{4} - Toshizo Hijikata

She intended to take a midnight stroll, but stopped half way when she heard a dull thud. Pondering to where it came from, she set foot inside a nearby room. There she noticed a tall figure laying across the floor, unconscious in locus.

"Hijikata-kun!" The young maiden asserted out loud, and rushed toward the samurai's lifeless body, holding him close to her tiny self.

He had fainted from exhaustion, it was lucid to penetrate from the tenuous color of purple set under his eyes lids. She noticed his lack of energy lately... And hadn't done anything about it. She blamed his entity on herself.

It was embarrassing, to strip him off his Shinsengumi attire to his night yukata by herself. She wanted him to be comfortable, regardless of what she witnessed.

"Goodnight, Hijikata-kun." Having him resting peacefully in his futon was enough to keep her smiling.