That's all that Ichabod felt after the Headless Horseman stabbed him with his sword and flung him aside from the battle which now had Brom and the Horseman fighting by the covered bridge. Ichabod could only stare, helplessly, at the two as their battle began to get fiercer than before. He wanted to get up and stop their fight but the pain from being thrown on the ground and the stab wound in his chest protested against him.

Stay and watch... a voice, in his head, spoke to Ichabod as he tried to get up once more. But, before Ichabod could question what he heard, the sicken sound of flesh and steel colliding brought his mind back to the fight as he saw Brom cut in half by both the sword and axe of the Horseman. Ichabod was now in shock to see someone he knew, again, being killed by the infamous ghost and could do nothing about it.

Pay no mind to a fool who doesn't listen... the voice spoke again in a soothing sound that was lulling the constable's mind in a hazy state. Ichabod looked up again to see the Horseman, violently swinging his weapons at the constable, turn back to his horse, Daredevil, to return back to his tree, with his new prized heads of the Killian Family. As Ichabod watched the Horseman leave, he started to faint but heard the voice speak once more to the terrified constable,

Besides, you wished him dead...

Days later, Ichabod, along with Katrina and Young Masbeth, were fleeing from the Horseman as they escaped from the burning windmill and set forth to the forest in a carriage. The constable had just found out that it was Lady Van Tassel, or Lady Archer, that was summoning the Horseman from his grave to carry out the deadly deeds of killing the towns people, all for the price of owning inheritance from the Van Tassels. But to claim the inheritance, Katrina would have to die in order for Lady Archer to get everything from the Van Tassels. Enter the Horseman. So now, knowing the real culprit behind the murders, Ichabod had to save Katrina from the Horseman and her stepmother all in one night.

As the carriage entered the forest, the Horseman, along with Daredevil, were right behind their trail. Ichabod noticed the Horseman's approach on them and decided to stop the ghost once and for all. Every time the Horseman came, someone he knew would die by his sword, but he be damned if the Horseman got away with killing one more person in this town. Even if it was him that the Horseman would come to kill, Ichabod would not let him kill Katrina. So getting up from his seat and handing the reins to Masbeth, Ichabod turned toward the Horseman and began to fight for not only his and the remaining towns people, but for Katrina as well.

Ichabod was doing well against the Horseman, for a constable. During his struggle against the Horseman, both he and the ghost fell off the carriage resulting the Horseman clinging to the back of the carriage and the constable on Daredevil. Seeing the Horseman trying to gain hold of the carriage, Ichabod forced Daredevil to go faster to get to the carriage first. The feel of riding the ghost horse made Ichabod's mind strangely calm. After getting off the horse and on the carriage, the calmness was then replaced with horror of the Horseman coming for Katrina's head.

'Strange, why did I feel calm when I was on Daredevil?' Ichabod asked himself, as he was looking for the Horseman on the other side of the carriage. Hearing a sword coming out of its sheath behind the constable told where the Horseman was now. Ichabod crawled away from the Horseman and stood up in time to get his briefcase and use it as a shield against the Horseman's sword. Disarming the Horseman from his sword gave the constable the upper hand, of the Horseman didn't have superhuman strength to throw Ichabod down on the carriage as he was strangling him. Ichabod tried to return the favor, if there was a neck he could choke on.

Why do you fight against me... the voice returned in Ichabod's head as he was fighting against the Horseman. It was now clear that it was the Horseman that spoke to the constable that night, when the Horseman wounded him and killed Brom in the process, in his head. Ichabod got away from the Horseman, as both Masbeth and Katrina jumped on the horses, and followed them by breaking the wood that held the carriage to the horses. The constable jumped off the carriage and grabbed on to the broken wood that had the horses and continued deeper in the woods.

Ichabod and his friends escaped from the Horseman and entered the clearing, where the Tree of the Dead now stood. Feeling safe, the moment was broken when Lady Archer arrived to where the three where.

"Katrina run!" Ichabod yelled at Katrina. She ran as Lady Archer pointed her pistol at the constable and fired. Feeling the impact of the bullet, the constable fell down. 'So this is how I die, not by the sword but by the gun,' Ichabod thought as he prepared himself for Death's cold grasp.

You will not die that easily... the Horseman spoke as if in an ironic twist that the Horseman, himself, was Death.

"Sir, you're alive!" Masbeth yelled with joy and shock. Ichabod was confused for a moment until he felt were the bullet hit. The book that Katrina gave him had actually saved his life. Seeing that Lady Archer was distracted with the Horseman coming for Katrina, Ichabod attacked her to get the Horseman's head. Both Archer and Ichabod struggled for the bag until Masbeth knocked Archer out. Grabbing the head Ichabod turned to the Horseman, who was about to decapitate Katrina.

"Horseman!" Ichabod shouted, as he showed the head to the Horseman.

Give me my head and the woman shall live... the Horseman spoke as his hand reached out for him. Ichabod threw the head at the Horseman and caught it. As the Horseman placed his head on his shoulder, the painful transformation for the Horseman began. But the Horseman was not the only one to feel the pain. Ichabod grabbed his crest as the stab wound started to burn in pain. 'Why is the wound in pain all of a sudden?' Ichabod thought as he clenched his teeth together, as the pain increased.

When the transformation was over the Horseman turned to the constable and Katrina. With his head on, Ichabod was now able to see who the Horseman looked like but at the same time was afraid that he put Katrina in front of him. Then, Daredevil came and the Horseman turned to his steed. Climbing up, he rode to where Archer lad and grabbed her. For a brief moment when Archer woke up, the Horseman bit her mouth and rode back towards the tree. As the horse jumped and was about to enter the tree, the Horseman turned toward Ichabod and in that brief second spoke to Ichabod in his mind.

This not the end but the beginning of something new...

The horse entered the tree with the Horseman and Archer, screaming as the tree swallowed them into hell. Ichabod and the others turned toward the entrance of the tree to see Archer's and out of it and curled. Ichabod then fainted as he heard the Horseman last words repeat again.