I Warmed The Heart of Ice. (Hanabusa Aidou)

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Akemi Miyamoto is an orphan he parents died when she was two. She grew up in a small town orphanage she's 16 past the age of when anyone would adopt her. She's a little shy, and tends to keep to herself she has had little to no interaction with other's her own age as most children are adopted before they reach her age. She has long black hair that she keeps in a messy bun with bangs in the front. She is tall and skinny with the most beautiful green eyes you have ever seen.

The cross Academy sent the orphanage a scholarship so that Akemi could attend and learn to socialize with other's her own age. Akemi had tried protesting about going but the orphanage felt it was in her best interest so here she was sitting in a carriage being taken far away to this Academy she had never heard of. After several days in a carriage, she finally arrives at this very large Academy the carriage is met by Headmaster Cross he smiles at her saying, "Welcome to Cross Academy I am the Headmaster Cross, and I'll show you to your room."

Akemi Miyamoto follows him to an empty room that faces west she can see the sun is going to set soon. She smiles and says, "Thanks for the lovely room will I be sharing it Headmaster Cross?"

Headmaster Cross Replies, "I had hoped to have you share with someone but all the other rooms are full so you will have this room to yourself. If you have any questions feel free to ask me. I will leave you to get settled and unpack there are some uniforms for you in the armoire. I will send my daughter Yuki Cross to show you to your class's tomorrow morning."

Akemi responded, "Thank you, headmaster." Then she turned to start unpacking the few things the orphanage had allowed her to take. They included a photo of her, some clothes, and a heart-shaped locket that was around her wrist it had been on her since she was little. She had just finished unpacking when a group of girls rushed past her door she went to look confused saying, "What's going on?"

They yelled, "Hurry up; you are going to miss the night class. Quickly before the guardians sends us back to our rooms." She was soon grabbed by someone and dragged along with them. Akemi yelled, "Hey let go, don't go so fast you're going to pull my arm out of its socket."

Akemi got tossed around the crowd as the night class started their way to the school. She could hear the girls shouting about how dreamy the night class was as she pushed, and fought her way out of the mob. She finally got free only to stumble into someone who had kept her from falling onto the ground. She looked up at the young man with white hair and said, "Sorry sir I was just trying to get out of the mob." It wasn't until then that she noticed that they both were being held by another man.

He patted her head as he made sure they were both steady on their feet saying, "No harm has been done, my dear. Besides you will be seeing me in your dreams tonight." The other man said, "I'm Zero Kiryu and I'd run if I were you."

Akemi looked at him oddly asking, "Run, why would I need to run?" Then a group of girls started to rush towards her yelling, "Idol touched you, you're so lucky, what did it feel like, he's mine you can't have him!"

Akemi got the message quickly and turned running off back to her room. Wondering exactly what the big deal was and why all the girls were acting so strangely. After locking her bedroom door she sat down and wrote two thank you letters one addressed to Zero and the other she had left blank. Later she heard a knock at her door so she asked, "Who is it?"

Zero replied, "It's me headmaster Cross wanted me to be sure you got back safely."

She opened the door letting Zero in she handed him his thank you note saying, "This is for catching me earlier. Would you happen to know the other boy's name? I'd like to give him one too."

Zero replied, "Hanabusa Aidou but he is an aristocrat only the disciplinary committee members may go near them."

She quickly jotted down the man's name and handed Zero the note saying, "Then you can give this to him for me."

Zero glared at her before responding, "Since you're new here I will this once but don't ask such things of me again" he turned and left before she could say anything else. Akemi wondered if he was always that grumpy but decided it was best to go to bed as it was late, and she needed to get up for class's the next morning.