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All the guardians were assembled in the North Pole, waiting for something, anything really. The man in the moon had called them together once more, and no one knew why.

Jack Frost was a bit late, he had been trying to make it snow a bit too close to the equator and it had taken way longer than he had expected it to.

He arrived through a window, blown in by cool winter breeze.

Everyone went up to greet him, Bunnymund ruffling his hair, North giving him a very strong handshake, Tooth outright hugging the winter spirit, and Sandy calmly waving.

"Hey everyone, What did I miss?" Jack asked walking closer to the globe in the center of the huge room, The lights were pretty strong and abundant, Christmas was only a few weeks away and all the children of the world were waiting excitedly for the holiday.

"Nothing," Tooth said as she flitted around the room, "We are still waiting for Manny to tell us something."

Bunnymund approached the globe and stood next to Jack. "Wonder wha' it is this time around? Hope it's not another you," Bunny said giving Jack a light punch on the arm.

Before Jack could retort with a witty answer, the room shook slightly. Everyone looked around, the Yetis stopped working, the elves stopped jingling, the whole workshop became eerily quiet.

Sandy tried to point everyone's attention to the emblem on the floor, which was beginning to glow. Of course he was always the one to notice things since he couldn't yell for the others. Sandy threw a sand ball at a nearby Yeti, the beast immediately crashed down on the floor, snoring.

That got their attention and before North could scold the little floating man he pointed to the floor.

"Sandy is right, something is happening," North said looking at the floor panels which had once opened to reveal a crystal, but this time it didn't look as though there was going to be a new guardian, instead the seams between the stones were glowing.

This glowing was unnatural though and looked as though the colors had been turned inside out, instead of the bottom of the light being the strongest white it was completely black and faded into lighter shades as it extended.

The little rays of darkness became more intense, and pretty soon the seams were completely filled with the dark light reaching up into the air. Everyone took a step back from the design on the floor, and rightly so because as soon as they did the light burst so high that it reached far into the rafters of of the enormous building.

"What do you suppose tha' is mates?" Bunnymund asked inching forward a bit, only to retreat when the 'light' flared.

But as abruptly as the darkness had started it began to die down. The beam moved quickly towards the ground and stopped when it was at about Bunnymunds height.

No one knew what was happening, no one except for Jack, he knew who this was, and he was deathly afraid. Jack had subconsciously backed away and was holding his staff defensively, but behind his somewhat strong facade he was on the verge of tears, the being in front of them was the one who had taken him from his family all those years ago.

It wasn't pitch, the darkness this being was made of was that of a different kind, it was a pure darkness, it had depth, and it seemed as though one could get lost in it for eternity.

The light never fully formed anything, it took on the rough shape of a person, tall and lean, but never fully solidified it's outline, it's edges always flickering and twisting, like a dark fire. The whole thing just looked like some strange black hole drifting in the middle of the room. Being Gauradians, no one present, excluding Jack, had ever met this spirit, for this was the spirit of death.

Jack realized that he would have to explain in some way, since his friends were utterly speechless and all wore looks of confusion and bewilderment.

The black figure turned towards Jack, although it was hard to tell which direction it was actually facing since it's shape was never fully a solid.

"What do you want?" Jack finally spoke up.

The figure simply stood there, not responding.

"Jack do you know who this is?" North asked looking at his young friend, who was obviously trying to hide his fear.

"Yes . . ." Jack struggled to find words, "I met him . . . a very long time ago," Jack said, still struggling. "This is death." Jack finally managed to spit out.

To be continued

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