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Scene 16

(They walk into a store and Gimli sees Balin's tomb in the middle of the store and starts crying.)

Gandalf: What's this? (Picks up a laptop and starts reading an account about Balin's death.)

(Pippin knocks a skull into a rack of clothing and it tips over. Drums are heard in the distance. Trolls bang on the door.)

Pippin: Come in! The doors open! You don't need to knock so loudly! (Gandalf covers his mouth.)

Gandalf: Shut up you fool of a Took!

(Door opens. Legolas shoots a Nerf bullet at the trolls. Huge battle ensues. Frodo gets shot. Trolls get defeated. Everyone rushes over to see if Frodo's okay.)

Sam: Frodo, are you alright? You look pretty awful.

(Frodo bursts into laughter and shows him the bullet-proof vest.)

Frodo: This vest bullet-proof. And the best part is, it makes me look like I'm part of the FBI! Take that! I bet you don't have anything cool like that! So ha!


(Everyone is running away from thousands of orcs who are chasing them. They come into a Victoria's Secret and see the freaky old lady who's shopping.)

Gandalf: You, shall not, pass!

(Old lady starts running around chasing him.)

Gandalf: (while running) Run you fools!

(Old lady chases Gandalf out of the store and they disappear.)

Frodo: Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ooo! Okay, I'm good. Let's go.

(They run out of the back entrance and collapse on the ground because they're tired.)

Boromir: Well, we're one member less. Ahhh, who cares. Gandalf was annoying anyway.

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