Taking care of baby Amy Rose

A/N: Hey everyone! Omg! Another shadmy story I created. Maybe sonmy? I think shadmy are the cutest couple ever. Also I DON'T OWN ANY SONIC CHRACTERS! I hope you enjoy my loving readers! :D


Sonic and Shadow-18

Dr. Eggman- well maybe 55.


Other people will come up soon I hope.

It was another bright, sunny day for Station Square until Dr. Eggman Came in ruining their day. He was in another giant robot destroying the town with great damage. "Ha ha ha ha! Now nothing can stop me!" Dr. Eggman said with a wicked laugh."I don't think doctor eggy!" Sonic came in. Shadow used chaos control to transport to Station Square. "oh doctor what have you done this time?" Shadow had a hand on his forehead. "Oh you see Sonic and Shadow I have an inventiom that turns everyone into babies that are so innocent they don't even know what's going on. Ha ha he he!" The doctor explained to the hedgehogs. "That's just wrong and..." "Stupidest idea ever doctor." As Shadow finished Sonic's sentence. "Ooo! You two pesky hedgehogs are so done right now!" "Will see sbout that eggy!" Sonic said with a chuckle.

The doctor already strated zapping lasers around with people screaming for their lives. But Amy Rose was in her little world skipping along the pavement until Sonic and Shadow kept yelling for her. "AMY! LOOK OUT!" "Hey Sonic Shadow! Whaaa?!" Amy said but the laser already hit her. Now she was shrunked into a cute, naked pink hedgehog. She kept crying to seek for her rescue. "Don't worry rose I got you!" Shadow ran over to her and cradled her in his arms. "Shh! Don't cry rose. I got you and your safe now." he said in soft, gentle voice trying to calm her down.

Sonic was now spin dashing through his robot and was now sliced in half. "Oh you seen the last of me Sonic and Shadow! i will be back soon!" As the eviol human passed out unconscious. But good news is that the police came on time and put him in jail. The place of where all criminals belong.

"Shadow! Now what are we going to do with Amy?!" Sonic said in panicked voice.

"Well faker. We have to take care of her now since she is a baby." Shadow replied.

"You know she xcan't be naked. So how do we cover it?"

"We cover it by a diaper captain obvious! Do you ever take health classes?"

"No! I'm too busy saving the world as always!"

"Well I'm better taking care of babies then you are!"

"No. I am!"

They broke into a fight that made Amy start to cry again.

"Now look what you done Sonic! You upset rose!"

"Rose?! Since when you nicknamed her rose?" The blue hedgehog chuckled and seemed dumbfounded.

"When I first met her! Now there, there rose. Let's get you something to eat and put a diaper on her."

Amy begin to coo in front of Shadow that made him smile. They went in to super Walmart to buy the neccasitties they need

to take care of her. Shadow went in the restroom and put on a clean diaper on Amy.

"That's all better. Gittchy goo!" Sonic took Amy away from Shadow and strated tickling her. It made her laugh with a smile.

"You should thank me now for changing her diaper."

"Oh thank you faker for covering up Amy's behind."

"Not what I expected but okay. I can see your enjoying this too much."

"I am. She is so cute as baby and enjoy it so much."

"She is cute in anyway."

"WWAAAAAAA!" Amy started wailing and crying.

"There, there Ames stop crying. Ssssshhh!" Sonic said in soothing voice.

"Your pretty good at calming her down"

"Thanks faker. I'm the middle child and a peacemaker."

"Wow. Didn't know that. We should get going to Amy's house."

"Yeah before Amy gets all cranky wanky."

Therefore, they both went back to Amy's place to see if they had anything to feed her.

"Okay. There is apples, peaches with mangos, kiwis and strawberries." Sonic said going through her kitchen cabinets.

"Um. How about apples first?"

"Alright Shadow. We will since it's so darn simple."

He begin to roll his eyes and fed Amy with baby mush. It begin to drip down her mouth to her chest. Now she was covered in mushy apple baby food. After that, Shadow decided to give Amy a soapy, warm bath to clean her up. Sonic couldn't give her bath because of his aquaphobia.

Oh bath and bedtime is next chapter . Hm. I wonder how that goes in the next chapter I see. Peace out guys! :D