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He took a deep breath and looked over his shoulder, "shit" he cursed under his breath. He took a sharp turn trying to lose his followers but it didn't seem to be working. "Really" he grumbled "why do Blunt and Jones think I need to be physically dragged to the bank I mean I might go if they gave me a bit of choice". "Alright then, time for drastic measures" Alex thought with a smirk as he headed for the tall building on the street. He speed up and took another look over his shoulder and gave a brief smile as he notice that they had become a little further behind him than they were before. He ran past the building that he had been running towards before turning down an ally and entering it through an open window. Alex stood up taking off his wig and glasses, and took a quick glance out the window noticing that all 5 men had continued to run past the building and were now looking for him. Alex began to walk up the stairs while people stared at him. He glared and said "take a picture it'll last longer".

"Alex" a woman said wearily "you do know that you could have used the door and those agents were sent to collect you and bring you here for your convenience there is no need to make their job more difficult". "I know Mrs Jones but taking the window is so much more fun and I can get here fine on my own for once I'd appreciate a bit of warning cause for all I knew they were trying to kill me" Alex replied as he walked through the door Mrs Jones had held open.

In the room a man sat behind a desk, the room could be described as plain with no designative features, no furniture, apart from a desk in the middle of the room and five chairs all occupied at the current moment, no pictures, no colour, not even a window. The man sitting at the desk was even wearing a black suit, white shirt, black tie and even black shoes. 4 men sat on the seats in front of the desk. They each wore a plain black t-shirt and a pair of track suit bottoms they also had a buzz cut. "You know Blunt im sure if you added a bit of colour to your office people wouldn't mind visiting it so much" Alex remarked while looking at the stiff backed men who sat before the desk, they hadn't even turned around to see the new people who had entered the office. "They probably aren't allowed to" Alex thought "stupid rules and all that".

Bunt made no move to acknowledge the two new presences in the room he just continued to read a file on his desk. "Alex" he began taking a quick glance up before returning to file as if to make sure the teenager in his office was indeed Alex John Rider. Teenage spy and best in the business. He continued "You know K Unit and until further notice you will be returning to Brecon Beacons and continuing your training with them. Alex gave little sign that he had listened to Blunt as he looked around the office looking for ant bit of colour but already knowing this was hopeless from his 13 previous visits to this particular office. "What" he asked as he slowly became aware of 6 sets of eyes on him.

The 4 men who had looked emotionless only seconds ago now stared at Alex with their eyes nearly popping out of their skulls. "Cub" the man on the far left managed to push out the name.

"Nope" Alex replied "you must have gotten me confused with one of the million other teenagers who have trained at Brecon Beacons". He turned and began to leave the office before a voice called him back.

Alex knew he should have turned around but right now he really didn't care he was being sent back to hell for extra training, and here he had thought he could have a normal summer. he didn't have time to register the sting in his neck, or the fact he was now lying on the ground, all he knew was that he could no longer fight the darkness that was trying to take over and he submerged too its depths.

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