My First Absolutely REAL FanFiction. Please Enjoy!

Spaceytchi was sitting up Against a Tree, wondering if he'll EVER Rule the World.
But All He could Ever think About was a dream he had last night where he was in a "Passionate" Moment between he and his Best Friend, Who Happened to be the Coolest Tamagotchi in his School, Kuromametchi. What Could this dream have meant...?

Just then, Kuromametchi(who we will call "Kuro") Came up Next to him, with his usual smirk.

"Hey." Kuro said, with a Smile. "What're you doin'?"
"Eh, not much..."

There was a bit of Silence after that.

Then, Spaceytchi(who will call "Spacebar") Finally Spoke, "Last Night, i had a weird Dream." Spacebar was Scared to tell him this...
"I-i-i-ummm...I...think i like you."

More Silence.

Kuro then Started to Smile a bit more, and slowly leaned Forward...

...And Kissed him.

They kissed for Some time,until Spacebar finally gently pushed him away.

Kuro shushed his Anglerfish Friend.

"...I love you too."

Spacebar smiled back. They were the Best of Friends, and nothing could change that.

...and now, it was something more than that.