Hello! This is an extremely short preseries one-shot, with Sam being 12, and Dean 16- not one of my best, but I hope you like it!


'Hey Dean.' Sam bounced on his feet, his bangs falling into his face as he spoke to his brother on the couch.

Dean looked up from the TV listings, frowning. 'What?' he asked.

'Are you easily scared?'

Dean's eyes widened. 'You're seriously asking that question?'

'Yeah, why not?'

'Cos it's a stupid question!' Dean shook his head and turned back to the magazine.

'No its not. I heard a scary story the other day at school, you wanna hear it?' The twelve year old lurched forwards, sitting down next to his brother, looking up expectantly.

Dean sighed and shifted in his seat. 'Alright, I'll bite- what is it?' he smiled at his brother, shaking his head slightly. The kid bemused him sometimes.

'Alright…..you sure you wanna hear it? It is quite scary and if you can't handle i-'

'Dude, just tell me, before dad gets in.' Dean looked hastily out the door; it was already way past Sammy's bedtime.

'No, I gotta be sure you won't be scared.' Sam looked genuinely worried, but Dean knew he was bluffing by the way he raised one eyebrow slightly as he spoke.

'Alright, I promise I won't be scared, and if I am I won't blame you- deal?' Dean was starting to think that there was going to be an anti-climax after all this fuss.

'Ok….' Sam drew in breath. 'It's only two sentences long….' He started, voice low.

'I'm gonna whack you in a minute!' Dean warned, a grin tugging at his lips.

'Ok here it is….' Sam looked serious. 'The last man on Earth was sat in a room. There was a knock at the door.'

Seconds later, Sam stood up. 'I'm off to bed now before Dad catches us.' He grinned, leaving Dean alone.

'Ha, you think that was scary? I've heard scarier things when Dad talks in his sleep!' Dean called after him. He stood and stretched, and began turning off the lights one by one. After making sure all the power was off he went to the door, flicking the lock on- Dad had a key.

He looked outside for a few seconds, goose bumps on his skin. He didn't like the look of that darkness…

'Stupid Sam and his stupid stories….' He muttered, pulling down the curtain and walking away.

If he had nightmares now, Sam was so gonna get it.


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