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You Have to Choose!

Inuyasha's face was beseeching; his ears were down and his hands kept fiddling with the hem of his haori. His consternation was apparent and a twitch in his temple gave away exactly how hard he was thinking about this.

Finally, he burst out, "Please, Kagome!"

Shaking her head so her voluminous black hair swished about, she said firmly, "No, Inuyasha. You heard me."

"But-" Inuyasha said, his voice taking the edge of a whine, "You said I didn't have to!"

"No!" exploded Kagome, "You have to make a choice! Otherwise, it's not fair!"

The others in the small gathering exchanged long looks and took significant steps backward, not used to usually compliant and indulgent Kagome putting her foot down this strongly about this matter before. Shippou huddled next to Kirara and wide eyed, watched the ensuing scene. Sango and Miroku too observed with keen interest.

A breakthrough was about to happen.

Inuyasha sighed and tried to compose himself. He opened his mouth, struggling to find the words, and then lapsed into silence. He was faced with a grave dilemma, and had to make sure he chose right.

"Kagome," he tried again, "Kagome, this is too damn hard. You've never asked me to make this choice before!"

"Well," said Kagome, "It's high time I did. Like I said, it's not fair."

"Dammit," growled Inuyasha, raking his fingers through his hair in frustration, "How can you ask this of me now, Kagome?"

All he got in reply was an elegantly arched eyebrow.

"Kagome," Inuyasha pleaded, "I can't pick one over the other!"

"No, Inuyasha!" said Kagome, stamping the ground for emphasis. "You gotta choose just one Ramen flavour! We're running low and you can't have both!"