"Water is a very unique substance with many different properties. These should all be familiar to you; you're not in Advanced Placement Biology for a reason. So let's just review some of the basics. Now who here can give me a property of water?"

Several students raised their hands while others, like Jamie Bennett, were more than happy to continue to doodle in their notebooks. He was trying to capture Jack Frost as he was flying on the winds, his hooked, wooden staff held high. But he couldn't seem to get it right. Pages and pages of Jamie's notebooks were full of drawings of Jack. Ever since they met seven years ago, the Guardian never seemed to leave Jaime's mind.

The rest of the classroom was worlds away to Jaime. Leaning over his notebook, with his mop of brown hair covering his face, he was caught up in his imagination where he could spend as much time as he wanted with Jack.



"Hey, Jamie!" Suddenly there was a tapping on the window to Jamie's right and the teen finally looked up.

"Jack!" Jamie whispered, his face instantly brightening up when he caught sight of his friend's familiar face peeping through the glass. He could recognize Jack anywhere. Ever since he was ten, Jack's blue eyes and kind smile were ingrained in his mind.

Jack tried to talk but his words were lost behind the glass. "I can't hear you," Jamie said, frowning.

"Mr. Bennett! Since you feel so talkative today, why don't you give us an answer?" sneered the teacher.

Jamie's face went red. "Um… what was the question exactly?"

Several of the other students rolled their eyes. It wasn't the first time that Jamie Bennett had been caught not paying attention in class and it wouldn't be the last.

"What," the teacher spat, "is a property of water?"

"Water becomes less dense as it freezes. This is because the water molecules spread apart to form a crystalline shape. This causes ice to float," Jamie answered instantly, silencing the entire class.

The teacher squinted his eyes, but other than that said nothing to Jamie before moving on to the next student.

Jamie let out a sigh of relief. "You almost got me in trouble," Jamie whispered towards Jack. The Guardian put his hand to his ear and made a huge show of not being able to hear him. But it was obvious by the smirk on his face that his knew what he did.

The rest of the class Jamie tried to pay attention, he really did, but it was hopeless. Jack was making it impossible. The entire class period he kept throwing half melted snowballs at the glass, making Jamie and the other students jump. Some kid in the back claimed that it most be a ghost and all learning ceased at that point. Students were too distracted by the "ghost" to care about the properties of water. It was all amusing to Jamie; being the only person who believed enough to see Jack, he knew exactly who the culprit was.

Right before the bell was about to ring, there was another tap on the window beside Jamie. Jack had tapped his staff to the glass and ice quickly spiraled over the surface. Putting his finger to it, Jack wrote the words, "Meet me after class?"

Jaime smiled and was quick to nod.

Students spilled out of their classrooms as quick as they could, racing to their buses or lockers. Jamie, however, jogged the opposite way from the buses, towards a tall tree that was hidden from view. Up in the tallest branches sat Jack, dangling his bare feet in the air.

"Someone should spend less time doodling and more time listening to the teacher," Jack called down towards Jamie who was red-faced and huffing from his jog to the tree in his thick winter coat.

After catching his breath, Jamie retorted, "I do listen. It's just hard when you have an albino lunatic messing around outside."

Jack smirked and leaped down from the tree. "'An albino lunatic'? That hurts Jamie." Jamie smiled in response and Jack noticed how his cheeks were still burning with crimson. Tentatively, he touched his pale fingers to Jamie's cheek.

"Yeesh, you're really warm," Jack stated with concern.

"I wouldn't be if Mom didn't make me wear my winter coat so late in the year."

"So take it off then," Jack said with the tiniest smirk. Before Jamie could say no or yes, his fingers were already on the zipper, pulling it slowly down.

Jack wasn't an idiot. He understood exactly what the feeling was that he got when he took off Jamie's coat from his warm body or when he touched his cheek. It was a feeling that he had noticed for the past year or so and it hung in the air between them like an unanswered question. And ever since two months ago when Jamie made his feelings clear, Jack engulfed himself more and more into his duties as a Guardian. After all, Jack's human life was over. He has been Jack Frost for the last three hundred years. The moon told him so. And Jamie's very human life should stay separate from his.

"Sorry, I didn't visit at all last week. There was an insane snowstorm in Switzerland. Loads of fun. You should have seen it. Hey, what's with the frown?"

Jamie was quick to compose himself but Jack wouldn't buy it.

"Nothing. It's just that I would have loved to have seen it, that's all. But you can stop by my house tonight, right? And tell me all about it?"

Biting his lip, Jack stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Well, kid, I want to but I can't. Apparently I'm needed at some big Guardian meeting at the North Pole. I know that I owe you after last week but I promise that I'll make it up to you. We can-"

Before Jack could say another word, Jamie was already shrugging back on his jacket, with a tight scowl pressed on his face.

"Hey! Don't go!" Jack called. Jamie quickly turned away from him and began to trudge away. But before he could make it very far, Jack leaped into the air and landed right in front of Jamie. He outstretched his staff so the teen couldn't take another step. "Jamie, kid, wait. Don't leave like this. Don't go mad. I want to see you happy."

"Well, how can you just- I mean," Jamie sputtered out his words, his mind moving a hundred times faster than his mouth.

"Just tell me what you want to say," Jack coaxed his blue eyes soft with concern. "C'mon. You can tell me anything. We're friends."

For a moment Jamie paused and he seemed to search Jack's face helplessly, trying to sort out his thoughts. Jack's face was so familiar to him, practically like home. Ever since he told Jack that he had feeling for him two months ago, the thought just wouldn't go away. He needed Jack now more than ever.

Before Jamie could think of the consequences and before Jack could turn away, Jamie leaned in and kissed him. Jack's lips were soft with a gentile chill that molded perfectly into his. While Jamie's breath was hot with life, Jack's was cold and sharp like mint. For over a minute their mouths moved together, with Jamie's fingers knotting around Jack's blue hoodie. For that minute everything clicked for Jaime. But when he pulled away, he face fell when he noticed that Jack's eyes were clamped shut with his mouth held in a tight line.

When Jack spoke it was slow and deliberate, he wanted to try to say the right thing. "Jamie, I think that we shouldn't be doing this. I know how you feel but- " And when he opened his eyes, he stopped. Jaime had already walked off, books in hand, engulfed by his giant winter jacket.

"Jamie!" Jack called.

He didn't even turn around to say, "Forget about it, Jack. I'm going home. Just go see the other Guardians."

Jack didn't need to see the hurt on Jamie's face to hear it in his words. It broke Jack's heart.

"I'll visit you tonight!" Jack shouted, "After the meeting I'll come see you. I promise."

Jack hoped that Jamie could hear him, just so he knew that he cared. He hoped and hoped over and over again as Jamie's body got smaller as he disappeared into the distance. Even though Jack welcomed the cold, as the wind picked up and rustled his snow-white hair he couldn't help but shiver. He gripped his staff tight to his body, almost leaning on it for support.

"Wind, take me to North." Even as he said the words, he wanted to have said take me home, so that he could be back in Jamie's arms.