Chapter 2.

The last thing Triton remembered were the sinister words escaping Ursula's oxblood colored lips. He also remembered not being able to breathe correctly, then darkness. Now, he was laying on some sort of cream colored powder, seawater lapping against his skin. When he sat up, bits of the powder clung to his back.

Head pounding, Triton sat up and inspected himself. With only a cloth covering him, not scratch touched his skin. Not on his torso, not on his arms, or on his legs...wait a minute...his legs?

Looking down, he saw that his teal colored tail is now replaced with a pair of strong looking legs. Curious, Triton prodded the unfamiliar Human legs that he now has. Tufts of brown hair sprung from the tan skin of his legs.

He's heard of these mysterious "legs" in hushed voices around the kingdom. Some say the Humans take them off when they are getting ready for slumber. Others say the Humans have to turn them on in order to maneuver. Triton looked all over his body for a button to press, or a lever to pull in order to get his "legs" to work.

Water lapped against the small nubs popping from his "feet". Rumor has it that these strange looking nubs were called "toes". This sent a cold tickling sensation through the skin of his toes. Very slightly, Triton saw that he has managed to wiggle his toes.

Oh, so there is no button, I just simply have to move them with my will!

After much practice, Triton managed to wiggle all of his toes and fold his legs in half. A drop of water plopped from his forehead. With his hand, Triton ran his fingers through his hair.
It was slightly damp and his scalp was oddly warm.

Now, to get these babies up.

Rolling on his stomach, he pushed up with his arms and brought a foot up, planting them firmly on the powdery ground. He tried to balance himself on his feet, but came crashing down. It hurt more than rumored, this "falling" he thought somberly.

Countless times, Triton tried to hoist himself up on his feet, but always seemed to lose his balance. With a cry of frustration, he hit the ground with all his might.

After a couple of moments with his eyes closed, Triton managed to calm himself enough to try again. This time, he managed to take a couple of steps then fell again. It was an improvement, but he was determined to stand fully without losing his balance.

Each try was better than the last, until he managed to swagger along a stone wall, while leaning a bit on the wall for support.

Just then, a bloodcurdling scream made him fall on his bottom.

"Goddammit!" He looked to his right and saw what he thought to be the Humans. One that looked liked an ordinary middleaged merman without a tail and was fully clothed, stood beside a tail-less mermaid with his mouth agape.

He looked displeased in a fatherly way. "Son, I suggest you put on some clothes and carry yourself home before I report you to the authorities!" Triton looked at the couple, confused.
Why would he need clothes for this time of year?

"Oh dear, look at the poor boy, he's obviously sick. Didn't you see the way he walked? He probably has no home either, and somebody probably took his clothing." The mermaid look a like came to him and wrapped an odd looking blanket around him. It had flat round shells on the fringe and two pieces of fabric coming out of each side of the blanket.

"What were you thinking, going out in the cold with no clothes on, and to be nude in the presence of a lady!" the mermaid look a like scolded him.

She helped him to his feet, and he leaned on her for support.

The merman spoke in a rude manner, as if Triton wasn't there,"Margret, please. Let's be rational about this. What if he's crazy?" Triton was about to speak, but the so called "lady" spoke before he can.

"John, we cannot leave this poor boy here. We'll wait until morning, then we'll talk rational" Then she led him to the inside of the stone wall he was leaning against earlier.

"Now, I want you to cover yourself well, otherwise the people in there will think you are a lunatic"

He hoisted himself up on a carriage sort of thing and watched as the view of the Surface sped by. Ladies and "men" were socializing on the streets. Bright lights on sticks illuminated the road. The smells of hot food drifted from certain buildings.

This is too cool.

At last, the carriage stopped at a grand looking housing of some sort. He was hurriedly ushered into the house, up a flight of so called "stairs", and into a large room.

"We have plenty of bedrooms here, but you can have this one." The lady spoke. She had him sit on the soft mattress of the bed while she exited the room.

She returned a few moments later with a pile of fabric in her arms.
She gave him the pile of fabric, but all Triton could do was stare at it, puzzled on what to do with it.

The lady shook her head and muttered,"this will not do at all" while taking off the odd looking blanket and pulling the new pieces of fabric over his head. After she was done, she took a step back and exhaled a breath of satisfaction.

"Well go on, look in the mirror behind you" Triton turned around and saw himself.

"That shirt and those pants look rather nice on you, don't you think?" He agreed, the simple white "shirt" enhanced his upper physique and looked quite well with the cream colored "pants".

"Milady! There is a guest at the door!" The lady then left the room, leaving Triton to inspect his Human form in the mirror. His brown hair fell in a way that looked good. He thought that being in the Surface would change him into a terrifying monster, but the only thing that changed was the fact that he now had legs.

"Dear, there is someone here to see you!" At the doorway stood the lady and...Ursula.

She smirked in a way that would irritate him if it were another mermaid. After a moment of awkward silence, the lady clapped her hands together,"well, I'll leave you two to catch up then!" then closed the door, leaving the Triton alone with Ursula.

"What are you doing here?"

"Well, I can't leave my good friend here by himself can I?" she plopped on to the bed," Besides, you're too clueless about the Surface. People would think you're disabled or some shit like that".

"But why are you here so late at night?"
She looked at him in a way that made him nervous.

"Well, I got you to the Surface so far right?" he nodded slowly," and you like it here, I presume?" again he nodded," then I expect something in return"

What is it that she wants?

Triton licked his lips as Ursula got up and locked the door then proceeded to walk seductively over to Triton until his back was against the wall. Even though she was a head shorter than him, he felt smaller. Looking up at him with her dark eyes, she said softly,"Our first first lesson will be on what Humans do for fun." she pressed her body against his. It was enough to make his breaths shorter.

She spoke while running her hands underneath Triton's shirt,"do you know what they do for fun?" He gulped. It was too much, with her cold hands running up his abdomen. Triton's parents warned him about mermaids like Ursula.

"They come to you like piranha! Stay away from them, they are no good. Only respectable mermaids let you come to them. Remember, lust is bad. Desire is bad. Don't forget it."

He had later looked the words up a the library and found that lust meant intense sexual desire or appetite. He never knew what lust was, or at least felt it. The only thing he has ever done with a mermaid was kiss her. He didn't feel any different afterwards though

Is lust what he was feeling right now? The rhythm of his heartbeats quickened. His parents lectures echoed in his mind, but he pushed them away. Instinctively, Triton brought Ursula's leg around his waist and kissed her neck. The freshness of salt water and slight sweetness floated off her skin. It was intoxicating.

"You really know what you're doing, don't you?" Ursula said sweetly.

"No" he admitted before carrying her over to the bed.