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Scene 52

(Back at the elevator, the conversation about the lembas bread continues.)

Sam: The question is, who took it... Gollum, you took it!

Gollum: Echh, we hates nasty elf bread. It makes us want to barf precious.

Frodo: He hates it, he didn't take it. You did.

Gollum: Yes precious, he took it. He's always stuffing his face when master's not looking. And look, crumbses on his jacketses. (brushes crumbs off Sam's cloak)

Sam: But, but, but, but, but, but, but, liar! (starts beating up Gollum)

Gollum: Help!

Sam: Sneak!

Gollum: Nasty!

Sam: Rat!

Gollum: Brain-dead!

Frodo: What the heck! (Frodo breaks up fight.) Okay guys, break it up. Sam, what are you doing?

Sam: Sorry, I, oh my gosh, I, well, I was just, like, really, really, angry, and, well, frustrated. (hyperventilating) Okay, let's just, take a break. (collapses on the ground)

(Elevator dings and the door opens.)

Frodo: Hey, just on time, floor 398. Now Sam, get the heck outta here!

Sam: But, but I, wait, I'm free from the elevator music! (walks out like a zombie.)

(Sam walks out and the doors close and the elevator continues going up. Sam finds another elevator across a room and goes in. Cool rock music is playing.)

Sam: Yes, thank you Saruman! Better music! Whoo! (starts dancing)

Saruman: We're sorry, our DJ was having some technical difficulties. Here's your favorite elevator music coming right up! (dumb music begins playing)

Sam: No! (doors close)

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