Suddenly there is a hand that touches her back. Reina freezes and bites her lip to stop the gasp at the base of her throat. But hand doesn't stop.


It snakes to her front, over her stomach and pulled her body backwards until it's almost flushed against Emma's. This time she can't stop the gasp. Her heart hammers hard under her ribcage as her magic is shamelessly playing with Emma's.

Oh God, Reina thinks when the hand goes down to the hem of her pajama. It slides under the shirt. The touch is electrifying and her whole body shakes with pleasure that hasn't run through Reina for quite some time now. She feels a shift behind her and something hard against her butt. Her body tenses again and she feels herself getting wetter just from the thought of what that might be.

She wants to turn around and stop all of this before it gets to a point of no return. But there is mouth on her neck that pins her on the spot.

There are lips and tongue and, oh God, teeth that lick, no and bite. That burn her whole soul until there is no strength left in her to fight. And what is the point really? She knows she will lose against the feelings inside of her.

The hand goes up palming her breast and kneading it. She feels the hardness rubbing itself against her ass and she moans. It's too much to hold it on.

But Reina stays put afraid to turn around. Because that would be bad. Real bad.

The hand suddenly disappears and she misses the warmth. The body is gone too. The anticipation of what's coming is rising her body temperature.

There is shift behind her and all of a sudden her nightie disappears and the hand comes back only this time going down on the back of her thigh. It pushes her leg forward opening room for the hardness to come and rub against her sex.

"Emma..." She breaths out and gasps owhen the cock slides inside of her. "Fuck. Stop." She pleads but no one is there to hear as the thrusts continue.

"Stop." She begs a little higher this time and moves forward detaching herself from Emma.

It's then when she wakes up, covered in sweat, panting and thanking to all the Gods that it's just tortuous dream.

Her heart beats wildly against her rib cage and she looks over to Emma who has opened her eyes.

"What happened?" She asks. She hasn't completely fall asleep and felt the shift in the bed. She has also heard Reina's pleas.

Swallowing hard Reina takes deep breath and replies, "N-nothing. I just... had nightmare. That's all."

Of course Emma doesn't believe her for a second. "You sure?"

"Yes. I... I just need fresh air." Reina stands up and walks over to the window.

Emma watches her and sighs. She felt Reina's discomfort and she could easily guess what it was about. But she remains silent giving her the time and space she needs.

Suddenly the mirror at the other side of the room lights up and Reina turns around.

"It's Regina." She informs Emma and strides over to portal.

Emma can feel the intense magic swirling around and she knows it's from both women. Apparently things on the other side aren't smoother than here.

"We have n..." Regina appears on the mirror grinning but her face falls when she sees the red cheeks on Reina's face and her guilty look. "What happened?" She hisses.


"She had a bad dream."

Reina and Emma say in one voice.

"Emma, what happened?" Regina asks her wife only this time slower.

"She had a bad dream." Emma repeats using the same tone as Regina.

"Can we cut the love crap and focus on the crosser?" Mal cuts in.

"Yeah, what happened with that?" Emma asks.

"We went to the well and I did tracking spell which didn't work as tracking." Regina explains though her eyes are focused on her sister.

"So... it's not regular magic." Reina wonders out loud.

"I think it's fairy magic."

"Are there any fairies left in the Enchanted forest?" Emma asks.

"They are all here." Maleficent explains with boredom in her voice.

"Tinkerbell is here."

"But it's not her magic. I know hers." Regina explains with heart hammering. Suddenly her whole body aches.

"Regina, you okay?" Emma steps closer to the mirror.

"Yes. I just..." She stretches her hand out and Maleficent is quick to grab her.

"Regina." Emma yells and it's almost like she could go through.

Reina is quick to wrap her hands around Emma's waist because she knows going through the mirror now won't be pretty.

Regina leans back on Mal who guides her back to the bed. Once the former Queen is on the bed everyone seems to be a lot calmer.

"Regina, why is this happening?" Emma wants to know the reason. She stop until she is sure Regina is fine.

"Her body is reacting to the baby. It's called morning sickness." Reina says and steps back away from the blonde.

"I know what morning sickness is. I was pregnant once. It's just that..." She sighs heavily and looks at Regina again.

"Don't worry. Her magic will protect her."

"It's my job."

"Emma it is not your job." Regina shakes her head. "I will be fine."

"And whose job it is? Henry's?"

"Emma." Reina grabs her face and forces the green eyes to look at her. Once they do,after an eye roll, she continues. "Calm down , it's the magic talking. It wants to protect Regina. "

"Are you saying that I don't."

"No. I'm not saying that. I'm saying that the magic wants to protect her at any cause and that is why you are acting like that."

"So like... I want to protect her but I know my limits while the magic knows no limits."

"Damn, Regina, she is smart too." Mal tease and Regina punches her arm.

"Yes." Reina nods. "Now calm down. I think we should sleep some more and then go to Tinkerbell and see what she knows."

"Sounds like a good plan to me." Regina finally cuts in.

The mirror connection breaks as the twins pull away their magic.

"What?" Mal asks seeing the look on Regina's face.

Deep in thought the former Queen almost doesn't hear her friend's question. "Hmm?"

"I asked what do you think happened?"


"How did you know?"

"Her chest was flushed and her eyes were dark."

"But how do you know it was a dream?"

"Because Emma looked like her sleep was interrupted. When she is aroused her eyes turn almost green. It's tiny detail that I can't miss it." Regina explains. She feels much more confident in her wife. "I am more afraid that Reina that can do something than Emma."

I know it's short but I wanted to post something before I go on the seaside like last year. I will be writing there and probably finish the next chapter there. I do have some more written but i think this is a good stop. Positive and all.

For those concerned: THIS STORY IS NOT ABONDONED. Just the Mun is RP-ing and I lost muse for my stories. I'm writing slowly.