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Alex lay on his bed after his shower thinking about his day, it had raced by after shooting practice. He had left before anyone's initial shock had worn off so he didn't have to deal with all the questions. Then there had been the evening meal which could have been called slop. Alex had spent 5 minutes trying to decide if his food was safe to eat but then if Jack's toxic shit didn't kill him this stuff couldn't be much worse. And that pretty much summed up the rest of his day it was only 7 O'Clock but they had an appointment with RTI later, so he had decided it would be better to get some rest before it.

The door opened for the third time and Snake wandered in. Wolf had been the in first then Fox, Eagle was still showering trying to get the muck of him as he had slipped walked down from the mess hall to the shower block. He could hear the other men's discussion fade and bed sheets rustling. He gave a yawn and let sleep over take him.

Alex wasn't sure what woke him it could have been Fox's snoring, Eagle tossing and turning, Snakes muttering or Wolf's grunting. He tried to return to sleep but something wouldn't let him. A voice in the back off his head was telling him something was wrong something was off. Alex listened to the little voice and pretended to sleep, his ears strained and he was rewarded by the sound of a door creaking open and 5 sets of foot steps. He opened his eyes taking a glance around the room and then shut them. He went over and over what he had seen in his head trying to commit it to memory.

There was nothing in the room that he could use for his advantage and the other members of K unit were blissfully unaware of what was happening. Five men had walked into the hut and were now standing in front of a bed each. A signal must have been given as all of a sudden arms tried to grab him, but Alex was too quick he turned and used the mans force against him and slammed him into a wall, head first, effectually knocking him out. He then to helped wolf by grabbing the man, who was holding Wolf's arms, and putting him in a choke hole until he passed out from lack of oxygen. The men had by now realised Alex would be a problem so a third man tried to attack Alex but a quick kick in the balls took him down. The last two men had successfully taken down all of K unit apart from Alex so they advanced on him like lions stalking their prey. The man on the left lunged but Alex was too quick he spun out of the way and the men meet the wall, this left him momentarily confused a hit to one of his pressure points quickly made him unconscious.

It was now the last man against Alex. Alex had the skill and instinct to help him but the man had muscle and probably experience, they circled each other looking for a weak spot. The man had now stopped seeing Alex as a kid but as someone who had just taken down his best fighter and the other 3 members of his team. Alex lunged but the man got in a punch to his nose breaking it, with blood dripping down his face Alex landed a quick succession of blows to the mans chest, while the man got in another few punches. They were too evenly matched for this to end quickly so Alex took it up a notch and began trying to land blows to man's head to momentarily confuse him, the man realised what Alex was doing and defended his head doing what Alex had wanted him to. And so Alex managed to punch the man in his balls and then a punch to his pressure point causing him to become unconscious.

Alex took a deep breath and then looked at the mayhem of the room, K unit were either unconscious or tied up in the corner of the room and 5 lay scattered around the room in various states of couscous.

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