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I woke up to sound of Alice running around and throwing things around the room. I was dazed and trying to remember all that happened last night. Edward was here. We had great conversation. He keeps getting better and better.

"It's about time you woke up!" Alice yelled at me.

I winced, still groggy from my night's rest.

"Alice! Stop yelling! I am right here!"

"Well you better get up! We are leaving in like 30 minutes."

I sprang out of bed and ran to the bathroom but it was currently being used by Jessica. I started throwing clothes in the suitcase Alice chucked on my bed and was quickly all done packing.

About 25 minutes later, Jessica finally left the bathroom and I ran in to brush my teeth and hair. I grabbed my suitcase and we were headed out the door.


I had the most amazing dream about Bella and I. We were getting married. Who knew that is where my mind was headed?!

I woke up to water being poured all over me.

"Wakey Wakey Eddie Baby!" Emmett boomed.

"WTH Emmett!I was sleeping!"

"Well duh! That is why I did it! Come on Bro! I am getting married! Let's go!" He beamed.

"Alright, Alright!" I begrudgingly got up and shuffled to my bathroom where I brushed my teeth and ran my fingers through my hair. I grabbed my pre-packed suitcase and we were on our way.

We met the rest of the group at my car and then we split up from there. Bella, Alice, Angela, Jessica, and Tanya rode in Angela's Impala. Jasper, Ben, and I rode in my Volvo and Emmett and Rosalie went in Rosalie's BMW.

"So Edward, did you sleep well last night?" Jasper asked with a knowing look in his eye.

"What? Yeah, I guess.." I answered skeptically.

"Did you dream of anyone in particular?" He questioned

"Why do you ask?" I was beginning to freak out. Did I say something?

"No reason, I just hope Bella knows how much you 'do..you truly truly do!" Ben and Jasper crack up.

"Shut up!" I yell, slapping both of them in the back of my head.

We arrive at the airport soon after and head to our terminal after we make it through security. We find some empty seats and wait for the rest of our group to get there. I grab my ipod out of my bag and plug-in my headphones. I am still so tired so I decided to try and get a few more hours of sleep.

Right before I can fall into a deep sleep I see a beautiful angel coming toward me. Normally, I would smile at this image of my dreams but something was wrong. She was crying.


I can't believe we are stuck with Tanya! I just want to stick something in my ears to drown out her annoying voice. All she ever talks about is Edward! Well that is all she ever talked about until she finally glanced at me.

"Oh Bella! I just want to say how sorry I am about what happened with Mike. I mean it is kind of obvious why he did it but it still can't feel good. I mean he obviously didn't think you were pretty enough or good enough to satisfy him. Like, if you can't satisfy a guy like Mike….There is really no hope for you is there..!" She ended her little love speech right when we pulled up to the airport.

I was utterly shocked by what she had said to me and Angela and Alice just kept giving me glances and reassuring hugs. She was right. How could I be so stupid?

Once we spotted the boys in the terminal, I saw Edward laying down across a few seats. All of Tanya's words came rushing back to me. I wasn't good enough for him. I broke down. I don't know if I will ever be able to pull myself back together.

We boarded our plane and I found a seat by myself. I was sitting next to an elderly couple. They were starring lovingly at each other. I couldn't take it! I just my eyes and plugged in my headphones.


"Hey Edward, ummm.. I need to talk to you." Jasper pulled me over to the side after he talked with Alice.

"What's up man?" He looked worried so I tried my best to be optimistic.

He proceeded to tell me what Tanya had said to Bella on the car ride over here. I was livid. No! I was beyond livid. I quickly bolted from my seat on the plane and I went to find her. She was leaning back with her eyes closed in the window seat. A seat she told me was her favorite.

I politely asked the couple that was next to her if they would switch with me (It was just Tanya and I sitting up in first class so there were two empty next to her now). They were skeptical at first but I explained the situation and they finally agreed.

"Bella.." I tapped her on the shoulder.

"Bella!" I said a little louder. She finally opened her eyes and glanced over at me.

"Edward….what are you doing here? Where is Tanya? Aren't you sitting in first class? Don't they usually yell at people for doing stuff like this? Hey aren't we supposed to like hate each other? How….." I cut her off with a kiss.

Fireworks, electric shock, marching bands!

"Bella…Don't believe a word she says." I told her breathlessly

"Oh so…you heard….I guess that explains this then…listen Edward this is really sweet but don't worry about it. You don't have to pity me or feel guilty. It's fine." She looked down at her lap and I could see tears falling into her hands.

"NO it is not okay Bella! I didn't do that out of guilt or pity. I have wanted to do that for a long time now. I know you probably still hate me and everything but I can't pretend that I hate you anymore. I love you Bella!"

"Edward…Edward….Earth to Edward!" Bella shakes me out of my daze. "Did you come over here for a reason or just to stare off into space like that?" She questions.

"Huh- oh..I just wanted to say..um.. sorry that Tanya said that to you. It wasn't very nice. I will have a talk with her." I said while glancing over toward the elderly couple that was sitting beside her. She didn't even get to sit in the seat that she loved. I was a chicken for not telling her what I had imagined.. I just couldn't. It would seem to out of the blue. I needed to do this right. I needed to do this soon. I would tell her how I feel in Vegas.

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