Chapter 1.

"Triton, go do your studies."

"Triton, why can't you go have your cut once in a while?"

"Triton! Please have some manners when you speak!"

Triton this, Triton this. He can't stand it! All he wants is to go around without anyone nagging at him twenty four seven. Being seventeen years old and a prince at the same time is a rather bad combination.

"Triton! Go and recite the readings on angel fish this instant!" His mother was yelling at him again at dinner. All he did was show up with fake shells dangling from his ears. Well then again, they did have guests over. They prodded him with their words and spared no time casually comparing him to their own son, Adrien, who, in his own opinion, was much more fit for the throne.

Triton excused himself "politely" then stood up and went to "study". Why couldn't his parents have had at least one more child. Why does he have to be a lone child? Not only does he have no one to blame, but all day, he has no one to talk to. He wasn't allowed to leave the palace anytime soon (but he did anyways). He rarely did so. The last time he went outside, his parents found out and over exerted themselves to make sure he didn't catch anything.

All he did was swim around and "met" some mermaids. Triton sighed and took off his earring before sitting at his desk to crack open his book.

Getting a mermaid's attention wasn't hard. Triton knew he wasn't bad looking. He had a nice physique and a decent face. Being prince of his kingdom didn't hurt either.

Something out of the corner of his eye, he saw something that caught his eye. It was a flyer for the magic show that was showing tonight.

Sit here? Or go and see a magic show? Triton pondered at this thought. He smirked.

"Why should I, handsomest prince of the sea, sit here when I could admire the works of a true magician?" he said aloud to himself. Looking out his window, and making sure there were no mer-guards around, he swam easily out his window and under a hole in the palace walls.

That hole was a very good idea.


Triton took his seat among the growing crowd. The underwater theater was illuminated by small fish. The atmosphere was rather..romantic.

A polite applause formed as the lights dimmed and focused on the stage. Just then, a beautiful mermaid appeared onstage with a puff of smoke.

Triton was enchanted by this mysterious dark haired mermaid. When she smiled at the him (or he thought she did) Triton was hooked. He couldn't stop his jaw from dropping just a tad.

Her hair was just a step away from black, her eyebrows perfectly arched, and her lips were the color of blood. She seemed dangerous yet alluring at the same time.

"Mermaids and Mermen," the announcer said," please, put your hands together for the beautiful sorceress, Ursula!" The crowd busted into applause.

For the next hour and a half, Triton sat at his seat, memorized. He couldn't take his eyes off of her. She wasn't like the ordinarily pretty blonde mermaids with their teal colored tails. Her eyes were depth less and her tail was the color of pure violet. He didn't even realize that the show was even over and that everyone was cheering madly when Ursula took a bow before disappearing from the stage with a puff of smoke.

When the underwater theater was nearly empty, Triton swam backstage. He went down a corridor and stopped at the door that held Ursula's initials. He took a deep breath and knocked.

The door immediately opened, revealing Ursula. She no longer had any cosmetics on with the exception of the perfectly messy eyeliner around her eyes. God she even more beautiful up close. He was at loss for words

She at Triton for a second then spoke rudely," I'll be signing autographs in ten okay kid? Now scram!" before shutting the door in Triton's face.

He felt his face getting red, not from embarrassment, but from anger. He was the prince of the sea! How dare she shut the door in his face; he could have her head if wanted to! Without thinking, he knocked, louder this time.

Again, the door opened with Ursula in front of him.

"Didn't I tell you that I'll be out in ten? God dammit merpeople these days!" She had a look on her face that represented smelling day old seaweed.

"Oh I am so sorry but where I come from, merpeople don't slam their door in other merfolk's faces. And especially in my face"

Ursula leaned against the frame of her door.

"Oh. And what makes you oh so special, hm?"

"Uh..uh" Triton stuttered with his comeback. He was deciding whether he should tell her that he was the prince of the sea, but he decided not to.

"Exactly. Where I come from, people don't waste time playing nice. Hell, pretty boys like you won't last ten minutes there" she looked him up and down. It made him feel uneasy," how old are you anyways?"

"Seventeen" Triton answered immediately and regretted it. Girls like Ursula are probably the type of girls that chase after boys with real piercings and probably skip schooling. He was usually pretty smooth around mermaids, but Ursula stole that away from him.

"" Ursula looked at least eighteen, well then again, she did have makeup on. Now that Triton thought about it, Ursula wasn't that much older than him if she was. Her skin was still smooth, not yet haven taken the toll of age.

"Tell me..." she gestured for him to say his name.


"So tell me Triton, have you ever wondered what is in the Surface?" He shook his head.

She extended her hand out at him," Ursula Vanessa Arsulu at your service. I feel as though we will get along beautifully" He looked at her weirdly. Is this girl bipolar or something? He took her hand; it was cold, but cold in a way that you'd expect when you shook a merperson named Ursula.

She gestured for him to come inside her dressing room.

Her dressing room wasn't what he expected to see. He expected to see dead sea animals adorning her walls, but it only messy with cards, shells, and makeup strewn everywhere.

Ursula pulled something from under the big pile of stuff in the middle of her room. It was a crystal ball.

"What do you see?" Triton looked into the crystal ball and saw a mass of dry sand with water lapping against the coast.

"I-I don't know"

"This is a beach, Triton. Quite beautiful, is it not?"He nodded," have you ever considered going up there?"

"Not really. Why go up there when it's fine down here?"

Ursula smiled at him.

"Would you go if you had the chance?" Triton thought about it.

"Yes, I would"

"What if I gave the opportunity to go up to the Surface and see what it's like? Would you take the chance and go?"

Triton didn't like where this was going.

"Yes I would"

"Very well" And with a flick of her finger, a golden contract appeared in front of him. It stated that if Triton were to get himself into trouble in the Surface, that Ursula wouldn't be to blame. She looked at him in a sinister way.

His parents wouldn't find him and punish him, but he would only be gone for a maximum of one week, and when he does return, they would be so relieved, they wouldn't punish him. It was brilliant!

Without a second thought, he signed the contract.

Things were a bit slow in this chapter, but I'll be picking up the pace in the second chapter :D

FYI: this story revolves around Triton and Ursula only.