You're going to love it."

"Oh I'm sure he will." Rex snickered.

"Shut it." He muttered back, which sent them into a fit of laughter again.

"How as your birthday gone so far?" Rini asked, still standing by the table he was lounging on.

"No bad. My dad gave me a lift so I was here really early."

"That's nice. I mean it's nice you got a lift, not that you were here that early obviously." She gave the brightest smile Shinya had ever seen.

"I know what you meant." He told her, maybe that would calm her down. Rini always took an energy drink to wake her up but it made her really hyper until break time.

"What were you talking about? It has to be good since you all stopped talking when I came in. Was it about me? Don't say it was about me. That is really mean. I thought you were better than that Shinya." Before Shinya even knew what was happening, Rini was slapping his arm.

"Rini stop. Stop. We weren't talking, Stop that." He attempted to get Rini to stop but the little girl was persistent.

"Chill, Rini." Rex jumping over his table in an attempt to restrain her.

"We had to stop talking when you shouted at the top of your lungs." Zack commented from his seat.

"Oh. Well that alright then. Sorry Shinya." Rini said as Rex sat her on her chair, next to him. "So what were you talking about? Was it Tami? Mitch? Kai?"

"Rini, breathe." Shinya told her. "We were just saying how Tommy, Zoe and Takuya were acting odd today."

"The twins were acting odd too. Kouichi was all moody since he woke up, he didn't talk to anyone, just walked around like a zombie. Well I guess a clean Zombie since a Zombie would be smelly, since they are rotting flesh. Kouji was odd too; he was talking to Takuya without arguing. I was impressed. Well not that impressed, since it wasn't like it was the world cup or anything. But a moderate level of impression. Did I say that in the right way?" Rini finished.

Shinya, Rex and Zack just looked at each other, as if to work out who stopped listening first. When Rini was in her tirade they tended to think about other things.

"I saw saying," Rex continued, pretending as if Rini hadn't even talked. "Tommy is our age but he hangs out a lot with Takuya and the older kids, don't you think. When did they become so close?"

Shinya just shrugged but couldn't reply as their teacher walked in. "Shinya, get off that table. your butt should be on a chair not where you write. Rex, get your feet off that table and sit up straight. Yoshi spit that gum out, Ayamo pull that tie up. Someone get Rini a paper bag!" Mr Akita said before turning to the board.


Takuya Kamiya waited outside the Ishida residence, even though he'd been here millions of times, today he was especially nervous.

Not only was it Shinya's birthday, it was the 6th anniversary of their trip to the digital world all those years ago. He left bad that it was on the same day as his brother's birthday but they were having the party at night. The afternoon they could spend with his best friends.

Every year on this day they would take the day of school, or anything else they were doing, and spend the day together. He knew it was suspicious for him and his friends to take a day off on the same day, but their get together was more important. Well to him anyway.

The day was normally hosted by someone, he had done the first day and they'd all done to the amusement park. Tommy did the second year; they'd all gone to dinner and the cinema. The third year was Kouji, who took days to actually agree to be host. He made them go to a house of horrors and other scary places. Then when they got scared he started on how they could take on evil digimon but not stuffed puppets. It was decided then that Kouji would never host it ever again. The fourth year was Kouichi who took them to watch a play. It was boring but Kouichi, Zoe and Tommy seemed interested so he sat through it. The last year was JP, who took them to a candy factory. That had been the best one yet, second only to his one.

Today was Zoe's turn and Takuya had no idea what she had planned. She had called him two days ago to say to be at her house and nine o'clock sharp. And so he was.

"Didn't think you'd be here on time." Kouji Ichijouji said as he and Kouichi walked towards him.

"Zoe would have my head if I wasn't. She even called me to make sure I was awake."

"Probably shouted at you down the phone." Kouichi joked which caused Takuya to frown. That was exactly what happened. Her talking loudly, not shouting since saying that caused her to shout more, had made him fall over his own feet. Even though it sometime got on his nerves, he wouldn't change a thing about her. She was his prefect fairy princess.

"Can't she open the door already?" Kouji commented while leaning on the railing, opposite the door. "It's not summer."

"I've been here ten minutes." Takuya added.

"Great story Takuya. Can I sell it?"

"I'll give you my fist for free."

"No thanks." Kouji calmly said which angered him more.

"Hey guys." JP Kido waved as he came closer. "How goes the free time?"

"Long." Kouichi answered. "I never thought I'd be bored at home, but it happened. I actually wouldn't mind going to school."

"Don't say such things." Takuya joked in a scandalised tone.

"Shouldn't we all be inside? Why are we outside?"

"Because Zoe is too lazy to open the door." Kouji commented before silence overtook the group. They waited in complete silence for several minutes just looking at each other, the floor, the door and the people down below.

They jumped when they heard the sound of a door opening, hoping it was Zoe.

It wasn't.

It was their elderly neighbour who hated that they were loitering outside her flat. 'Not my fault lady.' Takuya thought. She gave them all dirty looks as she walked past them. Maybe three eighteen year olds and a nineteen year old standing around wasn't the most reassuring thing for an old lady to see, but they were model citizens. They'd saved the world after all. Not many people could say that.

"Finally." Kouji said when Zoe opened the door ten minutes later. Takuya smiled as he saw her, she was breathtaking. Everything about her was amazing, from her smile to the way she told him off when he didn't something silly. He liked it better when she was smiling though. Everyone walked past her as they entered the apartment, Tommy Takaishi was already there playing on his phone. Takuya was the last one through the door. She looked amazing in her blue shorts, black top with an unzipped purple jacket over the top.

"Are your parent's home?" He asked to which she shook her head. Within seconds he pushed her against her front door, capturing her lips with his own. He loved how hers felt against his, the world and its problems just fell away, leaving just the two of them. He rained butterfly kiss down her neck while her hands played with his hair. He stopped when she accidently pushed off the goggles on his head. He didn't normally wear them anymore, but today was important. He rested his forehead against hers. "I love you."

"I love you too." She replied before giving him a quick kiss on the cheek.

"If you are quiet finished can we find out what we're going?" Kouji asked, totally ruining the moment.

Takuya picked up his goggles and put them into his pocket as Zoe spoke. "It's a surprise. Now Takuya, Kouji take those bags. Tommy take that smaller one. JP pick up that stereo and cooler bag. Kouichi, you just take that umbrella."

"And what will you hold?" JP asked.

"I have the directions." She answered as if it was the most important part of the trip.

"Where are we going, on holiday?" Takuya asked as he picked up one of the bags. It was heavy.

"Close enough. Move out!" She ordered treating them like her army cadets. Takuya wasn't complaining in the slightest. It was hot. "JP, you brought your car right?"

"Yes. But it won't fit us all."

"I have mine." Kouichi said.

"Excellent." Zoe clapped the same time Kouji said "Show off."

"It's not my fault you told the driving instructor he marked you wrong." Kouichi called.

"That guy hated me. He gave me bad marks on purpose."

"No crashed the car into a metal barrier."

"NO. The metal barrier appeared of nowhere."

"Sure thing brother. Just keep telling yourself that." Kouichi smiled as they made their way to the cars. "I'll just follow your car."

"Don't leave me with these two." JP whined when Tommy walked towards Kouichi's car.

"We aren't that bad." Takuya whined.

"The other day my parents walked in one you two making out." Tommy commented about his cousins as he pulled Takuya towards Kouichi's car. "Go in JP's car." He told Kouji.

"I don't think so." Kouji said was beside the passenger door. "Fine I'll go." He said moments later which amazed Takuya. Kouji never gave up that easily. What in the name of Ophanimon.

"Your parent's weren't meant to be there. We were babysitting." Zoe calmly stated from JP's passenger seat. "I still can't believe they told my parents."

"They weren't going to keep a secret."

"They could that tried." Zoe whined. "We need to get moving if we're ever going to make it. If you get lost just call me." She said. "Bye Takuya." She smiled as they sped off.

"Sometimes I think they forget we exist." Tommy commented to Kouichi as they too drove away.

"I resent that." Takuya exclaimed.


"That was the worst day of my life." Rex said as they sat down for lunch. "How was I to know we had homework?"

"Well listening would be a start." Zack commented.

"I listen." Rex answered back as he ate his pasta. His mum was a famous chef so he always had the best food.

"To the teacher."

"You shouldn't ask for the impossible." Shinya smiled, it would take a miracle to Rex pick up a book.

"So what you guys doing after school?" Zack asked.

"Going to Shinya's birthday party. I thought you were smart." Rex snickered.

"I'm smarter than you. I meant between the end of school and the start of the party."

"I have to take Tami to my house." Shinya told them.

"Why?" Rex questioned as if the idea was the worst thing he'd ever heard.

All the children of their parent's 'group' as they called it had made little sub groups. There were the older kids, the teens and little children. Shinya and his friends were the teens. Tommy flitted between the two groups while Tami Izumi didn't belong to any. She preferred the company of hard drives and computer chips over people. The parents didn't care much; they just said it was normal then laugh about something from the 'good old days' which were probably a million years ago. Shinya didn't like it one bit. Always being on the computer was bad for you, so he always tried to include Tami whenever he could. But some people didn't like her.

Namely Rex.

"Don't be so mean." Shinya reprimanded the slightly younger boy.

"Why are you defending her?"

"What is your problem with her?" Shinya asked. "She hasn't done anything to you. She's just a little shy."

"She isn't shy, she's downright antisocial. The way she hugs that laptop of her you'd think it was her boyfriend or something. I don't even think she's tried to play sports or even stepped foot in a park. She's old enough that you don't need to defend her every actions. She's never going to make friends if she's stuck to it." Rex ranted.

"Don't be so harsh on her."

"Tami he didn't mean in." Zack suddenly called to someone behind Shinya. He quickly spun around just in time to see a crying Tami walking back into the building. "You're a right prick." Zack snarled at Rex as he went after the crying girl.

Before he could say anything to Rex, Emi appeared at the table sliding into the seat Zack had just vacated, in front of them. "Tami was looking for you, did she find you?"

Shinya sent Rex a glare before replying, "Not yet. I'll find her after school."

"She just wanted to say that she'd meet you on the front steps. She has computer club meeting or something so she'll be about ten minutes late."

"Computer club?" Rex smirked. "I have to sign up for the soccer team so I'll see you guys later."

"But I just got here; I've barely seen you all day." Emi whined.

"And whose fault is that." Rex answered, bringing up the argument from that morning. "Just come with me."

"I'm not coming with you into the gym. I have better things to go then lower my standards that far." Emi made a disgusted face which showed all her hatred for the sport and any other sports. Rex muttered a 'whatever' and walked off towards said gym.

"Why are you guys fighting so much anyway? The two of you never fight this much in a day." Shinya asked his cousin.

"I don't know; guess we both woke up on the wrong side of the bed."

"Do me a favour and make sure Tommy comes tonight."

"Oh please, as if my older brother listens to a word I say."

"You guys are basically twins."

"We have eleven months difference. Not twins." Emi drank some of her orange juice.

"You're parents must have been excited on Tommy was out." Shinya joked causing Emi to sputter and blush red.

So this is the first chapter.

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As promised the who's who to this story.

Italics= Legendary warrior

Underlined= New digidestined

Tai + Sora = Takuya (18), Shinya (14)

Matt + Mimi = Zoe (18), Zack (14)

TK + Kari = Tommy (14), Emi (13)

Joe + Jun = J.P (19)

Izzy + Kimi = Tami (12)

Ken + Yolei = Kouichi (18), Kouji (18), Rini (14)

Davis + Tatum = Rex (13), Mitch (7)

Cody + Rai = Nyo (3)

I know it's isn't normal for the characters to normally be 13 and 14 when they go to the digital world, but for the way the story might go I wanted them to be older than 11 or 12. Particularly the romance bits, something there wasn't much of in this chapter.

Tatum isn't an OC, she's one of the American digidestined that had a Airdramon. I made Kimi, who is an OC, an international digidestined too but from England (where I'm from ). Kai is an OC too but she won't have that big a part although she does know about the digital world. Cody told her, just like Joe told Jun. It's an important part of their life, they wouldn't just hide it from their respective other.