"Grab your Axes! The Dragons are attacking!" A man with a full brunette beard yelled to the Vikings behind him. He was tall and very muscular like all Vikings were.

Narrator: 'This is Gurand it's just east of the main shore and south of freezing to death. My name is Skullette. Weird name I know, parents believe that a horrible name will scare off demons and trolls, like our charming Viking demeanor wouldn't do that already. This probably sounds like a story you already know, am I right? A story of Viking's and Dragons.'

"They are headed to the south of the island! Follow them! We can't let them get away!" Another, taller, man called. He was large and looked to be the chief of the village with his metal around his waist as a belt. His brown beard was full and braded in many places to keep it in place and his eyes were dark green and intimidating.

Narrator: 'That is Bundar the Wise. He is the chief of this village. They say that when he was a child he killed two dragons from the inside out. Do I believe it? Yes, yes I do. Anyways, if this is familiar, you know that there are a bunch of different dragons. The Gronkle, the Deadly Nadder, the Monstrous Nightmare, the Hideous Zippleback, the Terrible Terror, and finally the most dangerous of all. The Night Fury! No one has ever seen this dragon and lived to tell about it.'

"Skullette get back inside! This is no place for you!" a woman Viking yelled as she followed the others.

"Get back inside before you get hurt!" a smaller man a little younger than the others yelled. He was a newly acquired Viking and was itching to kill another dragon.

Narrator: 'I couldn't just sit by and not kill a dragon. Everyone believes I can't kill a dragon because of what happened. Oh right, you don't know what happened. I caught the village on fire. By accident. No one was hurt and I got the fire out. But the villagers won't let me try to kill a dragon till I have proper dragon training. But that won't happen until spring.'

Skullette followed behind unnoticed by the others. She followed them to the southern side of the island. They were cheering now as the last of the dragons fell from the sky and landed on a pointed like spear of wood. Letting out its final breath as its body slid down the spike and its blood flowed from its pierced body.

Narrator: 'Recently the dragon problem has decreased due to the idea of poisoning the food the dragons take. This was of course our chief's idea. The poison was created by the herbs my mother taught me about before the cold, 5 winters past took her. I was only eleven when she left us. In any case the poison worked I guess because the dragon raids decreased.'

All the villagers gathered any dead Vikings and headed back home to rest their axes and body's from the late night raid they just ended.

Narrator: 'I should have followed them back or gotten there before them. But something caught my eye that would change my life forever. A Night Fury.'

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Chapter 1: The Meeting

Skullette, a 5' 6" 16 year old girl with dark blond hair in a braded ponytail and piercing blue eyes that looked like they could see into your very soul, quietly made her way to a wide clearing that was twenty feet below her and a good sixty feet wide if not more. She wore a tight blue colored skin shirt with a black leather skirt and leggings under it, with normal Viking boots to finish it off. She was skinny for a Viking her age but you could tell she did have enough muscle to get her by. A pack of supplies and small weapons were stationed on her back in case one would need use of them. Below her was a small pond in the middle of the hole with snow and a few trees surrounding the pond. The rocks were covered in moss that was covered by the snow that stuck to everything there. It was only when she got closer that she saw, lying in a bed of melted snow, the Night Fury that had caught her eye only moments ago.

Its Wings were as black as the night and its body was small and light. There was no doubt in her mind that this creature was as swift and powerful as it looked. What confused her was why had no one yelled that they had killed the Night Fury? A prize like that would make a Viking a hero among Viking legends. So why was there no mention of this?

As she got closer she could see that the dragon still had life in it due to the puffs of smoke that came from its nostrils. If she were to kill this dragon and bring its heart back to her father, all of her worries would be over. No one would look at her with shame and disappointment ever again.

She quickly made her way over to the dragon and removed her dagger from her belt. As she got closer she saw that this Night Fury would not move from its spot. It had clearly heard her from the snow crushing beneath her feet as she got closer to it so why had it not flown away. Its wings were still intact and it looked as if it was in excellent health. So why did it not get away?

As she finally reached the side of the dragon she could hear from its harsh breathing that it was not in perfect health. Something was wrong with it, but what? That's when it hit her. The Poison! The dragon had taken in the poison from the previous raid. It must have landed here when the poison had started to overtake it. That shouldn't matter at the moment seeing as she was just going to kill it anyways. But as she looked into its bright green eyes she saw something that she never thought she would see. She saw its pain and its fear. It was scared and looking for any help it could receive.

Skullette turned away from the dragons gaze and held her dagger high above her head. A gruff whine like noise came from the dragon as if begging for her to stop and help it instead of slaying it. She couldn't help it, she looked at the dragons eyes again. There was a glimmer that spoke to her. "If I kill you and bring your heart to my father, all will be right again. No one will call me weak and a nuisance, I will be a strong Viking warrior." She said to the dragon holding the dagger tighter and over the dragons' heart.

Another whine pierced the air around them. Puffs of smoke coming from the Night Fury's nose. Skullette closed her eyes and readied to strike down on the black demon. At the feel of the dragons head hitting the ground a wave of pity filled her. This dragon was in pain and needed help yet she was a Viking and Vikings killed Dragons! Dragons are the devils kin and Vikings were sent here to destroy them and send them back to Hel.

She took one more look at the dragon before sighing in defeat. She couldn't kill this creature. It needed her, for no one else would help it. She quickly took her pack off her back and dug through it. The dragon's eyes opened at the sound of the ruffling, Skullette continued to dig through the pack to get what she needed which seemed to be buried at the bottom of her bag.

She created an antidote for the poison in case any of the Vikings ate the poisoned food by accident. It came in handy and worked many times, but would it work on a dragon?

She finally found the bottle and took a good look to see how much was in there. Then she took another look at the dragon. Its eyes showed its wonder as it watched her intently. It could easily swipe her away with its tail if it wanted to, but since it was in such pain it couldn't move very easily.

"It's ok. I'm not going to hurt you. This will make you better, I promise. And if it doesn't you can eat me." Skullette promised as she stood up and went over to the pond.

A fish jumped out of the opening in the ice into the air and back down into the icy water. She waited for another one to jump, it felt like forever as she did so. Finally another one jumped and she caught it with little trouble falling on her rear as she held the fish to her chest tightly. She waited for it to stop struggling and went back over to the Night Fury.

"This will help you take the antidote, okay? It might hurt a little going down but it will help." Skullette said as she cut the fish in half and put the herbal medicine into the tail end of the fish. She walked up to the Dragons mouth and had it open its mouth for her. She placed the fish on the dragon's tongue whose teeth a moment later appeared in its mouth and began chewing the meaty fish.

The Night Fury ate the fish completely and rested its head in the snow again.

"Skullette!" A distant voice called. The girl spun around to make sure no one had found where the dragon was. Lucky for her she was alone with the dragon. Turning quickly back to the dragon, who looked to be sleeping peacefully, she whispered in its ear. "I'll be back tomorrow to see how you are doing. I'll even bring some more antidote with me. If you stay here you won't be discovered."

"Skullette!" A deeper voice rang out through the trees.

"I'll be back soon. I promise. See you tomorrow." With that she hurried back up the path she found her way down on and made her way back to the village only to run into the chief.

"Skullette where did you go off too? Didn't I tell you to stay inside?" Bundar said in a commanding voice.

Narrator: 'oh yeah, there's one thing I forgot to mention.'

"Sorry Dad, I thought I saw another dragon. But it turned out to be a broken branch from the raid last week." Skullette lied hanging her head to make it believable.

"What am I going to do with you?" Bundar sighed in frustration. "Thank the gods spring is on its way. You will learn to be a True Viking! No more of this running off and medicine nonsense."

"But father without this medicine half of our village would be whipped out." Skullette countered.

"Be that as it may you are the daughter of the chief and as so need to learn to be a true Viking. Leave the herbal nonsense to the other women. You must be strong if you plan to ever marry. You are already at that age. I at least want to have a strong son in law to run the village when I am gone." Bundar replied as they made their way to the village. His stride was strong and commanding just like his speech.

"Please father not this again. I'm still too young to marry." Skullette tried to reason.

"Nonsense. You will be a strong Viking warrior and be wed to only the strongest of the Vikings."

"But father…" Skullette tried again to reason but she was cut off by Bundar the Wise.

"That is the end of it. Am I understood?" He said in a commanding voice that left no room for argument.

"Yes father." Skullette said dispersedly.

Skullette went to the dragon everyday to feed it fish and the antidote. It had taken the rest of the winter but soon the dragon, who Skullette had discovered was a she, was able to stand and flap its wings. To Skullette's amazement the white on the tips of her wings, that she had once thought to be snow, glittered in the sunlight making the Night Fury even more beautiful than before.

"How can such a strong creature be fierce and beautiful at the same time?" Skullette wondered aloud.

The Night Fury nudged her arm and purred lightly in a light gruff voice.

"You know, I can't keep calling you Night Fury all the time. You need a real name. How about Nightingale? How does that sound?" Skullette asked.

She purred louder in agreement.

"Nightingale it is then." She smiled at her new friend and scratched behind her ear.

Finally spring had arrived. Since meeting Nightingale, Skullette has changed her mind about fighting dragons. They aren't as bad as the Vikings made them out to be. They hunt to survive like they did. Vikings just happened to be in their way more than they would like.

When she tried to tell her father she didn't want to fight dragons. He laughed and told her "This is no time for joke's you are going to training and are going to be a prized Viking that any strong man would want for a bride."

'That's all he ever cares about. Marring me off to some strong Viking.' Skullette thought on her way to visit Nightingale.

The Night Fury had long since done without the antidote and could fly away at anytime. The only reason Skullette could come up with for why she hadn't left yet, is that Nightingale had become attached to her. She respected her and trusted her. But this island was not safe for the Night Fury. There was only so long that a person can hide a giant creature such as a dragon. She thought of all of this on her way to visit Nightingale and only stopped when she arrived at the hide out.

"Morning Nightingale. Did you sleep well?" She asked putting down a big basket of fish for her to enjoy. Nightingale just jogged over to the basket with a grin on her face and started eating happily.

"I guess that will suffice for a yes." Skullette chuckled. She sat down on a rock and rolled small stones around in her hands. "You know. My father won't let up on this marriage thing. He thinks that all I'm good for is getting him a good son in law to lead the tribe." At the word tribe she threw a stone across the pond and on to the other side in only a matter of two skips. Which was a feet seeing as the pond covered most of the hiding area. Two thirds of the area was water and the last third was land.

Nightingale went over to her and nudged her head against Skullette's arm as if to comfort her.

"Thanks Nightingale. It's good to know I have at least one friend." She said scratching behind her ear and down to her chin. Finding just the spot to have Nightingale fall in pure pleasure.

Skullette smiled at Nightingale's reaction and got up off her rock. "I guess it's time for training. I'll be back afterwards, okay Nightingale?" she smiled at the dragon who stayed where she was in bliss.

Making her way back to the village she managed to get to the arena with little problem. It was a large dome like arena with metal bars surrounding it and chains covering the top to keep the dragons from flying away when released for fighting or training. Once there, she saw a bunch of other teens her age gathered together for training. They stationed themselves around the training equipment so that when the teacher showed up they could grab their needed gear and get started. There were four gathered together talking excitedly about how it's only fun if you get a scare out of it.

Then there was a boy leaning against the wall close to the entrance ramp. He looked to be about 5' 9" medium build with sparkling green eyes and long blond hair kept in a ponytail with a portion at the front separated, not tied back and hanging off the right side of his face. He wore dark brown leather tight pants, with the standard fur boots all Vikings wore, and a dark blue long sleeved shirt and a black vest over it to finish it off. In his hands he held a sword that he carefully examined as they waited.

Skullette watched him for a moment longer before an irritating voice brought her back to reality.

"Well if it isn't miss fire head." Torrent said tauntingly. He was about 5'8" with a strong build, brown short hair and piercing brown eyes. He wore black leather pants, a tan shirt ripped at the forearm and a brown vest covering it. He was one of the toughest Viking teens in the village, or so they say.

"You aren't going to set the arena on fire now are you?" Mudbath called mockingly.

"Watch it bro she might set you on fire next." Hogsnot laughed with Mudbath joining in. They were twin brothers, both about 5' 9" with dark blond hair and matching blue eyes. The only way to tell them apart was their hair style. Mudbath had a messy mop of short hair on his head while Hogsnot had mid-length hair in a ponytail. They had matching boots, brown pants and green shirts, the only other difference was their vests. Mudbath had the brown vest while Hogsnot had the tan vest. And both were about a medium build.

"Hey guys, how many Vikings does it take to destroy a village?" Gretchen asked, she was the only girl in the group. She had red hair that she kept down and straight. Skullette figured it kept her neck warm. Gretchen had on the normal boots and black pants. Over the pants she had a short leather skirt with skulls in a belt to hold it up. For a shirt she had on a tight red shirt and silver armor breast plates to protect her.

"How many?" Torrent, Mudbath, and Hogsnot asked together.

"None, it just takes one insignificant wanna be Viking. Trying to be something she's not." Gretchen threw the insult into Skullette's face as everyone in the group laughed.

"At least I'm not pig headed like some people I know!" Skullette shot at the group making them go quiet.

"What did you just say pipsqueak?" Gretchen asked towering over her. Where Skullette was 5'6". Gretchen was 5' 9" making Skullette the shortest in the arena and to them, the most vulnerable.

"Alright that's enough out of the lot of ya. Today ya start Dragon Training. Now ya have to know what kinds of Dragons there are. Who wants to start us off?" A big man with beefy arms asked. He was missing his left leg and an eye but that was about it. He was big around the middle and was about 6' tall. He had a tan vest and a sharp green eye. Normal outfit as well, brown pants, tan shirt, brown vest, and normal boots. "My name is Olaf and I'll make this quick. Since no one wants to share I will. There are 5 types that we face every day. The Gronkle, the Deadly Nadder, the Terrible Terror, the Monstrous Nightmare, and the Hideous Zippleback. You will all face them in time. So to start us off is the Gronkle."

"Wait, aren't you going to teach us first?" Torrent asked in confusion.

"I believe in learning on the job." He said as he opened the cage door.

Out came a Gronkle. "Every dragon has a shot limit. How many does a Gronkle have?"

"Four!" Mudbath called. "Five" Hogsnot said after.

"Six." The boy with the black vest said as a shot came at him and he dodged out of the way.

"Very Good Gunnar." Olaf said praising the young man.

The lesson continued on until all that was left were two shots for the dragon and two Viking in training students left. Skullette who had been hiding most of the time and Gunnar who had been dodging most of the time and getting everyone else kicked out with the aimed fire blasts from the Gronkle.

"Skullette, what else can you do to stop the Gronkle?" Olaf asked as if he was sure she could answer it.

Skullette thought for a moment in her hiding spot when Gunnar came up beside her. "Try water." He said before moving to another area. A shot was hit to the wooden planks that hid Skullette. The shot had destroyed the wood leaving her open for an attack.

Thinking quickly she used her hand and acting as if she was about to hit it with her shield scratched under its chin with her opposite hand.

As the dragon fell she saw Gunnar stop in his tracks with his sword held high in the air, ready to strike the beast down. Behind him everyone was in awe of what she did. Out of reflex Mudbath punched his brother in the face, who he had been fighting with for getting them knocked out of the arena in the first place. Torrent had his mouth nearly on the floor while Gretchen looked ready to kill Skullette using just her eyes as the weapon.

"Uh… is that it for the day? Cause I really need to um… yeah, see you tomorrow!" She called as she ran across the arena up the ramp and into the fresh air leaving every one confused.

Olaf was the first to react. He walked over to the sleeping dragon and put it back in its cage before turning to the other students. "That's it for the day. I'll see you all bright and early tomorrow morning. Have a good day." He too made his way up the ramp and back to his blacksmith shop.

"She can't be that good." Gretchen said in anger.

"It was probably just a lucky shot." Torrent said trying to figure out how the fire starter took down a dragon with a shield in a single shot.

"In any case. It won't happen again." Gretchen seethed making the others back away from her slightly.

In the mean time Gunnar was trying to figure out how Skullette could have taken down a Gronkle with a single hit to the head with her shield. It wasn't possible… was it?

Skullette was making her way through the trees to the spot she first saved Nightingale. Today had just been crazy. She of all people made a Gronkle fall without causing it any harm. She has to be more careful next time or people will start to get suspicious of her actions and possibly get the wrong idea. Or worse, they could follow her and find Nightingale. She couldn't let that happen. Not even if it meant her life.

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