"We're never going to live this down," Emma wails, from where her cheek is resting on Regina's bare stomach. On impulse, she presses a soft kiss just below Regina's navel.

"I'm not the one who refuses to tie her hair back," Regina sighs, sounding a little bored. "Just be grateful your phone was in reaching distance."

"You could have used magic," Emma grumbles. "I mean, come on, Regina." She moves her head again, an experimental tug that makes Regina cry out.

"Stay still!" Regina whimpers.

"Sorry," Emma concedes. "But I really think just one sharp pull and then-"

"No!" Regina says, in that do you want to sleep on the sofa for a month tone of hers. "And I promised Henry: no magic. Not even for this."

They hear the front door open. Emma's relieved and horrified all at the same time.

"Hello?" Comes a tentative voice.

Oh, thank God. It's Ruby. When Emma left a voicemail at the diner, she couldn't be entirely sure it would end up with the right person.

"Upstairs!" Regina calls out, her voice a little hoarse.

There's the familiar clatter of footsteps on the grand staircase, and Emma holds her breath in anticipation. As Ruby gets closer, Emma pulls the thin white sheet a bit higher. It's barely any covering at all, but better than the throw pillow which is all Emma could maneuver into place to cover Regina's naked chest. Emma, unfortunately, is all that's covering the bottom half.

"Hi!" Ruby says, and Emma doesn't have to look up to know that the girl is smiling with enough megawatts to light the entire Eastern Seaboard. "Damn, guys."

"I know," Emma groans. "The key is on the nightstand, if you can deal with her Majesty first."

"Sure," Ruby says, ever helpful. "Hi, Regina," she adds, sounding way more respectful.

"Ruby," Regina says, in her best mayoral voice. "How was your shift at the diner?"

"Small talk?" Emma asks. "Seriously?"

"No harm in being polite," Regina says.

"How are you not dying of embarrassment right now?" Emma whines. "I am."

There's the click and clatter of handcuffs releasing, and Regina's relieved little groan vibrates right through Emma. They're going to have to make up for this, and hopefully soon.

"If you could give us a moment," Regina asks Ruby, reaching for something on the nightstand. Then Regina's fingers are combing through Emma's hair, and it's actually kind of soothing, until she grabs hold of the ensnared part.

"Ow!" Emma protests. "Now who's being inconsiderate?" She would complain more about that but a sudden 'snip' rings out very close to her head, and suddenly that tension is gone.

"There," Regina says, rolling out from under Emma the moment she sits up in shock.

"You did not just cut my hair," Emma accuses.

"Oh, calm down, princess. Nobody's going to notice one missing curl in all that mess," Regina says quite calmly, slipping her robe on. "Now, we should at least offer Ruby a drink. Are you coming?"

"You didn't have to cut it," Emma whines. "You didn't even try to untangle me. And you could have warned me that you changed the ring in your navel piercing in the damn first place."

"It's very pretty," Regina says proudly, running her fingertips over it before tying the robe. "And I liked what you were doing very much. Before you got caught."

"Yeah?" Emma asks, momentarily distracted. "I thought I would try it, at least."

Regina offers a hand to help Emma down off the bed. Her legs are a little numb from being stuck in one position so long and she's grateful for it. She's even more grateful when Regina slips her arms around Emma's waist and draws her into a slow kiss, full of promise.

"Clothes," Regina murmurs when the kiss ends. "And then we'll thank Ruby and get back to this."

"You're really not mortified?" Emma asks, reaching for her pants that are on the floor by her feet.

"We have nothing to be ashamed of," Regina says curtly, before sweeping out of the room.