A series of one-shots about Caskett & their family. Chapters do not always go in Chronological order. Enjoy!

Rick Castle kept a slow pace with the little one next to him, holding tight to the tiny hand clutching his own. A strong breeze swept passed them and they instinctively huddled closer together as they kept walking. A chill was in the air today, reminding Castle that these trips to the park were numbered before winter brought a temporary end to their daily routine. As the two rounded the street corner and the playground equipment was in sight, the small hand pulled itself free of Castle's grip. Rick watched his little one scamper away, blending into the madness of activity at the park. Castle ambled over to a vacant bench. His eyes swept the surrounding area, scanning the copious amounts of women present today. Several of them met his gaze. He was here regularly enough for some of the moms to know exactly who he was. An even lesser amount knew nothing of his identity, but simply threw themselves at him because he was the only father showing up at the park most days.

Castle hadn't been sitting at the bench long when he noticed one of the moms whisper something to her friend and get up, heading for him. She had short blond hair and was wearing a shirt that showed a little too much skin for late autumn. She eyed him seductively, swayed her hips more than necessary, making it clear to everyone in the park exactly what her intentions were. Castle braced himself.

Someone else stepped in front of his line of sight, shifting his gaze. It was a tall, gorgeous brunette, who settled herself right next to Castle on the bench and grabbed his face possessively and planted one right on him in front of the other woman.

"Hi, Hubby, sorry I'm late." Kate said loudly. "Would've been here sooner, but we had some trouble apprehending a suspect. I almost had to pull my gun on him." It was on the last sentence that Kate threw a backwards glance at the stunned blonde, who was now deterred from her mission and slunk back to her friend.

Jealous Beckett marking her territory was always a turn-on. Castle pulled her a little closer for another kiss.

"Did you really have trouble apprehending a suspect or did you just want to mention to the whole park that you have a gun?" He whispered in her ear. "And what's with calling me 'Hubby'?"

He'd picked up on all of her tactics. She leveled her gaze at him. "Someone had to put the slutty blond in her place." She said unapologetically. Castle smirked. "Besides, you're the one who asked me to come here on my lunch break." She glanced at her watch. "I have exactly 45 minutes with you two."

"We'll take it." Castle settled an arm around her shoulders. She leaned against him and sighed contently.

"So where is our boy?" She asked, scanning the playground.

"There." Castle pointed. "Digging a hole to China in the sandpit." He said proudly.

Twenty-month-old Joey Castle looked up from his spot in the sand, searching for his father, and noticed his mother had joined them. A huge grin broke across his face, melting his mother's heart. She watched him push himself up to his feet and run to her, as fast as his short legs would carry him.

"Hi, Goof!" Kate called to him. When he reached her, she pulled him into her lap, but he quickly got his feet back on the ground and pulled at Kate's hand.

"Come, Mommy!" Joey pleaded. It was clear the boy wanted to play. Castle watched Joey lead Kate over to the slides and coerced her to join him for the ride with just one smile. Kate followed Joey up the steps to the biggest slide and only struggled a little on the child-sized playground equipment. Castle watched them and wondered why they'd never thought to do this on Kate's lunch break before. He and Joey had joined her for lunch plenty of times because, well, spending all day with a baby isn't exactly thrilling and it allowed Kate time with Joey. But perhaps they'd stumbled upon a nice way to shake up their routine. And Kate's presence would definitely keep the lonely, single mothers at bay.

Castle glanced around to find none of the other moms watching him. Finally. His wife had seamlessly fixed his only complaint about his son's favorite park. Castle smirked. God, he loved that woman.


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