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Part 1

Spencer Carlin was a level-headed and rational woman. If you asked most people to describe her, they would probably use words like: nice, sweet, caring, loyal, trustworthy and kind. In fact, you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who had a bad word to say about her.

So, it would probably surprise many people to see how unhinged and out of control she was acting right now. Spencer Carlin was an absolute mess. It wasn't the blonde's fault; she was just at the end of her rope.

Spencer had long suspected that her girlfriend was cheating on her again, and she couldn't take deal with the betrayal anymore. In a lot of ways, it felt like her spirit had been broken. There were only so many times that someone can take being lied to and there were only so many times that someone can take having their heartbroken.

And for Spencer, there were no more second chances left and no more forgiveness left to give.

She'd had enough.

What her girlfriend probably didn't take into account, with her many acts of infidelity, was actually being in caught in the act. She didn't really care; she was more interested in getting drunk and having a good time. Responsibility and commitment be damned.

Spencer had been following her girlfriend around all night and although she'd lost her briefly, she had just spotted the brand-new truck she was helping to pay for in the parking lot of the local bar. There was no hiding from the truth anymore. The brunette that she'd been with the better part of two years was not working late.

That was another lie.

But this time Spencer wasn't going to let her get away with it.

Feeling angrier and more hurt than she could remember, the blonde slammed the car door and then made her way towards her cheating girlfriend. Spencer could hear music coming from inside the bar and the sounds of people having a good time. She had no idea what she was hoping to accomplish, but she needed to have it out with the woman she thought she loved.

When the blonde opened the door, she could smell the stench of stale smoke and alcohol. She could also hear the loud local band playing a song she didn't recognize. It was dimly lit and there were a sea of cowboy hats inside, but it didn't take Spencer long to spot her target. She couldn't see who the brunette was with, but she wasn't alone. That much was clear.

Instead of confronting her philandering other half, Spencer became paralyzed by her own thoughts—thoughts of their time together, thoughts of their good times, thoughts of their not so good times and thoughts of the countless times she'd cried over a girl who was clearly willing to throw everything away because she couldn't keep it in her pants.

Spencer's mother had warned her that the brunette was bad news, but she hadn't listened. Perhaps if she had, she wouldn't be in her current state of turmoil.

Backing away from her plan to face what she really didn't want to face, Spencer was almost out the door when what she saw caused her to, once again, become immobilized. Without any regard for who was watching, brown hair mixed with blonde hair as her girlfriend and her date went at it for anyone to see.

Hurt, heartbreak, bile and most of all anger rose through Spencer as she watched the woman who had pledged her love get her jollies on with someone who wasn't her. Reconciliation or talking things out were no longer an option. Instead, Spencer wanted to cause as much pain and destruction to the brunette that had just been thrust upon her.

Without any thought of consequences, Spencer stomped over to her car, grabbing the bat that was in the backseat. Spencer knew this wouldn't solve anything, but when the bat came in contact with the headlight of her girlfriend's truck, she did feel a little better.

Ashley Davies was a lot of things: songwriter, hard worker, ranch owner and all around good woman. She wasn't a social butterfly by any means, but there wasn't anyone who you could find who would say a bad word about her. That wasn't always the case, but she'd learned from her youthful mistakes and grown up to be a well-respected member of her community.

One of Ashley's greatest strengths was her ability size up whether or not someone could be trusted. She liked to believe that she was a pretty good judge of character. Once she had a person pegged, it took a lot for her to be surprised or caught off guard by their actions.

That's why, on this particular night, on her way home, she nearly crashed her pickup truck when she spotted a certain blonde woman destroying a car one bat swing at a time. It took her a few looks to confirm that it was, indeed, Spencer Carlin working her anger out for all to see.

Ashley first met Spencer in high school. She had just transferred from another county because her mom didn't want to take care of her anymore. A woman who was always looking for her next guy to snag had neither the time nor the patience to deal with a rebelling teenager. Ashley's dad had agreed to take her in, even though he was on the road a lot with his band.

She'd kept mostly to herself those first few weeks. Having to work so many hours on her dad's ranch made Ashley more tired than she could remember. Making friends wasn't on the top of her priority list. Her fellow classmates didn't know what to make of the new girl with the famous dad.

It took a chance encounter and a knocked over cup of coffee for the two girls to meet. Ashley was trying to find her way to her science class and, without looking at where she was going, collided into a very surprised Spencer. She apologized profusely for being a klutz, and the blonde accepted her apology immediately.

Spencer had heard a lot about Ashley and was curious at how much of what she'd heard was true. Living in a small town and going to a small high school meant the rumour mill was always churning.

Ashley felt more comfortable around Spencer than anyone she'd met since moving. She found her easy to talk to, sweet and so very beautiful. It didn't take Ashley long to realize she was falling for her new friend, but she didn't act on her feelings. There were many times that she wanted to, but things always seemed to get in the way or her mother came to visit, which caused Ashley to keep Spencer from getting too close.

That's not to say they stopped being friends, but there was this palpable tension between the two girls that was always present. Then Spencer went away to college and Ashley stayed in town to work with her dad. When the blonde returned four years later, it was Ashley's turn to leave as she tried to pursue her dream of a music career. When the brunette realized that life on the road was not something she wanted, she came home.

The first thing she did was go looking for Spencer. Unfortunately, she found her with Carmen, her new girlfriend and their friendship really wasn't the same since. Sure they saw each other from time to time at town events, but that was about it. Their timing had never been right and Ashley had long given up on anything happening between the two of them.

Even though they weren't close anymore, Ashley knew she'd always feel protective of the blonde. She didn't really give it much thought when she pulled into the parking lot to see what was wrong. The sound of Ashley's cowboy boots hitting the pavement as she made her way over to Spencer, did nothing to stop the smashing that was going on. The other girl was in too lost in her anger to realize that her recent activities hadn't gone unnoticed.

Ashley wasn't quite sure how to handle this situation. All she knew was that something was wrong and she would do anything in her power to make it better. If she was allowed to, that is. "Spence?"

At first the blonde didn't hear her name being called, but when she did, her stomach dropped. She didn't want anyone to catch her and, if she was going to get caught, she would never have wanted Ashley to see her in such a state. She stopped beating up Carmen's truck, but she didn't turn around at first.

"Spence?" Ashley tried again, still befuddled as to what to do. "Are you OK?"

When Spencer worked up the nerve, she finally decided to look in the brunette's direction. When her blue eyes met Ashley's brown ones, her anger dissipated almost instantly and tears began to form.

There were many things that Ashley could handle, but a sad, nearly crying Spencer wasn't one of them. She felt her heart immediately go out to the blonde, and all she wanted to do was wrap her arms around the other girl to try and make her feel better.

"What the fuck is going on here?" a very angry voice asked before Ashley could do anything to comfort her one-time best friend.

Ashley watched as Spencer's face went from heartbreak to shock and then to fear. She knew that things were about to get ugly.

Spencer couldn't really process what was happening. The events of the last half hour seemed like a surreal blur. But when she surveyed the damage that she'd managed to do in a very short time, she knew she was in big trouble. Never one for violence before, Spencer felt sick to her stomach. Although, she knew that she'd been wronged by Carmen, she also knew that what she did hadn't been right. She had no explanation to give, and now that one was required, she didn't know what to say. She was too busy trying to figure out what to do next.

"You fucking bitch!" Carmen screamed after she saw the full extent of her girlfriend's handiwork. "What the fuck is wrong with you?"

Ashley was not one to normally act without thinking, but this was a special case. The thought of anyone disrespecting Spencer was simply not acceptable. She put herself in between the couple before anything further could happen. "I know you're upset, but…"

"You're damn right I'm upset!" Carmen was enraged. "That fucking bitch…"

"I suggest you speak a little bit nicer to Spencer." Ashley was fighting to keep her composure. She didn't want a tense situation to escalate further. On the other hand, she wouldn't stand to hear anyone talk about the blonde that way.

"Fuck you, Davies," Carmen snarled, her date forgotten. "I bet this was all your doing. I know you've hated me ever since you found out I was the one who got to be with—"

Spencer couldn't take it anymore. The woman she was looking at was not the woman she had fallen for. Although, if she wanted to be honest with herself, Carmen had long ago lost the appeal she'd once held. "Leave her out of this," Spencer said, her voice soft and strained.

Carmen laughed at the blonde's feeble attempt to calm the situation down. She wasn't always this nasty, but when she was drunk, her personality completely changed. "Shut the hell up," Carmen ordered without really looking at her girlfriend. Her eyes were too focused on all the dents and smashed lights she now had to deal with. "What is wrong with you? " She started walking around the heavily damaged truck, her anger getting more intense. "How could you do this to my fucking car?"

Before Carmen reached Spencer, Ashley asserted herself once again. This time, however, she moved right in front of the other brunette, her eyes steely and her posture rigid. "You're really working my last nerve," she said, her tone ice cold.

"And you really need to mind your own business," Carmen fired back. She wasn't about to let Ashley tell her what to do. "This doesn't concern you."

Ashley was now seeing red. "Actually, it does, when you—"

Carmen laughed, cutting Ashley off. "You're so fucking pathetic," she had waited a long time to have it out with the girl that Spencer thought so highly of. In Carmen's mind she was always being judged against Ashley and was always falling way short. She was tired of competing with a past that never really was. "It's been years and you're still not over Spencer."

"You shut your mouth," Ashley ordered, her teeth clenched tightly together. "This isn't about me."

"That's what I thought, too," Carmen replied sarcastically. "But you decided to butt your nose into my life and my business so I think it's about time you and I had a little heart-to heart."

"Carmen, enough," Spencer ordered but her plea fell on deaf ears.

"It's pretty fucking sad that after all this time you're still following Spencer around like a little lap dog." Carmen was speaking out of her ass. Although Ashley's feelings for the blonde were more than obvious, she'd respected her enough not to interfere in her life. "You're such a joke."

"I'm a joke?" Ashley questioned incredulously. "I'm not the one who—" the brunette stopped though when she heard Spencer's voice again trying to break things up. She turned around, ignoring Carmen and focusing only on Spencer. "I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to upset you."

"It's ok," Spencer assured the other girl. "You're not the one I'm mad at."

Carmen watched as the Ashley and Spencer remained locked on each other. Her jealousy and insecurities were about to come out at full force. "I always knew there was something between the two of you," she stated accusingly. "I should have suspected earlier that you two were sneaking around behind my back."

The fact that Carmen was accusing Spencer of being unfaithful was beyond unfair. The blonde wanted to laugh and she might have if she wasn't hurt and still in pain. This whole thing was like some awful nightmare that she knew she wasn't going to wake up from.

"I always knew you were a whore," Carmen spat out.

"That's it!" Ashley couldn't stand to hear another awful word come out of Carmen's mouth. She turned away from the blonde and focused all her attention on the woman she was two seconds away from hitting. "You better shut your mouth."

"Or what?" Carmen challenged. She was never one to back away from a fight, especially one she'd wanted to have for some time now. "You think you scare me?"

"Ash, please," Spencer begged, she didn't want this night to get any worse. "Let me handle this." It's not that she didn't appreciate Ashley trying to help, but she didn't want to see her possibly get hurt. "It's OK."

"Her calling you a whore is not OK!" Ashley countered, unwilling to back down.

"I know," Spencer agreed, her tone calm but still sad.

"Aren't you two precious?" Carmen was not in the mood to keep her thoughts to herself. Instead of continuing to engage Ashley in a confrontation, she decided to turn her attention towards Spencer. "I think you better stop fawning over Ashley and explain to me why you destroyed my truck."

"Maybe we should talk about this at home," Spencer replied. She knew the bar was going to close soon and she didn't want to cause a scene that would be the talk of the town.

"Maybe you should just tell me the truth," Carmen countered. "Because if you think for one second that I'm not going to make you pay for the damage you caused, you're sadly mistaken."

Spencer sighed; this wasn't going well. "Not here, Carmen."

Carmen's alcohol-fueled temper wasn't going to allow her to leave things well alone. "Don't you fucking order me around! You think you're better than me and that gives you the right to tell me what to do?"

"There's no reasoning with you when you're like this," Spencer told her girlfriend. "I'm leaving and when you've calmed down, we can talk." She dropped the bat on the ground and gave Ashley an apologetic look. There was too much going on in her mind to properly express how sorry she was to her former friend. That would have to wait for another time.

"Don't you walk away from me!" Carmen ordered to the back of the blonde's head. When she was ignored, she reacted instantly and violently. She ran up to Spencer, yanked on her arm and then pushed her up against her truck. "I said, don't you fucking walk away from me!"

Spencer barely had any time to react to being manhandled by Carmen because, before she could say anything, she saw Ashley grab Carmen and throw her to the ground.

Ashley drew her foot back, then she made sure it came in contact with Carmen's stomach—hard. She was teetering on the edge of control but she knew that if she went over, she'd do something she'd regret. As she watched Carmen writhe around in pain, she accepted that she couldn't do anymore damage. Even though she wanted to so badly.

Spencer was wide eyed and in disbelief. Her whole world was unraveling right before her eyes.

Ashley bent down to pick up her cowboy hat that had fallen on the ground when she attacked Carmen. Despite the fact that she had no intention to get violent again, that didn't mean she was going to go quietly into the night either. She knelt down beside an obviously in pain Carmen and leaned right by her ear. "That's no way to treat a lady, you no good piece of shit." She made sure to speak slowly and as menacingly as possible. "And if you ever lay another finger on Spencer or even look in her direction again, I'll make sure it's days before you can walk again."

Not waiting for an answer, Ashley got up and then extended her hand to the shaken up blonde. "Come on, Spence, let's get out of here."

Even though she had no idea what she was going to do now, Spencer accepted Ashley's offer. She knew she had to get as far away from Carmen as possible and to somehow figure out how to get the pieces of her life back together.