E/O Drabble challenge: Achilles' heel.

Set in S8.

Summary: Demons, angels, prophets of the Lord and some world-weary hunters – it seemed like same-old same-old. Well, someone was hoping for a revelation… sort of.

A/N: Please take my humble thanks, creators and fellow players of the one and only E/O drabble challenge – you always come up with something worth to play with :-)

The entity formerly known as Chuck leaned back smiling smugly.

The game was set, each figure equipped with a sense of purpose and ready to play. It hadn't been easy to find a new chew toy for the stars of "Almost-Apocalypse", and he needed to distract them from their indiscreet search for the director of the show.

Being who he was he knew their respective Achilles' heel well enough. Thirst of power, sense of duty, guilt, love – he'd triggered them all.

Curious thing was: there always was a moment of surprise in their interaction.

And surprises were his weak spot.