In the valley both the Western and the Eastern packs surround the the ceremonial rock about to witness the marriage of Kate and Garth.

"Its better this way than me being your mate" Humphrey said with pain in his heart. He knew that they couldn't be together because of the pack law but it would also be to protect her. He started to leave the wedding very slowly so no one would notice he had left. He took one last look behind him to be sure no one is following him. After he was sure he sprinted to a nearby cliff. "This is the only way" He said to himself.

Kate was leaning in to rub noses with Garth to symbolize their marriage but just before she did she pulled away. "What is wrong Kate?" Winston said.

"I can't do this I'm in love with Humphrey." Kate said as she stepped off the ceremonial rock. Her mother Eve fainted at the news.

"That omega! This is an outrage I..."

"Enough dad!" Garth said interrupting Tony, "I'm also in love with an omega." Garth then looked at Lilly and she blushed.

"What? Winston what have you done to my son!?" Tony yelled in anger

"I...I didn't do anything" Winston "An Alpha and Omega and a Omega and Alpha. Eve help me out" He said as Eve was regaining consciousness but she fainted again.

"Dad please this what all of us want. To be with the ones that we love" Garth pleaded

"I can't son this is our custom for generations I can't simply just change it" Tony said.

"Wait Tony." Winston said "What do you say Tony should we change the law? I mean you want your son to be happy right?" Winston said trying to persuade him.

"Yes I do but…"

"Then maybe this is the only way to do it"

"Well" Tony said and Eve growled at from behind which has startled him. There was no way he could win this argument "Well alright" Tony said knowing that he was defeated. But he looked on the bright side. His son was going to be happy.

All the wolves howled with happiness. "Kate" Winston called to his daughter. Kate turned her head toward her father she was so happy to be able to be with Humphrey. Winston knew that she was excited so He said with a smile on his face "Go get Humphrey."

In a flash Kate was gone she ran to the crowd to find Humphrey but she saw that he wasn't there. She sniffed the air and found his scent but it was different from his normal smell. It was a heavier scent but she didn't worry about it too much. The only thing she was focusing on was to find Humphrey so she followed his scent to be able to see his face again.

She couldn't control her excitement that she started to get distracted by seeing Humphrey she started to lose his scent. So she controlled herself and followed his scent. As she was following his scent she could her water ahead and noticed that the scent was ending fast. She followed the scent until she ended up by the edge of a big stream.

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