Littleton Colorado, April 10th 2005

Monday 6:30 a.m.

Iris's P.O.V


I pressed, well more slammed, the snooze button on my alarm clock. Then I realized it was Monday, the first day at my new middle school. I bolted out of bed to get ready. I was not excited for school, even a little bit. It's just a bully's playground. But I've been immune to it over the years. I know how to fend for myself, so I might as well not waste my time. I lifted the shades and was immediately blinded by the sun. The day before we had so much rain you would think it would flood, but now it looks like no drop of rain fell. I guess that's Colorado for you. I looked west and saw the Rocky Mountains. I had to admit that this place was beautiful, but I liked it much better in Maine, where we had just moved.

This is the fifth school I've gone to. My parents and I have moved five times in the past five years. My parents, April and Martin Acker, are the CEO's of some lawfirm so we've basically lived all over the country. From Georgia to Texas to Ohio to Maine and now to Colorado. My favorite place we've lived was Augusta, Maine, which we had left about a week ago. We lived right on the shore in a beautiful, yet quaint, beach-type house. If you looked out my bedroom window you would see a large red and white striped lighthouse on a large rock, and miles and miles of ocean. There were beautiful flowers everywhere you looked and we had a large apple tree in the backyard that I would climb up on and do my homework or just daydream in. But that was then and this is now.

My parents dropped the bomb that we were moving about five months prior. They felt so terrible that they let me pick the house. We live in a cul-de-sac and we lived in the house three down from the one at the end of the cul-de-sac. Even though my parents are kind of wealthy, I never really had "champagne" taste. So I picked a nice little two-story house that was white with blue shutters. From the outside, my bedroom window was the one that kind of stuck out further than the other two bedrooms. And I picked that one specifically so I could sit on the roof sometimes. Of course the roof is flat enough so I won't get hurt.

I quickly went to my closet and grabbed some random, clean, baggy khakis with many pockets covering it and my green All American Rejects T-shirt. Then I threw on some socks and laced up my black converse hightops. I dress very skater-girl like because, well that's exactly what I am. I then walked into the bathroom and looked at my reflection. My chestnut, brown hair was still straight from where I washed and straightened it last night, so I wouldn't be so curly this morning. I took out my flat iron and did a trick that my cousin taught me. I curled my hair with the flat iron to make beachy like waves. I then washed my face, brushed and flossed my teeth, and all other oral hygiene. I thought about putting make-up on, but I like to take good care of my skin so I wouldn't have bad acne, and my skin is tan enough to cover most blemishes. I already have dark eyelashes so eye make-up wasn't necessary. I turned the light off in my bathroom and grabbed my bookbag. I took another quick glance at my closet, then walked over to it to get extra shirt. If this school was anything like the others, I'll somehow end up with my lunch on me. I threw the shirt in my bookbag and quickly made my bed and tidied up before going downstairs to get some breakfast.

My mom and dad were at the counter. My mom was making coffee and my dad was reading the daily newspaper. They both looked up and bid me a good morning and I returned it as I grabbed the milk and Lucky Charms and began to pour a bowl.

My dad looked up from his newspaper again. "Are you sure you don't want me to drive you, sweetie?"

I waved him off and smiled. "No dad, the school is not that far from here." I pointed out. "I'll just take my board." I finished up my cereal and set the bowl down in the sink.

"Alright, well be careful." He warned me.

"I will," I replied and snatched my grey hoodie to shield me from the breezy, April air. Then, with my bookbag around my shoulders and skateboard in hand, I was off. I rode down my driveway and got to the sidewalk. I decided to go around the cul-de-sac so I wouldn't have to cross the street later. As I got towards the end, I noticed a group of four kids walking out of their house. It was three boys and one girl. The oldest looked to be about my age and had blonde hair that was spiked up and was wearing a blue polo, some jeans, and converse. The girl looked to be just a year or so younger than him with matching blonde hair and bangs that was up in a high ponytail. For some reason she was wearing a pink tutu and a sparkly, Hello Kitty shirt. The other boy was probably around ten or eleven and he had spiked up brown hair. He was wearing jeans, converse, and a green polo. The last boy looked eight or nine, had blonde spiked up hair like the older one and was wearing jeans, converse, and a yellow polo. It must be a trend. I was close enough to hear the oldest boy say. "Rydel, I'm pretty sure you can't wear a tutu to school." When they got on the sidewalk, I realized how fast I was going and didn't want to hit them. I almost hit them but swerved out of the way just in time. I swore I heard the brunette boy yell, "Awesome! Hey Riker, look how fast she's going!"

I quickly looked back and yelled "Sorry!" for almost running them over. And I could've swore the tall blonde, who I'm assuming is Riker, and I locked eyes for a brief second. Then I turned around and crossed a neighborhood street before riding into the school parking lot and up the steps.

I walked into what I assumed to be the school office, carrying my skateboard and saw a secretary typing at the computer. I quietly shut the door and made my way over to her, clearing my throat to get her attention.

She paused and looked up at me. "Hello, I'm Marsha, how may I help you?"

I returned the smile. "Yeah I'm Iris Marie Acker and I'm new. I need my schedule, please."

"Oh! What a pretty name! I'll get your schedule right away, take a seat over there please." She gestured over to the row of black, leather chairs.

"Thank you," I said, sitting down.

As she was looking through the files, I turned around and looked out the windows behind my seat. I noticed the blonde boy and his brothers and sister come in again. Him and me locked eyes for a brief moment, yet again, before Marsha popped back up.

"Here you go sweetie, now your first class starts in fifteen minutes so I suggest you find someone who's in the same grade as you who can show you to your locker. All your classes are in the same hallway so it shouldn't be too much trouble." She said while handing me a blue folder

She glanced behind me, through the windows and waved somebody in. I looked behind to and it was the blonde boy. He motioned his three siblings to go to class and walked through the office doors.

When he walked in, I got a better chance to look at him. He had a small, but admittedly cute, nose and brown eyes.

"Good morning Marsha," He said with a smiled and looked over to me. Marsha also noticed this and gestured over to me.

"Riker, this is Iris. She's new here and I need you to show her to her locker. "

I stuck my hand out for a handshake. Trying to shake the thought from my head that I was being to forward or too much of a dork. But all my worries vanished away when he shook my hand and greeted me with a, "Nice to meet you Iris."

He smiled and I froze. He also had a really nice smile. My head was nagging me with thoughts.

Say something dummy!

He's going to think your weird …

Wait, he said nice to meet you right?

"You too, Riker." I blurted out.


I sighed to myself, mentally telling the voice to shut up.

Riker's P.O.V

As soon as we walked into the school, I saw the girl with the skateboard in the office. We locked eyes for a second before I felt Rydel tugging on my arm.

"Hey Riker we have fifteen minutes till school starts! I hope Jenny is in my class. It's hard to believe I'm already a sixth grader! This year is going to be so much fun!" She babbled, jumping up and down.

Rocky groaned. "Rydel, shut up, it's too early!"

I laughed to myself; he never was a morning person. Ross, however, looked a little worried about starting school. I nudged him in the arm and smiled at him. "What about you, Ross? Fourth grade is totally awesome,"

He smiled a small yet confident smile back. He was actually pretty outgoing, especially with adults. It's amazing how he could communicate so easily with people.

I looked back over to the office where I saw Marsha, the secretary, waving me in. I nodded and looked over at Rydel. "Go ahead and take Ross and Rocky to class, I have to do something." She nodded and I walked into the office.

I smiled at Marsha and said good morning to her before turning full attention to the girl. She had shoulder length, wavy, brown hair with highlights of gold. She also had deep brown eyes, a little mole on the side of her mouth, and full pink lips. She didn't wear any make-up but she really didn't need it. Her face was slightly tan and she had rosy cheeks with a few freckles scattered across them and the bridge of her nose. I didn't know how long I was staring until I heard Marsha clear her throat.

"Riker this is Iris. She's new here and I need you to show her to her locker."

I nodded to Marsha and looked over at Iris. The name is so pretty and fit her perfectly. She stuck out her hand for a handshake and I gladly took it. "Nice to meet you Iris." I flashed her a smile. I loved how her name rolled off my tongue.

"You too, Riker." She said with a breathtaking smile of her own. I motioned for her to come with me and she picked up her bag and skateboard.

"Iris, no skateboarding in the hallways." Marsha said seriously but with a smile. We were at the door when Iris turned around.

"Okay, I wouldn't want to run anybody over on my first day." She shot me a knowing smile and I returned it as we left.

We walked around the corner and up the first, small flight of stairs in an awkward silence. I was having an internal battle with myself on what to say. I finally swept up enough courage and cleared my throat, gaining her attention.

"Here, let me see your schedule. It has your locker number on it."

"Oh yeah, just a second." She reached into the blue folder and look through papers to try and find her schedule. I noticed she struggled with finding her papers and holding her skateboard at the same time.

"Here let me hold this for you …" I tugged the skateboard out of her arms and she looked up and smiled at me.

"Thank you, here." She pulled out a little piece of paper and I read her locker number, which I noticed was right next to mine and the rest of my siblings.

"Oh, you have the locker right next to mine, come on!" I lead her down another hallway. She chuckled at how excited I got. Her laugh sounded musical. I could always tell if someone was a good singer by how they laughed. She must be an amazing one.

We finally reached the lockers and I handed her back the skateboard after she opened it. She put it in and zipped her hoodie and hung that up too. She pulled another shirt out of her bookbag and also hung that up. "Thanks,"

There was now five minutes before class, so I opened up my locker and got my binder and other materials. I shut it and looked back to talk to her, but she was gone. I shrugged and headed to class. I'll probably see her at lunch anyways.

Iris's P.O.V

I was going to say goodbye to Riker, but he looked busy. So I just shut my locker and headed off to my first class. There was still five minutes, so that would give me enough time to find my class and get acquainted with my teacher. I always like to be organized.

I finally found room 363, which was math. Ironically, my worst subject. The door was opened and the teacher was at his desk writing something down. I walked in, and the teacher looked up. He was a tall man, from what I could tell, with receeding brown hair and glasses.

He stood up and said, "Good morning, you must be the new girl. Iris, is it?" He smiled and stuck out his hand.

I gave it a firm shake and replied, "Yes sir."

He then walked over to a large, wooden cabinet and pulled out three books. One was a thick, hardback book and the other two were thinner, blue books. "I'm Mr. Hacker, this is your reference book, your workbook, and your homework book. We are starting on chapter 8, so just ask if you need any help."

I nodded as he handed me the three books. "I'll try, but I'm afraid math isn't my best subject. Especially this early in the morning …"

He chuckled a little. "I'm sure you'll be fine. Pick a seat, anywhere."

I nodded and picked the seat in the middle of the second row from the front. Mr. Hacker seemed nice enough. I'm sure things won't be too bad.

I took out my notebook, pencils, workbook, and schedule. I noticed I only have one more class after this before lunch. I groaned to myself. I always get nervous around lunchtime. You usually sit with friends. But I don't have any friends, so where was I supposed to sit? I wasn't good at making friends anyway and I'm sure Riker already thinks I'm weird. The bell ringing and students piling in to the classroom interrupted my thoughts.

Three girls walked in and sat in the back. I could already tell they were the arrogant, popular ones. The one in the middle had long, blonde hair that was perfectly straightened. She had icy, blue eyes, and was wearing a cream colored skirt, a pink sweater vest, and small heels. The one on the left had dirty blonde hair that was tied up in a high ponytail and curled carefully. She was wearing the same outfit but with an orange sweater vest. The girl on the right had a bob with full bangs, her hair was obviously dyed a bright red, and she was wearing a yellow sweater vest. They all had matching purses and wore pearl jewelry. The makeup on their faces was caked on. They had so much mascara on that it made my eyes water. I saw the one in the middle smirk at me and start whispering to her friends.

I rolled my eyes. Way to be obvious you're talking about me …

Just then, Mr. Hacker closed the door and started class. "Before we start today, I would like to introduce our new student. Iris, would you come up here please?"

I swallowed the lump in my throat and stood up to where Mr. Hacker was standing. I looked around and noticed everyone's eyes on me. I never liked attention so I slightly turned my head to the side and looked out the window on the door. To my surprise, Riker was walking through the door of the classroom just across the hall. He turned back and looked through the window and gave me a small smile. I nodded and returned the favor, gaining enough courage to stand up tall and turn back to the class.

"Students, this is Iris Marie Acker. She's just moved here from Maine. Would you all like to tell her your name?" Mr. Hacker pointed to a boy in the front row with strawberry blonde curls and glasses. He stood up and introduced himself as Billy or something. I wasn't paying much attention. Row after row, kids stood up and introduced them selves. Then, the three girls that I mentioned earlier got up with matching smirks on their faces.

The girl on the left with the dirty blonde hair started. "I'm Brittany Anne Peters, and your shirt is hideous." That earned a couple of snickers from the students.

Then the girl on the right with the red bob introduced herself. "My name is Ashley Louise Greene, and converse are so last year." This, unfortunately, earned another round of chuckles.

Then, the leader of the group stood up. "I'm Mckenzie Natalie Smith, and I would like to welcome you as yet another loser outcast to my school."

This earned dead silence from the classroom.

Oh, you have got to be kidding me! I thought to myself.

I looked over to the teacher who had the most disapproving look on his face. He looked at me apologetically and I just turned back and stared those girls down right in their make-up caked eyes.

"My name is Iris M. Acker, pleased to meet your acquaintance." I answered sarcastically. I got a nod of approval from Mr. Hacker and a laugh out of the rest of the class. The three girls just looked utterly confused and sat back down, glaring daggers at me.

The rest of the class went smoothly. I guess math wasn't so bad. My next subject was history, one of my favorites. The teacher, Mrs. Reynold, was very kind and sweet. After that subject the bell rang, signaling lunch. So we lined up and headed down the hallway towards the cafeteria. I lingered towards the back.

As we stood in line, I couldn't help but notice Mckenzie glaring at me from the spot in the middle, standing next to Brittany and Ashley of course. I just stuck my hands in my pockets, silently wishing to disappear. Then, Mckenzie straightened her posture and started twirling her hair around her fingers. She wore a dreamy look on her face. I was slightly confused; she was defintely not looking at me like that. I turned around and saw Riker walking through the door. Mckenzie must have a crush on him! Awesome!

Riker looked up at me and starting smiling and waving, making his way over towards me. I looked back and Mckenzie and saw her waving frantically, and quite idiotically I might add. She obviously thought he was waving at her. So I couldn't help but laugh when she had the most devastated look on her face as Riker came up to me.

"What's so funny, Iris?" Riker asked, confused.

"That girl over there has a crush on you and thought you were waving to her. She looked so angry when you came up to me," I stopped laughing long enough to say that but I made sure it was in a low voice so only Riker could hear.

"What?" Riker looked over to see the angry look on the faces of Mckenzie and her group. He turned back to me with wide eyes. We quickly turned around to where they couldn't see us and bursted out laughing. We were pretty much wiping tears from our eyes as we got our food. Riker was already ahead of me and was sitting at a table with a bunch of guys. I was just getting out of line with my tray of spaghetti. Mckenzie and her friends came up to me just as I was about to sit down. I knew what was coming.

"You think you're just so smart, don't you?" Her face resembled rage.

"Huh?" I asked in confusion.

"Oh don't act like you didn't talk back to me in math class!" She said even angrier.

"Yeah," Ashley spoke up. "Your just jealous because we're popular and beautiful and your not."

Gosh, what a stereotypical thing to say! I feel like I'm in some cheesy, 80's, high school movie …

"Girl please, I could remove ninety percent of your 'beauty' with a wet nap." I snapped back, causing the boys who Riker was sitting with to laugh.

Mckenzie looked over to see Riker laughing and was furious. She slapped my tray, as I thought she would, making the spaghetti fly all over my shirt.

I held back my rage. "Well thank god I don't have to eat that now! And, uh, smooth move Mckenzie, totally wasn't expecting that! Very original …" Sarcasm was just dripping from my voice.

Mckenzie's face resembled a tomato as she stomped away, embarrassed, with her minions following behind her. I was glad that I stood up for myself. I dropped off my tray and tried to get all the spaghetti off of me. I then, ventured into the hallways, getting about halfway before I heard a "Hey! Wait Up!" behind me.

I turned around and saw Riker quickly catching up with me. I slowed down as he got to my side.

"Hey, um, I just wanted to say that it was really cool what you did. I don't think anyone ever stood up to Mckenzie like you did."

I chuckled. "Well I can't say I was expecting this to happen. Trouble always finds me, especially on the first day of school."

He suddenly stopped and grabbed my arm, a serious look in his eyes. "You mean this has happened before? You've been bullied? How many schools have you been to?"

I was taken aback by how serious he was. It was almost as if he cared. "Well, I have been to five different schools in the past five years. And I have suffered from being shoved into lockers, tripped in hallways, and the occasional lunch all over my shirt from about ten different bullies." I answered. I looked at the ground and quickly blinked back small tears that were forming in my eyes before turning back to Riker.

He looked stunned. After recovering from shock, he asked, "Is that why you went to five different schools, to get away from it?"

Riker's P.O.V.

I couldn't believe it. How can someone do something so awful to such an awesome person? And how can such an awesome person be totally unaffected? It's like she just brushes it off and moves on. I was in awe of how strong she was. After getting over my shock, I looked over at Iris, whose head was hung down and her eyes were blinking back tears. She then looked back at me with the same confident look as she had this morning.

"Is that why you went to five different schools, to get away from it?"

She laughed a little. "No, my parent's jobs causes us to move a lot. I actually don't mind being bullied, it builds character. It helps me face the other ones."

I just wanted to hug her right then and there. And I would've, if her shirt weren't covered in spaghetti. I grabbed her wrist and started puling her towards our lockers. When we got there, she opened hers up and got her extra t-shirt out.

"Guess I made a good decision bringing an extra t-shirt though, right?"

I chuckled and looked at her green shirt, covered in food, just now noticing it was a band t-shirt for the All American Rejects. "Yeah, it sucks that the t-shirt got ruined though. The All American Rejects are awesome!"

Her eyes lit up when I said that, a bright smile forming on her face. "Absolutely! They're one of my favorites along with Green Day and Fall Out Boy!" She shut her locker and started walking towards the bathroom at the end of the hall. I followed her.

"Wow you like Green Day and F. O. B? Those are two of my favorites! We have a drum set at home and I can play Dance Dance on it. My little brother Rocky plays guitar, and he plays the guitar part in the song too!"

She looked over at me with a bright smile. "You play? I play drums too, and electric bass! And I can play Dance Dance, too!" She said excitedly.

We reached the bathroom doors and I told her that I'd wait by the lockers. Once she disappeared behind the bathroom doors, I took out my "Marvel's The Avengers" comic book from my locker and began to sit down and read. But one thing kept nagging at my mind.

"Mckenzie has a crush on you …"

I don't understand why. I'm not at all popular. I'm actually quite dorky, according to Rydel but of course she's sarcastic. The only reason that I sit with all those jocks at lunch is so I wouldn't have to be stuck at a table with her. There are three different lunches, A, B, and C. Ross and Rydel have lunch B and Rocky has lunch C. Our youngest brother, Ryland, goes to an elementary school, because he's in third grade. Our school is 4-8, which happens to be me and the rest of my siblings. Ross is in 4th, Rocky is in 5th, Rydel is in 6th, and I am in 8th. I don't really have many friends; my best friends are my brothers and sister. I had another one last year, but he moved to Nebraska. Maybe I'll find a friend in Iris. I'll invite her over. It's Wednesday and we don't have a lot of homework. I'm sure my parents will like her. And Rydel is only a year younger than her, they could be friends too.

Iris's P.O.V.

I walked into the bathroom, thinking about what I had just told Riker. I stepped into a stall, locked it, and quickly changed my shirt. I've never told anyone about what happened at my other schools, not even my parents. Maybe the walls I built caved in a little, letting him in. Riker seems really sweet. One look at him and you would think that he's one of the popular guys. But once you talk to him you can tell he's different. He's sweet, polite, caring, and maybe a little dorky but I could care less. I love Star Wars for crying out loud!

I walked out of the stall and looked at myself in the sink mirror. I washed the spaghetti off of my arms and splashed some water in my face. I dried off and walked out of the bathroom, seeing Riker lean against our lockers reading a comic book. Yep, he's definitely dorky. I walked up and threw the ruined shirt in my locker. We still had ten minutes to kill before class started again. I wanted to get to know him better.

He looked really engrossed in the comic so I cleared my throat. I looked up at me then to comic then at me, looking like a deer caught in the headlights. I couldn't help but smirk.

"Oh, uh, I don't, well I do, but …"

I started laughing. "Dude, its okay. I read comics all the time."

He sighed in relief and put the comic book back in his locker.

"So, we still have ten minutes. Do you want to go to the library?" I asked.

"Yeah absolutely," He led me to the library and I gasped. It was so much better then the library at all my other schools. It was painted a dark brown color, and there were shelves and shelves of books reaching halfway to the ceiling. There were two rows of tables with computers in the back. And on the side was an area with four chairs and a table, like a sitting area. Riker must've seen my wide eyes because he started laughing.

"What? I love reading okay, and this is the coolest library I've ever been too!"

He just kept laughing and we sat down in the chairs. "It's okay, this is my favorite place in school. It's so peaceful and quiet."

I smiled a little. "So, tell me some stuff about you …"

He smiled. "Okay, my name is Riker Anthony Lynch. I have four other siblings, my brothers: Rocky, Ross, and Ryland, and my sister: Rydel. We are all one year apart but I'm the oldest. The all go to school here except for Ryland, because he's in third grade. I love to play ice hockey and basketball. My favorite color is blue. And I love music. I love the bands Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, NSYNC, and some older stuff. I can play guitar, piano, and drums. And my dream is to be an Actor/Musician. Now its your turn."

"Ok, well... My name is Iris Marie Acker. I am an only child. I love to play basketball and football, even though I probably stink at both. My favorite color is also blue. And I also love music. Bands like Green Day, Fall Out Boy, The Beatles, NSYNC, Nickleback, and Matchbox 20. My favorite song is Stacie's Mom by Fountains Of Wayne and When I Come Around by Green Day. I can practically play anything but piano, just never got the hang of it. I've lived in five different states, my favorite being where we just left in Maine. And that's about it..."

He looked at me amazed and I remembered something. "Oh and I've never really had a real friend … ever," I trailed off sadly. It was true; the only friends I've really had were my parents.

I jumped a little when I felt two, strong arms wrap around me. I looked up and noticed it was Riker. I'm not much of a hugger, but I didn't want to seem rude so I wrapped my arms lightly around him too. He seemed to relax a bit, then pulled back and sat in his own chair. "Sorry, that's just so sad. You're awesome! How come you've never had any friends?"

I blushed a little when he called me 'awesome' then answered saying, "It's okay. We've never stayed in one place long enough for me to make friends. I mean I had one a long time ago but she-..." I stopped myself. Not yet, not now. It's taken me forever to get over it, and I'm not bringing up those memories again with someone I just met.

I looked up to see Riker with a confused look on his face. I just nodded and said "...Nothing."

He nodded but what he said next completely took me off guard. "Well, I've never had a real friend either, but you're already the greatest friend I have." He then stuck out his pinkie and said "Iris Marie Acker, will you do me the honor of becoming my best friend?"

He looked so funny, down on one knee, in front of me that I couldn't help but burst out laughing as I wrapped my pinkie around his. "It would be my honor, Sir Riker Anthony Lynch."

Imagine, me little miss nobody, getting a best friend on the first day of school. We heard the bell ring and I gathered up my stuff as he did the same, and walked out of the library. We walked into science class together and sat down right next to each other.

I was a genius at science; it was one of my better subjects. I drifted in and out of focus during class. Taking notes and following along with what we were reading. After what seemed like five minutes to me we walked out of science and entered the last class, "Music 105."

I squealed in delight and grabbed Riker's hand and dragged him into the room. The seats were on different layered platforms. I took the middle row and sat down, Riker sitting down next to me. Then the teacher walked in. He was one of those "is really one age but acts years younger" types. He had black hair that was in a usual guys haircut. He was wearing khaki shorts and a nice, button-up, plaid, polo shirt with flip- flops. He noticed me being new and introduced himself.

"Hello, I'm Mr. Douglas. And you are?" He stuck his hand out for a handshake, which I shook firmly and replied.


"Oh! What a lovely name! Tell me, are you named after the flower, or the Goo Goo Dolls song?"

"Well, considering, that song wasn't out until 1998 and I was born in 1991, I'm gonna say the flower. Though that is one of my favorite songs."

He looked impressed "You really know your music. Can you play anything?"

I nodded "Pretty much everything but piano."

He nodded "You sing?"

I noticed Riker perk up a little bit at this. "Well yes, I mean I think so, I've never sang in front of anybody before."

He nodded then turned around and wrote on the board. After, the end of the day we didn't have a lot of homework, and only one project from music class. We each had partners and had to sing and perform one Green Day song. Of course Riker and I were partners.

As we gathered our stuff from our lockers, he stopped at the door to go out. "I have to wait for my brother's and sister. Do you want to come over after supper? We could practice what Green Day song and stuff we're going to do in my basement?"

I nodded and took out a pen and grabbed his hand to write my number down on it. "Just call me when you're ready." I said and walked down the steps.

I got on my board and rode home, walking through the front door with a spring in my step.

"Hey honey, you look happy! What happened?" My mom asked.

"Oh, nothing much except that I have a new best friend!" I shouted the last part and danced up the stairs to change and do my homework. I heard my mom and dad squeal in excitement. Maybe moving to Colorado wasn't so bad…

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