A/N: Toph and Sokka are married, and have a daughter. Lin and Piando are children from their past marriages. All you need to know before reading. Enjoy! :)

"Snoozles," Toph groaned, still mostly asleep and in no mood to remove herself from his embrace. They had found themselves as they usually do, his arms around her waist as he spooned her, their legs tangling ungracefully.

"Hmm," was her only response as he buried his face deeper into her hair.

"Your turn," she mumbled, already drifting back into sleep.

Sokka didn't even complain, merely pressed a kiss onto her shoulder as he released her reluctantly. Standing, he shuffled across the hall to where Terra was crying for attention of some sort. Or had been. The lack of noise waking him up more, he hurried the last few steps.

There he found to his surprise not one, but all three of his children. Lin was passing a bottle to Piando, who was sitting in the rocking chair gently holding Terra. Sneaking back into their room, Sokka quietly woke Toph.

"You'll want to see this," he whispered.

Placing her feet on the floor, Toph gave a light stomp, confused why she was awake. But when she saw the activity in the room across, a grin as wide and identical to Sokka's grew on her face. With that feeling of utter contentment, they snuck back to Terra's door way and admired the view.