As Ichabod entered the tree, all of the sudden he was squeezed through the portal, as if the tree just swallowed him whole and spat him out onto a warm hard floor. Great full that he wasn't being digested inside the tree, he rose up, brushing himself off of the dirt and leaves that was on him from his journey and gazed at the sight he came upon. The sky was red with blood and there was no sun but a crescent moon that emitted the sense of an eery dread. The land he stood on came to view of a dark forest and as he was about to walk away from the forest, the pendent that Lancaster Sr. had given him started to glow and pointed towards the woods. Witnessing this, Ichabod gulped and stared into the forest.

"Looks like there's no turning away from it," he sighed to himself and walked into the dark forest, hoping that he would not cross the Hessian too soon on his journey. As he entered the eery forest and followed the path that the pendent showed, he needed to be quick on his feet remembering that he would only be undetected for a short time to just find the Hessian, steal his sword, and to return to his world to chop the tree down. Not even knowing how much time there was left, he quickened his pace even more, weaving through trees towards his destination. When the pendent started to glow brighter, the pain in Ichabod's scar started to hurt even more. Confused by his pain, he continued onward as he reached for the exit of the god ridden forest, but as he was about to cross the end of the woods, footsteps sounded from behind him and he was forced to hide behind one of the trees.

Looking from the tree, Ichabod paled as two armored demons walked by him, not noticing his presense, and headed towards the end of the woods. As they left the forest, he came from behind the tree and started to follow after them slowly and quietly. 'Old Lancaster was right the entire time, the Hessian isn't resting in peace but the very opposite! I must stop his plan before it's too late!' he thought as he exited out of the woods. There, in front of him, stood a giant castle surrounded by mote of lava as it reflected off the castle, giving it a demonic view. Ichabod gulped as the pendent pointed towards the castle were also the two armored demons were heading as well.

"Looks like the Hessian is inside that castle and I haven't a minute to spare!" Ichabod spoke to himself as he ran across the bridge, still undetected by Katrina's spell, and followed where the pendent pointed towards. The pain of his scar grew even more as he entered the castle and the pendent then pointed to one of the towers of the castle. Determination in his eyes, Ichabod went through the door to the great tower and ran up the stairs. Passing windows of the view of the main courtyard, demons by the millions were all standing in rows of line, as if waiting for a command to make their move. As Ichabod finally reached to the end of the stairs, his pain grew terribly and the pendent shined like a bright like.

Sighing to himself, he put the pendent away in his pocket and slowly turned the door, 'This is it,' he thought to himself as he opened the door and entered the tower. There stood a dark bed with a lump in the middle. Dark blue clothes and armor were hung on a chair and there, along with the clothes, was the hellish sword of the Hessian Horseman; however, the sword stood by the bed with the lump and Ichabod could only guess that the lump was none other than the Hessian, himself. Silently cursing himself, he approached the bed slowly and reached out to grab the sword. Just as he grabbed the sword from the bed, a hand emerged from the bed and grabbed him by the wrist. Wincing in pain from not only his wrist but his scar, the lump figure rose from the bed and there sat the Hessian, grinning at Ichabod, as he paled.

"I was expecting you, Constable Crane," the harsh whispered from the Hessian spoke as he continued to grin at the unfortunate constable.