Kate's POV

I woke up early in the morning. I stood up and stretched the stiffness away from my legs. I looked out of the den and saw my parents talking so I went to say hi.

"Hi mom hi dad." I said

"Oh hi Kate how are you?" my dad said.

"Fine I just had the weirdest dream of me and Humphrey were on a cliff and the whole pack was there and that he told me that he was a werewolf and that he left us to find a cure and to kill his father named Diablo." I explained

My dad had a worried look and so did my mom and I was confused.

"Everything ok dad?"

"Kate that wasn't a dream. Humphrey is a werewolf and he did leave to find a cure." He explained.

I looked at them and then I started to cry.

"Kate don't cry Humphrey will be back before you know it" my mom said trying to cheer me up.

"I don't think I'll ever see him again." I manage to say.

"Well I think you should try and go find him if you love that much. You're an alpha and alphas don't quit." my dad said.

I thought about it and at the thought of seeing Humphrey again made me feel like my life has meaning again.

"Can I bring Lilly with me? I bet she's dying to see Humphrey again."

"Sure honey you can bring her too." my mom said

I hugged her and my dad and ran off looking for Lilly so I could ask her. I found her near the feeding grounds with Garth, so I sprinted to them.

"Lilly!" I called

She turned around and saw me running towards her.

"Hey Kate how are you feeling?"

"I feel great!"

"Really you're not upset that Humphrey left?" she asked with a surprised face.

"No. Do you want to come with me and find Humphrey?" I asked.

She looked at Garth and he nodded.

"I would love to go and find Humphrey." she says.

"I'll go to since I have nothing else to do and besides it could be fun." Garth says.

I was so excited to see Humphrey again that I wanted to start searching for him right away. We first ate and then we went to the cliff were Humphrey turned into a werewolf. I got chills down my back when we got there.

"Its creepy here now knowing that this is where he turned." I said

"Yeah but we need to find his scent so we can track him down." Lilly said

"Guys I found the scent but its different than normal." Garth said.

I walked over to him and I got the scent. It was a dark evil like scent which was way different from Humphrey's normal scent. I followed the scent down the cliff with Lilly and Garth following. After about a couple of minutes I noticed that there were two other scents following Humphrey's.

"It must be Humphrey's friends that escaped his father's pack." I thought.

The scent was heading North. I looked back at Lilly and Garth and they nodded. So then we started our journey to find Humphrey. I was going to bring him back no matter what. I needed him and he needed him so I was determined.

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