WOW: Achilles Heel

Great big scary spoilers for 3.16 - 'No Rest For The Wicked'.

An Achilles Heel is a dangerous thing; it didn't even do Achilles any good. Dean's POV.

Disclaimer: Wish I owned Dean - guess that's my Achilles Heel!


It's called an 'Achilles Heel'; a weakness.

Mine is standing beside me, insensible with fear and grief as I'm sprawled helplessly across the table, counting down the last terrible seconds until my doom.

My weakness brought me to this; my all-consuming need to protect Sam, and to see him go on to live a long, full life.

I managed a sad smile of reassurance before the hellhound pounced, it's sour hell-breath choking me, tearing through soft, vulnerable flesh and snapping ribs like deadfall.

It was an agony that I'd relive constantly in Hell.

And I'd do it again in a heartbeat.