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The Autobots gape at the scene and dashed to cover the humans' eyes, too late. Smokescreen had determination in his features as he fragged Knockout forcefully, his thrusts vigorous and fast. His firm servos were on Knockout's shoulders. Knockout was clutching and clawing at Smokescreen's sides from beneath him, gasping for breath as he stared into space with wide optics. Smokescreen leaned forward a little and sweetly connected his and Knockout's lips in a tender kiss, closing his eyes. All who were watching shuddered.
"Err, Smokescreen…" Ratchet signaled. Smokescreen opened an optic lazily. Realizing he was being watched, his optics grew wider and he drew back. Suddenly Knockout chose to overload then. Smokescreen grunted as he felt the liquid shoot through his spike.
"Knockout, we're being watched," He whispered to the stunned Knockout. Knockout blinked and came back to reality. The Decepticon propped himself up on his elbows and looked at all the Autobots, even with Smokescreen still on him. His optics grew wide, and he overloaded a little more inside Smokescreen. Smokescreen gritted his teeth and overloaded back, pulling away. Lubricants overflowed and poured out of their interface objects as Smokescreen pulled back his hips, quickly clicking his panel into place. His faceplates were tinged red. Knockout was still trying to breathe normally. His valve hurt…Knockout had to struggle to close his interface panel. Smokescreen had jammed it a bit.
"You let Knockout free of his cuffs?" Arcee asked, shocked.
"I knew he wasn't going to go anywhere," Smokescreen replied.
"Excuse me? 'He'? Am I invisible!?" Knockout snapped.
"Stand down, con," Arcee growled, balling up her fists.
"Actually, it's kinda cute," Smokescreen spoke up, glancing back at the red mech. Knockout was still on the berth, propped up on his elbows. They gave Smokescreen strange looks.
"I still don't understand," Raf spoke up, looking around. "What's going on?"
"As much as I despise agreeing to a human, he's right," Knockout mumbled. The Decepticon was also not understanding. Ratchet sighed and told them all what happened before, also finishing the story for the humans. There was a little silence as everyone was registering what happened.
"So I suppose we just leave you to 'question' Knockout some more?" Arcee concluded.
"Uhm," Smokescreen looked at his feet. "Well…"
"Of course he does," Knockout drawled sarcastically. "Just so he can frag me some more," Smokescreen glanced at the Decepticon, trying to ignore his statement.
"So…anything interesting you want to share with me before you leave?" Smokescreen asked.
"You know, since it's nearing the end of the school year, we'll have more time at the base in a couple of weeks." Jack suggested. Smokescreen smiled a little.
Knockout looked back and forth between Smokescreen and the rest of Team Prime. This was a perfect time to strike, while they were distracted. He sat up a little, trying to seem casual. From behind his body, hidden from the view on anyone else, he silently activated the blaster on his arm.
While the Autobots chatted away, Knockout raised the blaster and was nearing it the back of Smokescreen's head.
Arcee noticed this.
"Smokescreen, watch out!" She blurted. However, Smokescreen already knew what Knockout was planning. Not even turning around, he tossed back a servo, flicking away Knockout's weapon, and then grabbed the car mech by his neck. Knockout snarled and clawed at Smokescreen's arm. A couple of the Autobots' mouths dropped open as they watched. The red Decepticon gave a strangled yelp as Smokescreen lifted him higher into the air, above the berth.
"You know, I've got a soft spot for Knockout," Smokescreen said, smiling as he squeezed Knockout's throat harder. All who were witnessing hardly believed. Knockout groaned in dismay, clutching at the arm connected to the firm servo. Without warning, Smokescreen let go. Knockout hit the floor hard, his head banging against the berth. Knockout's face showed pain as he rubbed his helm, moaning. Smokescreen stared down at him.
Team Prime shared glances among themselves as Knockout looked up at Smokescreen, his expression unreadable. Smokescreen crossed his arms across his chest, narrowing his eyes. Utter silence.
Finally, Knockout looked away, breaking the glare between him and Smokescreen. Smokescreen smirked a little. "You guys can clear out, now," The white, red, and blue Autobot said, keeping his gaze on Knockout. Team Prime slowly filed out, leaving Smokescreen and Knockout in silence. Smokescreen smirked at Knockout. "Well? Are you making any plans to escape?"

Back where the rest of Team Prime had gone, they'd given up arguing and just talked to each other about Smokescreen. "Do you think these are the 'issues' Knockout mentioned a couple days ago?" Arcee wondered aloud.
"Could be. But I can't say for sure. This could just be a minor, leading up to something much worse. So I'd suggest we'd watch out for Smokescreen, and leave him out of future battles with the Decepticons," Ratchet replied. "What? No battle for the kid? You know how he gets when he can't get on the field, you of all people, Ratchet," Bulkhead protested. Miko crossed her arms and shrugged, muttering,
"Can't blame him,"
"Yes, yes, I do know. But we'll have to convince him somehow," Ratchet replied.

Knockout laughed.
"You think you know me!" He stood up, glaring at Smokescreen. "Yes, I was planning to escape, but not after I did this!" The red mech snapped, activating his blaster and pointing it at the relaxed Autobot. It was humming with energy, close to shooting. Smokescreen grinned wider. "Smokescreen, I do plan on firing," Knockout growled. Smokescreen crossed his arms against his chest, raising an optic ridge challengingly. To Knockout's surprise, he leaned forward and pressed his spark chamber to the blaster. Knockout gave him a look of utter shock and confusion, wondering why he was so cocky.

Miko was bored. She was bored out of her mind. They were just talking. Nothing interesting was going on…not like what was happening in the other room with Smokescreen and Knockout! Miko glanced around, and then leapt up, speeding toward the door. She hoped the 2 were doing what they did before. It was cool to look at, and it gave her awesome shivers. Of course, Jack and Raf noticed this.
"H-hey, wait!" Jack blurted, speeding after her with Raf following close behind. The Autobots didn't see them scurrying away and kept conversing amongst themselves. Jack finally got within range and grabbed Miko's arm.
"Where are you going?" He panted.
"Duh! To see Smokescreen and Knockout!" Miko snapped, trying to get free.
"I don't think we should go there again," Raf said, looking at her strangely.
"Like that ever stops me," Miko retorted, finally ripping from Jack's grasp.
"Miko!" Jack cried, tearing after her again, Raf at his side. Suddenly they were there. The automatic doors opened as soon as Miko touched the floor in front of it. Her mouth dropped open. When Jack and Raf got there, they did the same. Knockout was glaring angrily at Smokescreen, his blaster raised. But Smokescreen looked extremely confident, smirking, with an optic ridge raised and his arms crossed. They didn't seem to notice them.
"Smokescreen, I do plan on firing," Knockout growled. Smokescreen suddenly leaned forward and pressed his spark chamber to the barrel. Jack clenched his teeth, eyes growing wide as he thought, "Smokescreen, no!" But he couldn't bring himself to say the words. Miko smiled wide, whipping out her phone and snapping pictures. This was SO much better than the stupid smart talk back with he other Autobots. Raf was too stunned for words. Knockout looked a little
surprised himself. Then he regained his bearings and surged forward again.
"What makes you think it's your lucky day?" Knockout spat. Smokescreen chuckled.
"I don't believe in luck. But I do know you won't shoot," Smokescreen replied confidently. Knockout roared.
"You must be extremely foolish to think that! I'm surprised you've lasted this long in Team Prime. Well, this is your last day on the job," The red mech growled threateningly. Smokescreen smirked.
"Then try and shoot me. See if you can," Smokescreen said, putting his servos on the blaster's barrel and moving it to point more directly at his chest, pressing it closer against his metal. Knockout snarled, glaring Smokescreen in the eye. But then as Knockout started forming the command to fire…he found he couldn't. He couldn't make himself do the blast that would wipe out the Autobot forever. He just couldn't do it. Knockout blinked, surprised and confused. He couldn't
understand… Smokescreen was right. Absolutely right. How did he know!? Knockout swallowed and lowered his weapon, staring at the ground in defeat. Smokescreen was grinning wide.
"THAT was freaking AWESOME!" Miko suddenly screamed from below. Smokescreen and Knockout jerked, whipping their heads around in surprise and tensing. Miko was practically vibrating with excitement, while Jack and Raf
just stood there with their mouths open. Smokescreen and Knockout were lost for words. But finally Smokescreen found his voice and asked,
"How much did you see?"
"Enough to know that you 2 together are AWESOME!" Miko almost yelled.
"W-we saw you…with the gun…Knockout can't kill you…" Raf blubbered. Knockout and Smokescreen looked at each other.
"Can you do the thing you were doing last time?" Miko blurted. Jack slapped a hand over her mouth.
"M-Miko…" He urged. The 2 Cybertronians were stunned.
"You mean interfacing?"
"Even I know better than that," Knockout growled. Miko's face fell.

The other Autobots heard the commotion.
"What's that?" Bumblebee buzzed.
"Sounds like…Smokescreen and Knockout again?" Arcee mumbled.
"Hey, where are the kids?" Bulkhead suddenly wondered, looking around.
"Oh, Primus, not again," Ratchet muttered, closing his eyes and putting his head in his servos.
"The kids have run off to see Smokescreen and Knockout again, no doubt. Let's hope Smokescreen isn't sparking with Knockout this time," The orange and white medic sighed. "Miko! Jack! Raf!" Ratchet called, walking steadily toward the door. The other Autobots followed. "What in the name of the all spark are you doing now-" Ratchet stopped to look at the scene. Jack and Raf were holding Miko back by her arms as she tried to surge forward. Miko, Knockout, and Smokescreen were deep in an argument. Ratchet sighed loudly and clapped his servos together, trying to get their attention. The reaction was instantaneous. 5 heads whipped around, and the droning angry buzz of the quarrel died down. "I just can't understand how Miko does this…Knockout! Out! Now!" Ratchet snapped, pointing. Knockout blinked, and looked at Smokescreen. Smokescreen did the same. "Well, it's not like we have all day! GO!" Ratchet seethed. Smokescreen grabbed Knockout's shoulder and dragged him out of the room.
"Hey! Watch the paintjob! It's harder than you think to get this effect!" Knockout complained as Smokescreen brutally pulled the Decepticon along. Finally, the Autobot stopped near the ground bridge portal. He turned Knockout to face him. "Knockout," Smokescreen said. Knockout glared at him. "Promise me you won't tell Megatron where we are," Smokescreen whispered. "Pretend this never happened," Knockout scoffed.
"As if!" Smokescreen held Knockout a bit more gently.
"Come on, Knockout…please? For me?" Knockout only stared contemptuously at the Autobot. The rest of Team Prime watched with interest as Smokescreen tried to convince Knockout with every technique he knew. "Knockout, your paintjob is danger," Smokescreen purred. Knockout stiffened. "When I'm done with you, you'll be unrecognizable. You won't be able to transform either…" The red mech shuddered at the picture.
"Leave my paintjob out of this," He growled quietly between grit teeth. Smokescreen looked at him with his head tilted a little.
Suddenly he closed his eyes and leaned forward, putting his servos on Knockout's head and pulling him toward his face, meeting Knockout's lips in a tender kiss.
Team Prime shivered as they watched. Knockout was surprised…but then pressed closer, smiling. He loved this. Just then Smokescreen pulled away.
"Now will you cooperate?" He asked.
"Sure," The red mech replied dreamily, slightly disoriented. He had a drunken-happy look on his face. Smokescreen pulled him in again for another kiss…but during this one, he snuck a hand up to the side of Knockout's head, drew it back and… the loud clanging sound of metal against metal made a couple of the Autobots wince. Knockout collapsed, unconscious, on the floor. Smokescreen had knocked Knockout out. Smokescreen stared down at the still body, then leaned down and picked him up.
"Ratchet, set a ground bridge for the nearest woods," Smokescreen called over his shoulder as he slung Knockout over his back. Ratchet complied and activated the ground bridge. Quickly, Smokescreen raced through. It didn't take him long to get back through, without Knockout. "It shouldn't take long for the Decepticons to find him," Smokescreen said, dusting himself off.
"When did you learn that one?" Bulkhead asked as he watched Smokescreen walk past him. Smokescreen glanced back and smiled. He winked.
"I get it from Knockout. But mostly, it's all me," He replied casually, walking away.

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