Chapter 10

Kaname contacted Headmaster Cross and explained the situation. It didn't take long for Headmaster Cross to come up with a solution they could meet near the stables. No one other than Zero went to the stables but Hanabusa would need to be supervised by someone. Kaname thought it would be a good idea to make it a double date. He could invite Yuki this way he could supervise Hanabusa without it being awkward.

Kaname went to Hanabusa with the good news and told him they would be meeting their women that night. Taking them to the field near the stables there would be a good view of the night sky. Kaname went to Hanabusa's room saying, "Headmaster Cross has agreed to you two meeting in the field near the stables. Yuki, and I will be joining you to make sure that you behave."

Hanabusa smiled replying, "Thank you Lord Kaname." Both went to get ready for the evening.

~Sun Dorm~

Yuki made her way to Akemi's room when she arrived she said, "Akemi Hanabusa would like to get together with you again. Kaname, and I will be there too. We will be meeting in the field near the stables so that Hanabusa sampai's fan girls don't notice."

Akemi smiled saying, "You and Kaname are going on a date too?" Yuki blushed replying, "We will be but it's more to supervise you two and keep it from feeling awkward."

Akemi laughed saying, "Aw but you both like each other, and you make such a cute couple." Yuki blushed replying, "We should make ourselves pretty for them."

Akemi couldn't agree more with Yuki, and she went to clean up a bit. Akemi picked a tan skirt and a white blouse with a peach sweater. Yuki picked a blue dress with a white jacket. Once both girls were dressed they made their way to the field near the stables together. Upon arriving Kaname, and Hanabusa was already there with a blanket spread out on the field. Yuki went and sat near Kaname while Akemi sat near Hanabusa. Kaname asked, "How is school going Yuki?"

Yuki replies, "It's going good. How are things going for you, Kaname Sama?"

Kaname smiled saying, "They are going well for me too." Hanabusa turned to Akemi and asked, "So what's your blood type Akemi?"

Kaname pinched his nose and sighed before yelling, "Hanabusa we talked about this before we came." Hanabusa replied, "I am not going to drink any yet. It's just a question I'd like to know the answer to."

Kaname shook his head but allowed the question Akemi blushed saying, "My blood type is AB positive."

Hanabusa swallowed hard that just happened to be his favorite blood type. He asked huskily, "Could I have a taste?"

Akemi giggled and blushed saying, "Oh Hanabusa your jokes are so funny."

Hanabusa pouted slightly before moving closer, and saying, "But I wasn't joking I really do want to taste your blood even though it's forbidden."

Akemi looked confused, and asked, "Lord Kaname why is it forbidden to drink blood?"

Kaname replied, "Because drinking blood could be seen by other's, and expose us. Even if the bite happens behind closed doors, and done in a site where the bite can't be seen. It's still considered a sin to allow it." He turns to Hanabusa saying ,"You shouldn't even be asking her unless you are ready to be serious, and are in private where others won't see."

Hanabusa replied, "Yes Lord Kaname." He took Akemi's hand in his and kissed it making Akemi turn a lovely shade of red. After a few moments of awkward silence Kaname got up and said, "Hanabusa it's getting late we should escort Yuki, and Akemi back so they may rest."

Hanabusa nodded, and they escorted Yuki, and Akemi back to the Sun dorm. After ensuring that both women made it into the dorm they both headed back to the Moon dorm together. All Hanabusa could think about was the way her skin had felt against his lips. He wished that he had been bold enough to kiss her lips as well.

Kaname went to his room and moved the chess piece that represented Hanabusa next to the one that represented Akemi. Kaname smiled thinking to himself [I wonder if his piece being there will help control what direction she goes].

The next day Akemi, and Yuki went to classes as normal. They both performed crowd control easily as working together was easy for the two girls. Once the night class was safely in the school the girls parted, and each went on their patrol. Akemi had finished her rounds and went to where they reported in only to find neither Zero nor Yuki there.

Akemi was worried so she went along Yuki's root knowing Zero would be with Yuki if anything had happened. She stops halfway noticing a path leading towards a town. She decides to go to the town entrance, and ask if anyone had seen either. She made her way to the town's entrance and asked the guy there, "Have you seen Zero or Yuki Cross?"

He replied, "They have entered the town but only disciplinary committee members are allowed in here." Akemi smiled saying, "I am one" pointing to her armband adding, "Do you know which way they went?" He said, "They went towards the center of town."

Akemi replied, "Thank you" and then went off to look for Zero, and Yuki. She wandered around the town coming to a bookstore that seemed to only carry Manga. She looked inside only to notice Takuma browsing the shelves. She popped her head in asking, "Takuma have you seen Zero or Yuki chan."

Takuma looked at Akemi replying, "Can't say that I have I've been a little busy trying to decide between Soul Eater in mint condition Volume 1 or Rozen Maiden never opened box set."

Akemi smiled at him and asked, "Why can't you just buy both?" Takuma's eyes widened and his mouth hung open a sec before he replied, "That is a great idea now why didn't I think of that?"