Title: Twisted Fate

Disclaimer: I do not own Roswell. Also this is a re-write of a fiction I wrote in 2003 under the pen name polarchica77 that I never finished. * Indicates italics

Category: Romance, angst

Rating: M

Summary: My version of what happens during "Max to the Max". Michael gets captured instead...and things start to change

Prologue: Opening My Eyes

Michael POV

I was dead.

I could feel my body giving out. My knees were shaking from the weight of my upper body and in danger of giving out. My eyes felt heavy and my lids began to close.

I was somehow dead and dying at the same time.

"Michael, you have to keep your eyes open."

*Come on, Michael. Is that all you can take? Open your eyes and see what I'm doing to you.*

My panic rose and I began to thrash to escape from the nonexistent hands that were holding me down. Forcing my eyes to shut tighter, I gripped the nearest surface I could find and stifled my screams.

*Don't scream, boy. It only makes my job more fun.*

I was dead. I was in hell.

The sound of gunshots registered as I began to see past my disorientation.

"Dammit. They're shooting at us."

*I could shoot you right now, Michael, but unfortunately it's less painful that way.*

I felt someone grab my hand and immediately jerked away.

*But I could shoot some of your friends, Michael. I'd make you watch too.*

"Michael, we have to run. You have to wake up, OK?"

*Don't fall asleep, Michael. We were just beginning to have fun.*

Small hands began tugging on my shirt and I tried to fight them off but I was too weak.

I'm weak.

A fallen soldier.

I felt my body hit the hard ground and a strong burning sensation crept over my abdomen. Gasping for breath, my hands flew to the site of pain and a warm substance coated them.


I was bleeding.

I was alive.

Open your eyes, Guerin, I demanded to myself.

*Don't close your eyes. Open them. That's right. I hope you aren't squeamish but then again that is an awful lot of blood. I'd scream too but you aren't like me, are you?*

The sound of screams echoed in my head.

My screams.

Forcing my eyes to open, the first thing I saw was Liz's face. Her brown eyes looked worriedly into mine and her face was covered in sweat. "Liz, what's going on?"

She shook her head and pulled my arms so I could stand upright. "No time, Michael. We have to found a way out of here."

Moving my head, I saw Maria's Jetta in the middle of a highway and the sound of another car approaching met my ears. Leaning on Liz, I stumbled to wherever she was leading me to. "Are you alright?" she asked.

I didn't answer and simply tried to ignore the pain in my abdomen. Gritting my teeth, I clenched my fists. It hurt to walk. Liz cursed as two men in black suits got out of a car and began to chase us. Liz tugged on my sleeve harder, signaling me to go faster. Gun shots rang out in the air and Liz and I ducked from the bullets.

We had no where left to run. Behind us were the gun wielding men and in front of us was a bridge. Liz looked frantically around us and her eyes landed on the bridge. "Michael, we are going to have to jump."

I don't care what we do. I don't want to go back.

She took a step onto the bridge and helped me up also. I looked down at the dark water rushing beneath us. Liz clasped my hand tightly. "Michael, you have to hold on to me. You have to trust me."

My eyes searched her face.

I trusted no one.

In response, I squeezed her hand. Liz gave me a meek smile. "Ready?"

The ping of a bullet bounced off the bridge ledge. I took one last glance at the murky water.

And we jumped.