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Family's Past

"… Jane? Is that you?" James stared at the woman in front of him. He was having a hard time grasping the idea that his dead sister wasn't actually dead and she was standing right in front of him. I knew I should've taken that mission with Eve he groaned mentally. Or at least a hint to know what was coming. Oh, yes I definitely deserve a heads up.

"Yes James," Jane whispered. She was moving towards him now. "It's me. I'm back."

"Why didn't you tell me you were alive?" James croaked, also moving towards his fellow sibling.

"I thought hat you wouldn't let me out of your sight ever again." Jane was less than a foot away now. "You always were just as protective of me as I was of you."

"I was?" James said, confused. "I always thought you were the one with the sibling complex?"

"I didn't have a complex!" Jane replied huffily.

"Sorry Jane!" James cried as he took one final step and embraced his sister tightly. "I didn't think! Sorry, sorry, sorry!"

"It's fine Jamsie!" Jane laughed as she hugged him back. "I was terrified we wouldn't get along, but it seems we are just the same as before!"

"Well I suppose we are," James said. "But would you mind telling me, how you're still alive?"

"I knew it would come to this," Jane sighed. "It's a long story, so I hope you don't mind."

"Not at all dear sister," James replied.

"Well," Jane took a deep breath. "It happened like this…"


An eleven year old Jane Bond was struggling to her feet. Instead of hitting the precarious rocks below, she'd fallen into a clear pool of water. It was cool and it refreshed her after the heavy mornings climb. Her first impulse was to yell for help, but she didn't. She didn't want James clambering down after, risking his life just for her. Jane surveyed her surroundings. It was an ideal place to make camp, but she poked around for a bit, just to make sure no animals came here to feed and might make a snack of her.

A week later, some American tourists found her. Jane had been living off plants in the area. When they said they'd be taking her to a hospital and then adopting her, Jane was almost crying in relief. She was going to make it!

The Americans were Jill and Harry Nebula. The wife couldn't have any children so when they adopted Jane, they were overjoyed. Although, Jane insisted on keeping her last name, Bond. Just in case someone from her distant past recognised her. Like Kincaid.

10 years later and Jane was standing before her old family home: Skyfall. She smiled. Of course James wasn't going to live here. He had privately told her that he hated the place, and would rather strip to his underpants and run around shouting, "LOOK AT ME! I'M A TARGET, in the middle of one of his fathers shooting parties than spend his life there. Jane's smile turned to a grin as she drove her Volvo to the familiar house about 30 metres away.

Jane knocked on the door 3 times. No answer. Jane knocked again. Still no answer. Frustrated, she kicked the door 3 times, instead of knocking. Just when she was about to give up the door opened and revealed a man in his late 40s. "WHAT DO YOU WANT YOU BLOODY TOONSER!" Kincaid yelled in her face. Jane raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure you don't remember me King?" Jane deliberately used an old nickname given to Kincaid by herself.

Blood drained from Kincaid's face. "Jane?" He whispered. "How are you…"

"Let's talk over some tea, shall we?" Jane asked politely.

"Alright then…"

And so the two discussed over 5 teapots of tea, a conversation to make up for the past 10 years. Kincaid was shocked when she told him of her survival, by living of on rabbit food, as she called it. The conversation ended. Jane bid her farewell and was about to turn to go when…

"When are you going to tell James?"

Jane sighed. She had known this would come up. "Kincaid," she began. "I'm not gong to tell James."

"What! Why not!?" Kincaid was surprised.

"I'll tell him when he's older, not tomorrow, not next week, but sometime in future."

"Alright them, whatever you say."


"Wow, that's a story," James commented. His sister had been through so much. She's a survivor James thought to himself. Just like me. "Well you've told me, so now what?"

"007, Jane has request for you," M said. Yet another smirk was forming on her face.

"Anything," James answered abruptly.

"Seriously!" Jane cheered. "Thanks so much Jamsie-Boy!"

"Anytime, so what's the job?" James answered smiling. Anything for my sister.

Identical smirks were now on M and Jane's faces. James began to shiver. What have I gotten myself into? James thought worriedly.

"I want you to look after my daughter for a while, just a little while."







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