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Summary: Non-Epilogue compliant. A depressed, lonely Harry literally stumbles into a man who seduces him with answers to Harry's problems, hands him the promise of happiness…and an invisible shackle to a gilded prison. With answers he hates, in his hand will Harry be able to find the elusive happiness he deserves?

Pairings: HP/GW. HP/OMC. HP/OFC. HP/TH (Terrence Higgs). HP/Other Rowling Characters.

Authors Notes: My thanks to Scioneeris who has once again been generous with her time and skill and has proof read all my work. You are absolutely wonderful so thank you Scioneeris!

Warnings: Anybody who read my profile will know that this fic is an awful lot darker than my last fc Dragonette Destined. Not every Dragonette is good, much like not ever person is good. Sometimes you just get your bad eggs. The problem is you don't always know who are bad as their true colours do not show straight away. Thus, as a warning to you, there will be dark scenes, mentions of rape, violent scenes and battles against emotional problems in this fic. There will also be gentler scenes, homosexual intimacies, heterosexual intimacies and romance. I hope you are prepared…..I know I wasn't when I started writing this story.

Dragonette Debacle – Chapter 1 – Endings and Beginnings.

12th October 1998 – Harry age 18 years.

"Oh! Oh! That's so good…oh Harry…mmmm…Yes! Yes! YES!"

Harry gave one last lick and a hum before pulling right away and sitting back on his heels to look at his girlfriend.

Ginny lay on her back, bliss painted on her face as her eyes stared glazed at the ceiling. Her cheeks flushed and a shine to her pale unblemished skin from the faint sheen of sweat that covered her. Her naked breasts trembled and wobbled slightly with every harsh panted breath she took. Her body quivered faintly with an after effect of the orgasm and then all her muscles relaxed. With a sigh Ginny's eyes fluttered shut and she just lay on the bed panting and still, looking so utterly relaxed, sated and beautiful that she could have been a picture of a debauched lover in a high class art gallery.

Harry smiled, his girlfriend was amazing, the most gorgeous being in the world.

Ginny's eyes fluttered open and Harry was stuck in her dark brown gaze. She smiled and slowly, ever so slowly, raised herself into a sitting position and shimmied forwards so she could press up against him, still naked and with Harry between her still parted thighs.

"Oh Harry, that was wonderful." Ginny sighed and nuzzled Harry's cheek.

Harry shut his eyes and wrapped his arms around her petite waist so he could hug her tight. "You deserved it." Harry muttered and kissed her neck and ran his lips across the tender skin below her ear lobe.

Ginny shuddered and pulled back pushing her lips against his in a gentle but passionate kiss. "I love you." Ginny whispered between kisses and

Harry would have responded but he was suddenly aware of a hand running down his chest. Harry's stomach muscles clenched then unclenched and clenched again, flexing as the touch slid down over them.

Harry held his breath as Ginny's fingers slid through the fine pubic hairs on his abdomen and followed the line they made further down. Excitement spiked through him. Ginny reached lower, her teasing smile pressing against his skin as her fingers danced down and down. Harry's heart skipped a beat in anticipation.

Ginny's fingers brushed on his sensitive skin.

Harry bit his lip.

Ginny grasped him.

Harry felt nothing but her skin on his.

Her grasping hand against his soft skin…against his soft…

Harry felt his heart shatter. He pulled away with a gasp and put as much distance between him and his girlfriend as he could.

"Harry!" Ginny whined from her position on the bed.

Harry fled to the window, stooping to grab his over-robe from the floor and slip it on so he didn't stand in their bedroom completely naked. Harry stalked to the window and put his hands on the sill.

"I'm sorry Ginny," was all that Harry could say. He hung his head low and hunched forwards, his shoulders rising higher than his head. What more could he say?

He and Ginny were together, had been for months now since the end of the war. They had been in love and committed to their relationship for ages, heck they had been in love for over a year but separated because of the war. Now, despite how in love they were and how committed to each other they were, they were still separated because Harry could not participate intimately with Ginny beyond pleasuring her. He never received any pleasure for himself. Not for lack of trying, oh they had tried…Harry just could not get aroused.

"Harry, this is really silly! How are we supposed to be together if you can't…can't…if you…" Ginny stuttered, faltering for the right word. She finally settled on one and it made Harry wince harshly. "If you keep malfunctioning!"

"I'm not a machine, Gin!" Harry protested weakly the shame and despair swallowing him, hurt stabbing him in the chest.

"I know, I'm sorry." Ginny apologised gently.

Harry heard her gently footsteps on the floor behind him then arms crept around his stomach and she pressed up behind him. He tensed, every muscle in his body tightening like steel. Ginny didn't seem to care, she leaned against him and pressed against his body hard.


"Harry, I love you I really do. But you not getting...passionate…" Again Harry winced at her choice in words. "…it is really bothering me. And it should be bothering you too. I mean it's not normal Harry. There might be something seriously wrong! I think you should see a healer about it."

Harry shrugged out from her hug and marched a few paces away, whirling around to meet her dead on. "I've tried that! You know I have! I went to a healer about it and all he could tell me was that there was no spell damage and perhaps I wasn't attracted to you after all or that neither of us were skilled enough to bring about arousal! Then he spilled the news to the press and I've had the whole world laughing at me because of it! I am not seeing a healer again."

Harry's frustration raised his voice so his words echoed around the room and his vehemence struck in every chord he spoke. Harry had been utterly humiliated in the last few weeks because of the story leaked to the press through his healer.

Ginny clenched her fists and flushed red, blatant signs of her anger rising.

"Well, obviously that man was incompetent! There is something wrong Harry. Since you are attracted to me and we know we are both doing the right things, it has got to be a medical problem!"

"Ginny, for Merlin's sake…!"

"Don't you 'for Merlin's sake' me Harry James Potter. There is something wrong and I want to know what it is!"

"I DON'T KNOW! I just can't get an erection with you! I don't know why! I've tried, we've tried! Nothing works! There can't be anything wrong with it because it works fine when I'm alone."

"Oh great, so maybe it's me?! Is that it?! IT'S MY FAULT?!" Ginny screamed and turned from Harry, snatching up her clothes and storming from the room in a fit of rage, slamming the door closed behind her and smashing things as she stormed down the corridor.

Harry listened to the din Ginny made as she stalked off. Something fell and shattered, something boomed as it hit something else…finally there was a loud crack that reverberated around the house announcing that Ginny had apparated away.

Harry groaned and huffed, crossing to the bed and flopping down onto it. Everything was going wrong…everything was just falling apart around him.

Why couldn't he get an erection? The healer had suggested he wasn't attracted to Ginny, perhaps his taste was for a different sort of woman…or even for a man. Harry had disagreed, because he was attracted to Ginny. When they had split up for a week because of sheer frustration Harry had followed the healer's line of thinking and gone to a non-descript kind of club in muggle London to see if he could find somebody attractive and finally reach an erection by someone's hand other than his own.

The night had ended abysmally. He tried with a stunning beauty of a woman, but he hadn't even twitched. He also tried with a handsome man he hit it off with in a gay bar, the same thing happened, which is to say absolutely nothing. He could get an erection by himself, but when somebody else touched him his erection left. The only thing, besides despair and defeat, that he had taken from his club going experience was that he could be attracted to both sexes.

Harry had tried everything with Ginny, absolutely everything. They had researched how to have sex when a wizard was having trouble getting it up. They researched different forms of pleasure. They had tried blindfolds, toys and spells and potions but everything failed.

Maybe it was time to call it a day. End everything.

This situation wasn't fair to either of them. It only hurt them more.

Harry sighed and willed down his tears. Rolling over Harry pressed his face into the blanket and shut his eyes. He hated this.

30th October 1998 – Harry age 18years.

Harry looked at Ginny's excited face. The hope glistening in her brown eyes tore away the wall he had put up around his heart and melted his resistance.

"Alright, then. I'll take it." Harry held his hand out and took the box of muggle medicine from his girlfriend. Ginny bounced a little and lunged forwards. She threw her arms around his neck and pressed her lips to his in a searing kiss.

Harry nearly dropped the box but laughed and kissed Ginny back. He loved kissing, absolutely loved kissing. And kissing Ginny was better than just kissing somebody because he loved her and loving kissing Ginny was so much better than just kissing.

Ginny pulled back breathless and panting gently against Harry's lips. Her eyes were bright and her cheeks were flushed. She faintly thrummed with excitement and Harry felt some of it transfer over to him. He laughed again, hope soaring.

He looked at the box in his hand. The muggle drug interacted with something and made an erection happen no matter what apparently. Anything was worth a shot. Harry was desperate to be intimate with Ginny, to love his girlfriend and have her love him in a physical way and not just the emotional way she had been restricted to loving him with.

Harry pulled out the small sheet with the pills inside the foil. He pierced it with his thumb and tore back the foil. The pill stared at him innocently but full of promise. Harry swallowed and took a deep breath in. This pill held all his hopes, all his desires.

Harry tipped it out into his palm and threw away the box, not caring where it landed.

"Why don't you go to the bathroom to get ready and I'll get ready here?" Ginny offered and Harry silently nodded and did as instructed.

He went into the bathroom and took care of all his business then after washing his hands, he dropped the lid of the toilet down and sat on it staring at the pill that potentially could make his life complete.

Harry didn't know how long he waited steeling his nerves. Finally he lifted the lips pill and placed it on the back of his tongue. With a mouthful of tap water Harry swallowed the pill down and waited for it to work. The box said it could take up to an hour to work so Harry wandered into the bedroom and found Ginny sitting on the bed in a chemise that she'd told him a few months ago was called a babydoll. She looked stunning, the babydoll, a light blue that accentuated her light skin and red hair.

Ginny smiled as he came closer and patted the bed next to her. Harry wandered over and sat down leaning his elbows on his knees and clasping his hands between his legs.

"Is it working yet?"

"It takes time, Ginny. That's what the box said."

So they waited and chatted, occasionally stopping to kiss because Harry loved kissing.

Lying on the bed pressed full frontal against each other, Harry placed kisses all over Ginny's neck as his fingers danced around her nether regions driving her into pleasure. She was moaning and squirming, kissing him wherever she could reach but not letting her hands trail below his waist as Harry pulled back every time she tried.

"Oh Harry…that feels good." Ginny shifted and Harry lifted his head to kiss her lips gently and lovingly as he massaged a breast.

Ginny shifted her hips and Harry gasped and leapt back from her as she brushed a very sensitive part of his anatomy and stimulated it.


"Oh Merlin…" Harry gasped and looked down at the tent in his trousers. Ginny had brushed against him and he had maintained an erection.

"Oh Harry, it's working!" Ginny squealed and Harry just nodded at her too dumbstruck to utter a sound. Wide eyed and gawping Harry looked at Ginny, his ever loving Ginny with hope renewed and heart soaring.

It was working.

"Can I touch it?" Ginny asked tentatively and again Harry nodded silently. His mind was screaming for this to please, please, please, stay working. Ginny reached out a hand and brushed it over Harry's erection. Harry felt pleasure soar through him. Ginny touched him again and this time did it with more confidence and certainty. Harry's erection rose. Ginny undid his trousers and there he was in all his glory.

"Gin…" Harry breathed reverently. Ginny smiled brightly up at him and pushed his trousers down over his hips.

"Make love to me Harry." She whispered and Harry's eyes rolled as he leaned forwards and enjoyed the pleasure of intimacy with his girlfriend.

31st October 1998 – A few hours later.

Harry whimpered and sniffed, angrily wiping away his tears as he brought himself to completion.

On the bed Ginny was crying hysterically into her pillow, the bed covers wrapped tightly around her and her hair a mess over her face.

Harry had made love to Ginny as she had wanted. He had made love to her for hours very slowly and torturously as his erection had showed no signs of abating. The problem was that it showed no signs of abating and he couldn't reach completion. He couldn't orgasm no matter what Ginny did, no matter what position they tried. Ginny became too sore to continue trying after a while and Harry was strung up on pleasure that he was frustrated and exhausted with the fact that the pleasure kept mounting and mounting but never peaked.

All his hoping and all his wishing had been for nothing.

"Ah…" Harry groaned with a gravelly broken voice. His orgasm finally peaked and he spilled all over his hand. Ginny's crying became louder and her whole body shook. Harry closed his eyes bitterly and grabbed the edge of the bed cover to clean himself up.

All that could be heard in the room was Ginny's sobs and Harry's hitched breathing.

It was no good. It was no good at all. Harry couldn't successfully be intimate. It was useless.

And it was unfair. Unfair to both of them.

Harry's thoughts turned to the depressing conclusion he had come to a while ago and he felt hot stinging tears build in his eyes.

"Ginny?" No answer, just sobbing. Harry turned around and looked at the sobbing young woman, his heart breaking. His chest felt like it had been torn open and into the wound, ice-cold salt water had been poured, the potent mixture aggravating the vicious wound. "Ginny?"


"Ginny…I love you." Ginny whined and gave a huge sob. She sat up as if to say something but Harry shook his head and continued speaking. If he let her speak he might not get to say all he wanted to say. "Ginny, I love you and I'm sorry."

"Harry, I…"

"No Ginny, let me finish." Ginny nodded tearfully and pushed her rats' nest of hair back from her face so she could see him clearly. "I…"

Harry paused a moment as a sob broke his voice away and made him stutter. His lips trembled and he shook his head nothing but the despair crossing his thoughts. He lost his speech. He lost his train of thought. All he could think of was how much this hurt. It hurt so much more than the cruciatus. It was agonising. There could be no greater agony than a broken heart…surely.

"I love you. I'm going to miss you so, so, so much. Find someone who can give you what I can."

"Harry, I don't want…"

"No Ginny. I won't…I won't do this anymore. I don't want to do this anymore, it hurts. I can't be what you need and I want to stop all this pain. Find someone else and be happy. Be happy okay? For me?" Harry begged and pleaded trying to convey all his heartbreak and his resolve into his stuttered words.

Ginny slumped and covered her hands with her face. Harry waited, mentally willing for and answer.

They could not come back from this. They could not be together, not after this. Not after they had tried everything and still failed. Not when something would not let Harry reach the height of pleasure by another. Harry could not stay in a relationship with the woman he loved when he was unable to contribute physically as she was. It wasn't fair, it wasn't right and it wasn't what a relationship should be.

Finally, finally, Ginny nodded.

Harry breathed a sigh of relief and leaned forwards unseen by Ginny to place a kiss on the side of her head as he could reach no other part of her face.

"Find somebody to love you Gin. Be happy."

Harry stood up and grabbed his wand from the bedside cabinet. Leaving the room Harry summoned all his clothes to him. Once in the hall Harry closed the bedroom door and got dressed. Heading towards the floo he threw the powder into the fire and shouted his destination.

"Leaky Cauldron." He would stay there for the night and in the morning he'd head back home to Grimmauld Place when, hopefully, Ginny would be gone. He'd change the wards to block her from coming into his house. He'd return all her belongings back to her in the morning. He'd talk to Hermione and Ron in the morning. He'd deal with everything in the morning.

"Ah, good eve-no…no good morning Mister Potter. How can I be helping you this night?"

"A room please Tom. And a bottle of your strongest please." The barkeeper nodded and, as if sensing Harry's distress, offered no more words just a key and a bottle of fire whiskey. Harry took the objects and went up to the room.

Why did everything bad have to happen to him on Halloween?

Why did everything have to happen to him?

15th July 2007 – Harry age 26years.

Harry groaned at the pressure behind his eyes as he finally put down his quill after signing the last piece of documentation for the day.

It was quarter to midnight and it had been a bloody long day. Harry rubbed his eyes tiredly. He had Teddy in the morning and if he didn't get home soon the 9-year-old would drive him insane. They were supposed to go to a muggle theme park as Teddy's muggle primary school had broken up for the summer and as a treat for keeping his metamorphmagus ability under control while attending school Harry was taking the boy out as a reward.

Harry stood up and filed the document away. Grabbing his robe from the robe stand Harry pulled it on and with a flick of his wand, turned off all the lights in the room. He was going home. Harry locked the door to his office and warded it, as he always did, then turned to walk to the floo in the main

The Ministry always seemed so dark after hours. So few wizards roamed about it that it was eerie. Of course Harry's auror department was bustling as always, in fact since Harry took over as Head Auror in January, the department had been busier than usual because Harry had insisted on more aurors taking night duties. It had helped cut crime by two thirds because they no longer had to wait until the day aurors got in for work to deal with crimes, because there were lots more night aurors the crimes could be tackled almost immediately making it more likely for them to catch the criminal. Harry had been hailed as an Evil slave driving head of department when he had brought in the new rule that his aurors work nights more. However after one month his title had changed back to Wizarding World Saviour because of the reduction in crime.

Harry bid his aurors good night and wandered out of the Auror Department and down the hall towards the Atrium where he could floo home. The lift down was blessedly free of other people, and there were only two aeroplane memos too which meant a lot less crowding for Harry. That was a relief, he was in no mood to be crowded.

Harry got out of the lift and walked around the massive sculpture that took centre stage in the atrium. It had changed over the years and as the wizarding world developed. Now many different magical creatures stood in the fountain shoulder to shoulder with each other and with wizards. A statue depicting a pureblood stood with a muggle born and a half-blood witch and wizard next to them. A man mid-transformation into a dragon stood to the left. A beautiful sculpture of a veela was in a model's pose showing off her beauty but if you watched the sculpture for too long it would change into the veela's bird form. A werewolf was there too half transformed. A merman was sculpted swimming but next to the pack of wizards. Goblins, a group of about five, stood proudly and two of the five held wands. House elves stood there too, some with cleaning equipment, some wearing clothes and looking proud, some with swords looking fierce.

Hermione had influenced a lot of changes in wizarding society, bringing many creatures closer to their goals as equals to wizards. Goblins had been the first to be recognised with fully equal status. Beings who turned into a magical creature form like werewolves and shifters had been next. House elves were given more rights but Hermione was still working on their equality rights. There was a lot left to be done but Harry was proud of his friend…he was proud of his friends. He and Ron had turned around the Auror department, Hermione had changed laws to bring equality and Kingsley had lead the wizarding world uncompromisingly to a better future. Arthur had brought a lot more muggle tolerance and, with Kingsley's help, had brought many muggle technologies into the wizarding world bringing the wizarding world closer to the twentieth century and not stuck in the dark ages any more.

"Oh!" Harry nearly cursed as he bumped into something. He stumbled a little but strong hands caught him. Automatically Harry's wand was flicked into his hand and he yanked himself back before his brain caught up with his muscles actions. Harry blinked and brought a hand up to rub his eyes. Once he rubbed the tiredness from one eye he looked at the person standing in front of him.

It was a man with dark skin, black hair and red-brown eyes. There was a prominent nose, rather long and angular but not especially large or overpowering in the centre of the man's face pointing down to thin mouth. The man had a stubbly beard as if he couldn't quite submit to shaving it off completely but at the same time couldn't bear to have a beard. He had an Arab tunic on and a scarf on his head, with a matching shawl over his shoulders. Beads hung from his neck to his middle with larger flat rune-etched beads interspaced between those brown beads. The man was tall, at least six feet tall or over giving him many inches on Harry's five-feet, six-inches. He had a smile on his face and from the way he held himself, with his arms outspread and palms up and empty, he appeared non-threatening.

Harry couldn't help but feel that there was something not quite…not quite right about this stranger.

"Greetings and many, many apologies. My eyes were fixed to the fascinating display fountain and I neglected to look where I stepped."

He had a funny way of speaking too, Harry noticed. Old fashioned language, weird grammar, a hint of an accent. "It's not a problem, I was not looking where I was going either. My apologies for knocking into you Mr…?"

"Ah…Sheikh Saladin Yusri. You are most gracious in your apology. Perhaps you would allow me to make amends for my grievous oversight?"

Harry frowned and looked the man over again, those red-brown eyes bore into him. Something strange came over Harry, something made him want to turn his head to the side but something also wanted him to keep his wand in his hand. Two instincts warring within him…it was strange and it put him on edge.

"That's a kind offer, Mr. Yusri, however I'm afraid I shall have to decline. If you'd excuse me I've got to go home." Harry apologised and also tried to hint with his words. It was a gentle back off, those instincts inside him not allowing him to be completely clear with his convictions as he couldn't be sure whether to trust or distrust the fellow.

"Ah, it is Shiekh Yusri…but of course you must go home, the hour is late. Excuse me." The man bowed and backed up a step sweeping his arms wide in an 'after you' motion.

Harry nodded and, still frowning, moved past Shiekh Yusri. He felt eyes watching him as he walked away and over to the floo. He felt really uncomfortable. So uncomfortable he decided he wouldn't floo home, he'd floo to the leaky cauldron and then floo home so the stranger wouldn't overhear his address.

Just as he was about to step into the floo, Shiekh Yusri called out to him again.

"Pardon me, my friend, but might I know your name?" Harry felt himself start. He pulled back and turned fully around to stare at the Shiekh.


"Umm…your name, friend?"

His name? The Shiekh wanted to know his name? Everybody knew his name. He was Harry Potter. It wasn't arrogance that made him think this, but sheer frustration and annoyance at being known by everyone he met before he knew them. His face and his name, especially his scar on his face, was out in the public almost every week. He had books about him, the newspaper posted articles about him regularly, he was a house hold name, he was known world-wide and still this Shiekh wanted to know his name?

"You don't know my na-…" Harry stopped himself short. He didn't want to seem arrogant or self-absorbed. He didn't want to make this situation uncomfortable. Wasn't this what he had always wanted though? To be known for himself, not for his name? This Shiekh didn't know his name…it was incredible! It was laughable! It was refreshing. "I'm so sorry, that was rude of me. I am Head Auror, Harry Potter."

"Ah, Head Auror is quite a title for one so young Mr Potter."

Harry tried to see whether the man was having a laugh at his expense but those eyes held only sincerity. Harry felt something inside him relax. This man didn't know him and obviously didn't know his past. This was different, very different, to normal. But different didn't stand as having to be bad. "I work very hard at what I do and am very good at it. The position was granted because I earned it, sir."

"Oh, come now friend, no need to call me sir. Please, it is my desire for you to call me Saladin."

Harry nodded a little acquiescing to the request and Saladin smiled a wide tooth filled grin that was almost threatening but wasn't quite. Harry felt in two minds about Saladin, he was in a quandary and didn't know what to make of him.

"You honour me. I am humbled by your achievements Harry."

"Thank you."

"You are welcome, Harry. Now, I shall delay you no further. May I perhaps, visit you to arrange a time appropriate to treat you in apology for my careless behaviour earlier?"

"We were both at fault. There is no need to-to treat me." Harry stuttered a little trying to find a way to say that but eventually managed it.

Saladin smiled that shark like smile again. "My honour demands I make amends friend. Please, humble me and agree."

"Very well."

"Excellent. Now I shall leave you. Good night, Harry." Saladin did not wait for Harry to return the salutation, he turned and walked steadily away with his long tunic and shawl blowing slightly as he moved. He was so strange. Half inviting and half warning away, harmless with danger beneath his skin. He was polite but something carried beneath his words, something unseen and unheard but there. Saladin was an unknown.

Harry didn't like the unknown, usually it meant that people were hiding something malicious and dark.

The large clock over the atrium chimed and with a glance up Harry confirmed it was midnight. He couldn't delay any more. He had to go home. It was late and he was tired and he had worked since six that morning. He was well past deserving a break and some down time. He'd have the week end with Teddy and then would work hard again on Monday. He'd also look up Shiekh Saladin Yusri on Monday…unless Ron had a weekend shift, in which case he would get Ron to look him up on Harry's behalf.

Harry stooped low to step into the fireplace. Standing tall once he was in the fireplace, Harry bent his knees a little to brace himself for impact and stated his address. The ministry whirled away and hundreds of fireplaces danced before his vision before finally, the arrivals room at Grimmauld Place settled firmly into place and the flames died down. Harry stepped out of the fireplace and wandered up the stairs. He was going to bed.

Chapter 1 done and not only do we have our first hint but we get the introduction of the first new important character in Harry's life in this story. Tell me what you think of Sheikh Saladin. I would love to know your initial thoughts on him. I am not just begging for reviews; without giving anything away I can reveal that the characters will evolve greatly so initial thoughts are important. Thus, please give me your thoughts on Saladin.

Terms to know:

Dragonette Destined – People who showed an ability, skill or greatness of character that pleased a Dragon who marked them with magic as a 'treasure' or 'mate' for a Dragonette. Also, a Dragonette Destined are the offspring of a Dragonette Mateship who are unable to transform into Dragon Form.

Dragonettes – The offspring of a Dragon mating with a human, or a Dragonette mating with its human mates. This being is human but able to transform into Dragon Form at will or during periods of high anger or distress. Usually male, a Dragonette migt be female but would not lead a mateship as she would be a carrier for the mateship she joins.

Mateship – A group of people a Dragonette chose as his 'treasures', at a minimum a mateship comprises of a Dragonette, a Dominant or submissive male and a carrier female. A mateship is always an uneven number of beings and depending upon the number of mates the mateship is given a name following this rule: 'numeral prefix'-amorous. For example a mateship of 5 mates is a quintamorous mateship, a mateship of 11 mates is a undecimamorous mateship.