I paced the conference room of my ship nervously. It'd been an hour since the Jedi healer had left the room, but it felt longer. I was not alone here, one of my brothers was with me; the other had used his ship to distract our pursuers so we could escape. Jarvel, my youngest brother, cast me nervous glances, but was wise enough to keep quiet. Next to him were my comrades in arms, who had become closer than blood to me.

"Fear not Major," 4X stated loudly. "The proud Jedi will be able to heal her, and then we can be off crushing the vile Empire under our banner of truth and justice!"

"Ah, can it already," Tanno Vik muttered. Never one for platitudes, he rarely got along with the droid. Although I usually enjoyed 4X's enthusiasm, today it just served to get on my nerves.

I was about to snap at the both of them, when the healer, Kira I think my brother called her, walked into the room. "How is she," I demanded.

"Physically, she's recovering from the wounds inflicted on her well. Mentally," she trailed off, exhaustion showed in her voice. "It's up to her. I won't force her to remember something when she clearly isn't ready for it. We'd be no better than then the Sith if I did."

"Were you at least able to remove the restraints?"

The look in her eye told me she didn't. "With her unpredictable mood swings and anger… I don't think it's right to take that risk."

"I understand," I said on a sigh as I left the room, defeated. I fought the urge to go to the med bay, that would have only made things worse. Instead I headed upstairs to the pilot controls and sat in my chair to look out into space. I was alone for maybe a minute before Jarvel came up and joined me.

"How are you holding up?"

"Let's see, in the past week I've been caught up in a search that was supposed to lead me to General Rakton, who turned out instead to be a Sith. An apprentice to a member of the Dark Council, I just mention that in passing, who has put my entire team at risk. After escaping from the trap with the help of the Wrath of the Emperor and you, who acted against orders from the Jedi Council, aforementioned Sith captures my wife and rapes and tortures her to the point where she has mentally blocked out any memory of us and must be restrained to prevent any injury to herself. How do you think I'm holding up?"

"It could be worse," he replied sadly. "You could see your big brother devastated yet again by fate's cruel hand, be a Jedi about to go after aforementioned Sith, with or without the Council's permission, and knowing what he's capable of go in there with another Jedi you're in a romantic relationship with and try to keep the fear out of your mind that it can just as easily happen to her."

"Blows no matter how you look at it," I said with a resigned sigh. After a moment for everything to sink in, I asked, "Don't Jedi frown on getting romantically involved with others?"

"Something like that," he answered with a small smile. "But when have any of us played by all the rules?"

"Fair enough," I responded and resumed looking out the view port. "Jarvel?"


"What the hell happened to us?"

I had asked the question softly, and at first I didn't think he'd heard me. To be honest I wasn't expecting much of an answer. Jarvel knew a lot, but he didn't know everything. He surprised me when he released a fatigued sigh and said, "I wish I knew, Javen. I really do."

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