A.N: HI! Sorry for not updating in a while! I can't seem to find time to write. So this is the first chapter of my 1st James Bond fanfic, Family Bonding. Hope you like it! (This is set before Skyfall. So M's alive, and James confronts his past a bit sooner.)

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Chapter 1

Family Reunion

James Bond (Aka 007) was walking to M's office again for yet another unknown reason. His last mission had been a success, (By success he meant that he'd: Kicked enemy arse, bagged a girl and generally blew stuff up.) so he had no reason to be in trouble. Suddenly he jolted. Maybe she found out about the pranking spree I've done he thought worriedly.

James and his newest Q had gone and started pranking the whole of MI6. These pranks consisted of: buckets of water on doors, hacking into the MI6 and programming them to make scary faces pop up. James was having a whale of time, but he knew that it that it would come to an end sometime. But he hadn't thought it would come to an end this quickly.

James was now looking at the large door that belonged to M. He gulped and raised his hand. Before he could even knock the door, a familiar voice said, "Come in."

James swallowed, and walked through the door.

The silver haired head of MI6 was sitting on chair with a desk in front of it. She had a surprisingly smug look on her face. "Sit down 007,"she said, sounding like a cat with cream.

"Where?" James asked. He'd never seen a chair in there before.

"Right behind you 007," M told him exasperatedly.

James looked behind him. There was a chair there. "Oh," James said, sitting down.

"007," M began. "There was someone asking for you earlier today…"

"Aww, crap," James groaned. "Which ex was it this time?"

"Surprisingly, it wasn't one of the victims of your 'flings'," M informed him. A smirk was forming on her face and she wasn't trying very hard to conceal it.

"Then who was it?" James wondered out loud.

"It was your sister." M's smirk was clearly visible now.

"WHAT!" James shouted. "But she's…"


An eleven year old James was in his room, reading the book, 'Great Expectations' at his mothers' insistence. He'd never really grasped the idea of loving some one and he was sure that he'd never experience it.


Well, at least not the love that was discussed in Great Expectations.

His dearly devoted twin sister loved the very ground he walked on. She never let him out of her sight for over half an hour and she was one of the very few people who could get away with calling him Jamsie-Boy. (His mother being the only other one able to get away with it.)

James smiled to himself. Even if he did find love, he was sure his sister would drive away any one who did wrong to him. Heck, he was sure that Jane's love for James was bordering on a brother complex. Not that James didn't like her or anything, he loved his sister, but he needed a bit of space.

Then, when he and his family went to Chamonix to scale the Aiguille de la Perseverance, disaster struck.

His parents were attempting to scale a particularly tricky rock face when…


His mother's rope snapped. His father grabbed her hand and attempted to hoist her up but, the weight of his rope pulled down on them and that rope snapped too. His parents landed on the ground with a sickening splat.

"MUM! DAD!" Jane screamed. She slipped out of the harness that was holding her.

"JANE! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" James shouted after her. His voice shook with emotion.

Jane didn't answer him. She carried on scaling the rocks down to where their parents lay.

"JANE IF YOU DON'T COME BACK HERE RIGHT NO-"James started but he never finished.

His sister was hanging on for dear life on a loose rock. She was using all her energy not to fall and join her parents in death.

"JANE! Stay there and I'll get you," James shouted in a commanding tone.

"James, I can't hold on!" Jane cried, her fingers slipping. Suddenly, her fingers slipped from all the effort she was putting in, and…


"JANE!" James screamed in grief. He was alone now, with no one to help him.

All Alone.


"M, this isn't funny, I watched my sister die with my own eyes. I know she's dead!" James said, furious that M would even bring up the touchiest subject he had.

"That's where you're wrong, Jamsie," a soft voice said from the shadows.

James whirled round, trying to locate the source of the voice. "Where are you?" he shouted, not caring if any one saw him.

"Right here," the voice said, stepping out of the shadows of the room.

The voice belonged to a woman James age. She had long, golden blonde hair that swished around her waist. She had a relatively curvy build and her height was 5 foot 8. But James wasn't looking at any of these features. He was looking at her eyes. They were doe-like and were a dazzling shade of chocolate, with purple flecks swimming around them. They were eyes that when they were young, they were filled with love, care and tenderness.


A.N: Well, that's the first chapter! I finished this whilst watching Faulty Towers! By the way, James' parents did die in a rock climbing accident. I looked it up on the net. Look it up for your selves if you don't believe me!