Name: Alyssa Marie Rogers.

Age: 15

Looks: Tall, long blond curls, white,

Blue eyes.

Plot: some mad scientists find a some of Steve Rogers dna (15 years before captain America is found) and inject it into a pregnat womans baby making the baby seve Rogers's child.

Alyssa P.O.V.

I walk into my room and collapsed on my bed. Today had been a very long day. I sit up when I hear my mother walk into the house. "Alyssa?" I hear my mother call up the stairs. "I'm in my room" I answer her and wait for her to walk in. "hey you," she says as she walks into my room. I smile at her it had been just her and me in our family since as long as I could remember. "I ordered some pizza it should be here in half an hour," she said before walking out of my room and going to the office for a while to work on her case. (My mother is a lawyer) I pick out my favorite book When Calls of the Heart by Janet oak.

It had been over an hour after I ate my dinner when I heard a knock on the door. I was half way down the stairs when my mother answered the door. "Hello" a large black man with a eye patch said "I need to take your daughter in for questioning please?" he politely asked my mother" why?" she asked in return." We believe that she is involved with a crime on the New York state" he answered her. My mom just nodded and looked at me with a mad expression.

I fallow the tall man out to a helicopter. After a few minutes of time curiosity got the better of me "who are you?" I asked while cocking my head to the side." Nick Fury I work for an organization called SHEILD"he answered me. "What's that?" I asked even more confused." we train superheroes and keep the supervillans under control." He calmly answered me. By this time the helicopter had landed and we were getting out onto a ship. Mr. fury showed me to my room and left me the room was set up exactly like it was back home. I decided to change into a pink tank top and pink sleeping shorts and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up startled "ALYSSA ROGERS PLEASE REPORT TO THE FRONT NAVIGATION ROOM" I groaned and reluctantly got out of bed. I changed into a long sleeved "I heart AC/DC shirt." and some jeans. And padded bare foot to the navigation room where Mr. fury showed two of the men around I walked up behind them "do you guys know why there holding me hostage hear?" I asked while I swept some stray hair out of my eyes. They both turned around and looked at me "Ah Miss. Rogers you are up" Mr. Fury addressed me. I smiled an innocent smile. "Wait your last name is Rogers?" the blond guy asked me "Uh ya who are you" I asked because honestly I had no idea who these people were. "I'm Seve Rogers and this is " Steve answered me. "Oh you're the hulk" I pointed to "and you are Captain America," I said pointing at Steve. They both just laughed at me. "Well fine then "I said as I walked away.