"Damn! You should go running into guys with coffee more often Catnip!" Gale whistled as she chucked the fifty into their collective house piggy bank. It'd go towards toilet paper, ramen and maybe some cheap beer later. "He probably gave her a fifty because he could see through her wet shirt" Thom chimed in. Katniss picked up the stress ball at her desk and whipped it at her two buffoons of best friends, snickering when it hit Thom's nether regions.

"Holy shit - Catnip, it's time you got some action! Maybe a lay - ow- will put you in a better mood" Thom chirped in between whimpers, "Don't worry, I still got your back" he winked. She turned back to her laptop, racking her brain for some ideas on how to attract more users to the product. Seneca had said on a scale of 1-10, she was an 11 when it came to having fire, a drive that entrepreneurs needed. She just needed to use that fire in the right way and get results. She dug through her knapsack looking for her phone - oh wait, fuck.

"Just going to dash down to the Lost & Found centre, left my phone on a bus today ...going to try and play the odds, not that it's ever been in my favour" Katniss explained as she grabbed her coat, the boys didn't even respond as they were deep in their dubstep code mode.

Katniss walked briskly, wondering how to improve their site's SEO. Which blogger had written about this recently? Gabriel Weinberg? Or wait, no maybe it was Dave McClure- Oof! Damnit, I've got to stop walking into things. Katniss opened her eyes, relieved this time it was really an inanimate obstacle, a parking meter that stood unharmed. Katniss rubbed her arm as she heard some loud laughter. She narrowed her eyes and turned to see who dared cackle at her pain...her eyes widened- it was just her luck. Just her fucking luck.

"Wait I don't get it Clove. She's such a huge whore but she can't even walk the streets properly" Gillian "Glimmer" Williams snarked. Katniss clenced her fists, grinding her teeth, but willed herself to walk the other way. "Hey bitch, you dropped a dollar! Don't want to lose your hard earned pole money"

Katniss turned, and then realized her mistake. She wasn't carrying any cash, Glimmer was just shouting to try and humiliate her -Katniss cursed herself for being duped into turning around. She tried to fight off tears, but couldn't help one hot, fat tear from rolling down her cheek. She wanted to run but found herself frozen in place, she lost her phone, her app wasn't getting enough downloads, she was getting bitched out in the street -Katniss closed her eyes, hoping to keep any more tears from burning down her face.

"Bullying isn't a good look for anyone ladies, and given how much crap you already have caked on your faces, you two better not risk it." A male voice chimed from behind Katniss. She pinched herself, was she dreaming? This kind of knight-in-shining-armour, standing-up-against-bullies shit was only in cheesy movies or PSAs. "Real or not real?" she whispered before she realized she had thought out loud by accident. "Real" he answered. Then she felt a hand on her shoulder, sending shivers down her spine and confirming this was in fact, real.

Katniss finally cracked one eye open and saw a look she didn't see too often on Glimmer and her minion, Clove's faces - shame. "You two better get out of here before I take a picture of you and publicly blast you guys on Twitter" he warned with an edge in his voice. Katniss couldn't bear looking at the two women anymore and slowly turned so she could catch a glimpse of her rescuer before dashing away. She was grateful but also embarrassed - she could take care of herself, and didn't need to rely on anyone -

All plans of making a quick exit escaped her brain as she came face to face with a pair of familiar blue eyes. "Hey," he smiled, wiping away her stained cheek with his thumb. "Don't listen to those fucking bitches. Sorry, excuse my French, did you get my note? Can I buy you a coffee? I won't spill it on you I promise!"

She was dumbfounded. She knew she was not the best with words, but Katniss had never been speechless before but here she was staring into his brilliant eyes, her cheeks flushed from humiliation but maybe also something else? "I -uh - got note - uh, I have got ...to uh go" she managed to squeak out, her eyes darting to figure out her best route of escape.

"Haha, the beautiful, brilliant ones are always hard to catch. Always on the go..." he winked. "Can I at least get your numb-"

Too late. She had already scrambled past him as she heard his fading words.