Fletcher's First Kiss- Fletcher was combing his hair waiting for the opportunity to kiss Chyna for the first time he was amazed. Fletcher looked at Chyna he blushed "Uh Chyna, Can you kiss me?" said Fletcher. Fletcher was so nervous he had a cold sweat. Chyna looked at Fletcher saying Maybe. Fletcher looked so Happy okay then! But Someone was not feeling so happy that was Olive. Chyna was enemy's with Olive. Olive loved Fletcher they even almost had sex before so she thought this was her chance Olive ran too Fletcher and Kissed Him. Olive then jumped on top of him and started making out with had ran into the room and screamed and ran out the room. Angus was Olive's Crush. Olive took off her pants and started licking Fletcher. Fletcher got up and ran out the room, He bumped into Chyna and Chyna was looking at him awkwardly "Whats Wrong?" said Chyna. Fletcher ran into the boy's bathroom meeting Angus. He saw Angus with a Steak Knife, Angus than got the Knife and Stabbed Fletcher. Fletcher than Collapsed on the floor. Chyna went into the Ant Farm and she saw Olive rubbing her Vagina. Chyna got angry and kicked her in the Vagina. With Chyna's boot going through her stomach Olive died. With Olive and Fletcher dead Chyna and Angus began they're love together and they turned Chyna's Gay brother Cameron to eat horse poop everyday.

The End