A/N: Okay, Fifty Shades of Glee wasn't panning out too well, so I knocked it down to just Sebastian telling Kurt about having sex with every Glee guy just so he can bed Kurt.


"Come on, Hummel." Sebastian continued to follow Kurt.

"Just because I broke up with Blaine does not mean I'm going to have sex with you," Kurt huffed. "I still hate you."

"That's why we call it hate sex," Sebastian offered. "Okay, stop, just stop walking. Listen to me, Hummel, okay?" Kurt halted and crossed his arms, glaring at the brunet. "I'm not the nicest guy. Trust me; I'm well aware, but I'm good in bed and there are so many people who can vouch for me. You need sex, Hummel, and I am offering myself to you."

"And I am declining your offer," Kurt said, proceeding to leave.

"Do you want to hear the testimonies of those I slept with? I'm sure you know most of them." Sebastian produced a list from his pocket. Kurt snatched it from his hand and scanned it.

"Artie?! Blaine?! Sam?! What the hell is this? Did you fuck every single one of my friends?"

"There are twelve names on that list. I am absolutely dying to put Kurt Hummel on there as number thirteen. Sit down, Kurt, and listen to what they have said about me in bed."