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Chapter One

Shinobu had been in a bad mood all week. Miyagi couldn't blame him; he was feeling pretty glum too. Of course, he was also a little excited – the university had arranged for his whole department to attend a Literature symposium which was being held in Hokkaido and to which eminent Japanese literature experts from all around the world would be flocking.

This was Miyagi's chance to mix with the best like-minded scholars in the world – and also his chance to show off, as he and Kamijou would be presenting some of their research to their peers. And at last he would have a truly captivated audience, eager to hear his thoughts on Matsuo Basho – and for once, Kamijou need have no excuse to throw books at anyone's head.

The problem was that, unlike his usual conferences which required him to leave his lover only for a single weekend, this time the symposium had been organised to last an entire month.

Of course Shinobu was upset. He had spent the entire week leading up to Miyagi's departure in sullen silence. The cabbage was more burnt than usual. Even in bed, while he allowed Miyagi to draw him into his arms, there remained a palpable coldness between them.

Miyagi sighed. He would be leaving in two days time and he really didn't want this unpleasant atmosphere to continue until he and Shinobu finally parted. He knew he was going to miss the boy terribly; now that Shinobu had moved next door, they rarely went more than a couple of days without seeing each other. A month apart was going to be torture, and even more so if Shinobu didn't warm up to him beforehand.

At the moment the boy in question was sitting at the dining room table, pouring over his law textbooks. Miyagi sidled up behind him and slid his arms around the boy's waist. Shinobu noticeably stiffened.

"What is it, old man? Can't you see I'm studying?"

Miyagi sighed once more and gently nuzzled the back of Shinobu's neck.

"Shu-chin," he whined, "Come on, enough's enough. You know I have no choice – it's work, I have to go. It's not like I want to leave you. Oh Shu, don't you know I'm going to miss you so much. So so much. So so sooo much!"

Wheedling him, Miyagi tugged at Shinobu's arm, pulling him up from his chair and wrapping his arms tightly around his waist before the boy could wriggle free.

Shinobu huffed and tried to push away, but Miyagi held him fast against his body and with his right hand he forced him to tilt his face up to his, capturing his lips in a firm kiss.

He swept Shinobu's bottom lip gently with his tongue, probing for entrance to his lover's mouth.

Shinobu resisted at first, too stubborn to give way easily. But under the effect of Miyagi's soft, skilful lips and his hands' gentle caresses, Shinobu yielded and parted his lips to allow his lover to explore him more thoroughly. Their tongues fought for a few moments, before relaxing and stroking each other languidly.

At last, the two broke apart, gasping for air. Shinobu's cold countenance had melted away, and Miyagi was amused to see the familiar blush once again adorning his cute lover's cheeks. Shinobu's lips were flushed and swollen ever so enticingly.

An idea popped into Miyagi's head.

It was risky, and Shinobu would almost certainly smack him if he dared suggest it. He was about to push the idea from his mind when Shinobu turned his big, beautiful, grey eyes up to meet his.

Miyagi felt a sudden tightening in his stomach – and a pleasurable twitch in his groin. It wasn't every day that Shinobu looked up at him with such lust in his gaze. Lately he'd counted himself lucky if Shinobu looked at him with anything other than anger or annoyance!

He decided to risk it.

"So Shu… I was just thinking… I'm going to be away for a whole month, unable to see you. I'll probably be really busy and won't have a lot of time to call you. How about I take a little reminder of you with me?"

"A reminder? What, like a photo or something? Oh, or do you want me to make you a couple of packed lunches to take with you?"

"Uh, well maybe a photo too… But I thought it'd be nice to have something else, something you and I could make together – maybe like a video…"

"Huh, a video of us doing what? What we always do, you marking, me studying? How boring!"

"No, I mean of us doing something a lot more interesting than that! I meant – a video just for the two of us – for our eyes only, if you get my meaning."

Shinobu simply stared at his older lover blankly. He clearly did not get Miyagi's meaning. For such a smart kid, he was being surprisingly dumb; but then he had been a complete innocent before Miyagi had come along and corrupted him.

"What I'm trying to say, Shu-chin, is that I wouldn't be averse, so long as you were happy with it too of course, to making love to you and, er, recording the event to help keep me company while I'm forced to stay away from you, my dearest, loveliest Shinobu!"

"What?!" Shinobu yelped. "You want to make a sex tape of us?"

Miyagi's shoulders slumped in disappointment.

"Well, it- it was just a suggestion! Don't worry, don't worry, it was a stupid idea, can't believe I said it even! Let's just forget about it."

Shinobu stared at him for a long moment. Then, as the trace of a wicked grin started to spread across his face, he said,

"Well if we do it – we need two copies, 'cos it's no fair if you get to take away the only one! I'll be lonely without you too, you know."

Miyagi stared at Shinobu in shock; he hadn't expected him to actually take to the idea! He nodded slowly as Shinobu added seriously that they would both need to take extreme precautions – no-one must be allowed to ever find the tapes. Not only would it be devastating to their relationship, Miyagi's career and potentially even his freedom if it became known that he was sleeping with an underage boy, but the humiliation and embarrassment would be utterly unbearable.

Miyagi leaned forward to kiss Shinobu once more, then inspected him closely for a moment to double check that he was still keen and wasn't simply pulling his leg. When he was sure that Shinobu was really serious about his suggestion, he directed him to the bedroom and hurried to dig out his old camcorder.

Finding it in a drawer with his camera, an old TV remote and a handful of used batteries, he checked it still worked and popped in fresh, new batteries to make sure it could last – well, at least as long as he could last anyway!

Hurrying into the bedroom, he found Shinobu already half undressed, his t-shirt and socks in a pile on the floor and the zip on his jeans undone. Miyagi caught a tantalising glimpse of the bulge in his lover's pants before turning to set up the recorder on the flat top of his chest of drawers, taking care to check that it was angled correctly towards the bed.

He marvelled for a moment at the thought that he could get so excited at the thought of seeing and touching another man's body; before Shinobu had forced his way into his life, he had never imagined that he could ever want to be so intimate with a man, or that he actually wouldn't miss the soft curves and high-pitched feminine moans of a woman. Since he had accepted Shinobu as his lover, not once had he regretted his decision, nor had he ever lain beside the boy and thought if only he were female!

Turning his back on the camcorder to face his lover, the lust in his eyes grew stronger as he took in the sight of Shinobu's lithe, sexy body. Shinobu was sprawled naked across the bed, head propped up on his left hand, eyes fixed on Miyagi, while his right hand rested just above his stomach, fingertips lightly brushing his creamy skin.

Miyagi shed his own clothes in a hurry, desperate to be with his lover. Shinobu noted with delight that the anticipation of their union had already worked Miyagi up into a frenzy and, as soon as it was freed, his cock had immediately sprung up and begun to weep its salty tears of pleasure.

Miyagi knelt over Shinobu, his knee keeping the boy's legs apart as he bent his head to kiss him. Shinobu's fingers danced over the older man's chest, brushing over his nipples, sliding his palms over Miyagi's abs. He circled the man's waist with his arms and pulled him down on top of him, pressing their bodies together.

Miyagi kissed Shinobu deeply, running his hands through the boy's honey-hued hair. His lips explored his lover thoroughly, moving from his mouth to plant sweet kisses over his cheeks and neck, nibbling at his flushed ears, leaving a trail of small bruises along his neck and collarbone.

Shinobu moaned softly and arched his body up into Miyagi's caresses. Miyagi ran his hands down the length of Shinobu's arms, catching his hands and pinning them above their heads. Their fingers laced together of their own accord.

Feeling Miyagi's lips return to capture his own in another passionate kiss, Shinobu moaned again, louder this time, and parted his legs more to allow Miyagi to settle in even closer. Rubbing his left foot gently up and down Miyagi's calf, he began to undulate his body, moving his chest, his hips, his cock against his lover, feeling the heat and friction between them begin to build up. And yet it wasn't enough.

Miyagi suddenly sensed that his lover needed more than he was getting. He pulled back slightly to make a little more space between them. Propping himself up on his left arm, he circled and teased Shinobu's taut, red little nipples with his fingertips, squeezing them hard before latching onto the right nipple, sucking it hungrily and flicking it with his tongue.

He bit it gently, drawing a gasp from the boy beneath him. Raising his head a little, he blew across the flushed nipple, causing Shinobu to jerk slightly at the unexpected change in temperature from Miyagi's hot mouth to his cool breath.

But Miyagi hadn't yet finished his exploration of his lover's body. He continued his way downwards, kissing and licking and nipping, and none of his efforts went unrewarded.

Shinobu, who usually was so shy when it came to sex, was becoming more and more vocal, his gasps and moans and groans ever increasing in frequency and volume. His body too was reacting violently to his lover's ministrations, trembling and bucking wildly.

Miyagi ignored Shinobu's pulsing member at first; he nibbled the boy's inner thighs and caressed his tightening balls, before pausing to wet his fingers with his saliva. Stroking and circling Shinobu's tight entrance, his moistened fingers demanded entry one by one into Shinobu's most private place.

Gently rubbing Shinobu's inner walls, Miyagi's experienced digits quickly found their way to his most pleasurable spot, and almost instantly a large droplet of white pre-cum oozed from the tip of Shinobu's cock.

"Miyagi.. M-Miyagi, ooh, ah hah, aaahh, MIYAGI!"

Shinobu gasped, calling out his lover's name over and over again as he felt his climax building up inside him.

Miyagi was still crouched between Shinobu's legs, and with his fingers buried deep inside the boy, he moved his left hand from where it had been cupping and gently squeezing Shinobu's balls and instead firmly gripped his cock.

Taking the head into his mouth, he sucked and swallowed hard, hearing Shinobu's guttural shout beneath him and so not at all surprised when a moment later, hot, sticky come flooded his mouth. His fingers pressing up inside Shinobu maintained their circular rubbing motion until the flood finally abated and the tight, quivering muscles surrounding his fingers slowly relaxed.

Shinobu lay on the bed panting hard, eyes squeezed shut. A few moments passed, and when the euphoria started to ebb away and he caught his breath again, he opened his eyes. Looking up, he caught sight of Miyagi, still erect and incredibly hard, kneeling between his legs and staring at him with undisguised lust.

Saying nothing, Shinobu reached up his arms, encouraging Miyagi to come to him. He wrapped his arms around the man's shoulders, encircling his waist with his legs. Raising his hips slightly, he positioned himself perfectly so that Miyagi's cock naturally lined up with his entrance, prodding it gently.

Miyagi understood, and needing no further encouragement, pushed his cock slowly into Shinobu's arse, as deep as it would go. He kissed the boy hungrily, thrusting his tongue inside his mouth, mimicking the actions of his greedy cock.

Almost immediately, Miyagi began to thrust his member in and out of his lover, shallow thrusts at first, but he quickly descended into a frenzy, desperately pumping Shinobu's arse as hard as he could.

Despite having come so recently, Miyagi's fresh stimulation of his prostate quickly returned Shinobu to a thoroughly aroused state and he lifted his hips, meeting his lover thrust for thrust.

Feeling Miyagi starting to get carried away, the precocious teen decided to take control. Grabbing Miyagi's hips, he pushed him to the side while turning his own hips in the same direction. Keeping their bodies together, they rolled over so that Shinobu was now straddling Miyagi.

Shinobu sat still for a moment, hands resting on Miyagi's chest. Then, as they each looked into the other's eyes, he began to slowly rotate his hips, grinding down against Miyagi, feeling the cock inside him twitch and push in even deeper.

Miyagi's breath hitched; he couldn't keep his eyes off his beautiful, sexy lover, who had him pinned to the bed and was slowly fucking his brains out.

He rested his hands on Shinobu's hips, softly stroking the smooth skin with the pads of his thumbs. Shinobu lifted himself up slightly, sliding almost all the way off Miyagi's cock, leaving only the sensitive head inside.

Slowly, teasingly, bit by bit he eased himself down, impaling himself once more on Miyagi's hardened member.

He moved in this way over and over again, slowly, languidly, drawing little gasps and moans from his tortured lover beneath him. Miyagi's eyes rolled back in his head and, unable to take the slow pace any longer, his grip tightened on Shinobu's hips and he tugged the boy down to him while at the same time bucking his own hips and thrusting hard up into his lover's tight arse.

Shinobu cried out at the feeling of being so suddenly and forcefully filled. He fell forward onto Miyagi, who gathered him up tightly in his arms and drew him into a deep, passionate kiss.

Holding onto his lover, Miyagi raised himself until he and Shinobu were both in a sitting position. Placing his hands under Shinobu's pert butt cheeks, he helped the boy to start moving until Shinobu was bouncing enthusiastically up and down his cock.

Both were now gasping for air, the pleasures in their groins growing ever more intense. Miyagi tightened his arms around Shinobu, pinning him against his body and, groaning, buried his face in the boy's neck, breathing in his sweaty, sex-soaked scent.

Here in this room, naked and in the arms of the person he loved, with no-one else around to get in their way – life didn't get any better than this, Miyagi mused.

He nuzzled Shinobu's neck, nibbling along his jaw, and raised his lips to his lover's ear.

"I love you, Shinobu," he whispered.

Shinobu whimpered and turned his face to Miyagi's.

"I love you too, old man."

He cupped the man's face and kissed him sweetly. They leaned back against the bed, and Miyagi rolled them over so he was once again on top.

He kissed Shinobu over and over again as he made love to him. Reaching between their bodies, he took hold of Shinobu's leaking member, jerking it hard in time with his thrusts.

Shinobu writhed and moaned under the onslaught, feeling his orgasm approach.

Finally, hearing Miyagi groaning and tensing up above him pushed him over the edge and he came, his seed pouring out of him in thick spurts, covering his chest and stomach.

Miyagi collapsed next to him, and, seeing the specks of white scattered across his lover's body, reached out a finger, scooped up some of the thick liquid and proceeded to suck it off his finger. He laughed as he saw the look of horrified disgust on Shinobu's face, and pulled the boy into his arms.

Snuggling up to him, he draped a long leg over Shinobu's and nestled his face against the boy's neck. Sighing softly, his breath tickled the sensitive skin, particularly affecting the areas where he had left his mark.

Comfortable in each other's arms, both men felt their eyes slide shut and rested peacefully side by side.

Shinobu, with youth on his side, was the first to recover a few minutes later. Turning his head, he gazed at his sleeping lover, his heart starting to beat a little faster. Lying next to Miyagi like this was a dream come true; and determined as he had been to make Miyagi fall in love with him, there had always been a large part of him that had never truly believed he would get what he wanted.

Relaxed in sleep, Miyagi's face looked younger than his thirty five years. He seemed to be enjoying a pleasant dream; a hint of a smile pricked at the corners of his mouth and his broad chest rose and fell slowly with each deep breath.

Shinobu reached out a small hand and gently brushed a few strands of Miyagi's dark hair away from his eyes, careful not to wake him. He traced the tips of his fingers over Miyagi's cheek, noting the prickle of stubble lining his jaw.

In his eyes, Miyagi was the perfect man: tall, strong and handsome, but more bookish than brawny. A man with passion and values, who thought with his head and heart, not just with what was in his trousers like so many other men.

And he belonged to Shinobu. All of Miyagi's passion and devotion was for Shinobu, and Shinobu alone.

How long had he waited for this day!

Tenderly, he leaned forward and brushed Miyagi's lips with his own.

Miyagi stirred. Opening his eyes, he focussed on Shinobu's face hovering over his own, full of love and wonder. Smiling gently, he pulled the boy against him and wrapped his arms around him.

"Well, that seems to have cheered you up a bit! The question is, will it be enough to keep you satisfied for a whole month?"

"Dunno – maybe you'll have to pop back a few times to see me!"

"Much as I'd love to, I can't see that I'll have much opportunity to just 'pop back' from Hokkaido to Tokyo every other day!"

"Shame. Hmm, maybe I'll have to find a temporary replacement for you to keep me satisfied then!" Shinobu teased.

Miyagi frowned and poked him in the ribs.

"You'd better not! No-one else is getting their hands on my lover, thanks very much! Huh, maybe I should get you fitted with a chastity belt just to make sure…"

"A chastity belt? That's ridiculous! I think maybe I should get one for you, since I won't be there to make sure you're behaving yourself with that assistant of yours. You know, you just can't be trusted!"

"Shu, there's nothing going on between Kamijou and me! Honestly – neither of us would ever be remotely interested in each other in that way. Besides, even if I did want something with him, it'd still never happen - you should see the size of his boyfriend! Getting on his bad side hurts, believe me."

"OI! How the hell do you know?"

"Huh? Oh, it's nothing, nothing at all, I don't know anything! Anyway, my point is, Shu, that you needn't worry about Kamijou or anyone else at all. And that really is the truth. 'Cos guess what, brat – I love you and only you!"

And with those words, Miyagi leaned over Shinobu and captured his lips in a tender kiss. Lacing their fingers together, Miyagi nuzzled Shinobu's cheek and murmured,

"I am gonna miss you, you know. This symposium is a great opportunity for me and the department as a whole, and you know how much I love hearing about and discussing literature, I know I'll enjoy the conference itself enormously. But no matter what happens, how good it is – even however much all those knowledgeable experts praise my work! Ahem… No matter what, I'll still be thinking of you every day and I'll miss you. Even your tantrums and your incessant talk about destiny – even your cabbage!"

Shinobu glared at Miyagi's reference to his atrocious culinary skills; then his expression softened as he reassured Miyagi of his own feelings for the older man.

"I'm going to miss you too. I expect you to call me every day, by the way!"

"Every day? Of course I'll call you, Shu, but I'm still going to be pretty damn busy – I'm not sure it'll even be feasible for me to call every single day."

"Well, every other day then. And make this month go fast, so you'll be home again soon."

Touched by his lover's words, Miyagi smiled and said,

"Ok, every other day then. And I'll do my best to speed up time for you!"

All of a sudden, Shinobu's stomach gave a loud growl. Giving a great roar of laughter, Miyagi sprang up from the bed and pulled the boy up by the hand. Rubbing his palm over Shinobu's flat belly, he suggested they order in some dinner – both were too exhausted to cook that evening.

Pulling on yukata, they chatted about what to eat. Shinobu slipped his hand into Miyagi's and they both moved to leave the bedroom.

"Oh!" Shinobu said, stopping suddenly. "The camcorder – it's still on."

"Ah! Can't believe I forgot!"

Hurrying over to the chest of drawers, Miyagi switched off the recorder and slipped the tape out of its compartment, making a mental note to make a copy for Shinobu.

Then, taking his young lover's hand in his own once more, Miyagi led the way out of the room.