Chapter One:

His Blood, Her Tears

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Two children were playing in the wilds of their local forest. They both seemed to be chasing one another in an inhumanly fast game of tag. The girl quickly tagged the younger boy and rushed off heading deeper into the ever so green woods. She gave him a smug smirk which he didn't see.

"Try to catch me if you can, otouto!"

Her voice seemed to drift towards the smaller boy who only pouted before going after her with his own inhuman speed. He gave an indigent shout after her. It seemed to echo around the seemingly lone forest like a cave. It seemed to have reached her because she gave a playful laugh within the next twenty seconds.

"Onee-san, that's not fair! Wait until I catch you!"

A sharp shriek filled the air as all the animals scurried off in the opposite direction of it. The young boy rushed full speed towards his elder sister worried for her safety. Although, he did laugh at her when he saw the cause of her abrupt shriek.

Apparently she had been trying to look at him while running at high speeds. It didn't work well because she tripped over a small round object that was covered in moss and grass. Only a little part glowed orange when the girl knocked it off while she tripped over the object. The girl herself ended up falling to the ground and eating a nutritious dose of lovely green grass with a pinch of dirt.

She looked up at his smirking face with her own flushed face. Whether from embarrassment or anger or both he didn't know. She glared at him saying, "You better not tell anyone else about this."

Her younger brother only gave another laugh as his eyes twinkled with mischief. "Of course not dearest onee-san. After all can't let the world know that their great hero had a sudden strange craving for grass."

She seemed to ignore his ever so offending insult and instead glared at the object that caused all this mess. She crawled over to it- no need to make a bigger fool of herself- and scraped the moss and grass off until none was left. In the place of the small green ball was now a small orange ball with two dark orange stars inside of it. Her brother peeked over her shoulder to inspect it along side her.

"Hey look I found one of those Dragon Ball things!" she shouted in triumph after quickly looking it over. Her own reflection stared back at her as she gazed into the ball curiously. Her bright sapphire eyes sparkled with joy instead of her previous irritation. Her shiny inky black hair was tied off into a tight braid by a dark blue ribbon. Her hair reached her mid back.

She had a slightly tight shirt that reached her elbows and then enlarged out in drooping sleeves. Her sleeves were long and dragged on for six inches. It was supposedly on of the shortest sleeves for her uniform. Yeah right! Almost close to the ending of her sleeves were dark blue snowflakes that just added onto the beauty of the outfit. On top of her white kimono like shirt was a dark blue sleeveless vest that had a v-neck. The vest didn't close itself. Two white ribbon was laced through it's blue fabric hanging three inches after her waist. They intertwined in a mix of cross-crosses.

The vest like clothing she wore was really some weights that helped train her. It helped build her stamina higher as well as her speed and strength when she took the vest off. The ribbon was for the same purpose but was twice the weight of a blue ribbon made of the same material of her vest would. It just showed how strong she was. And also how much of a slave driver her sensi really was. Not that anyone believed her though. To everyone she was pure. At least one person, her, wasn't.

She, like her brother, had baggy pants that gave her more freedom and less things to worry about than a skirt would. Not that 'she would ever wear one without a fight. Her pants were also a dark blue color, matching her vest but unlike it the pants weren't made of the same material. She had a silver obi that for once was not of a heavy material but it did add onto the beauty of her outfit. She had a pair of black ninja like shoes on her feet. The shoes were open toed and were very heavy with the added weights on them. They also traveled three inches past her ankle stopping not too far from it. She also had a dark colored, black, arm bands that were really weights. A black monkey tail was wrapped around her waist.

For weapons she had a sword on her back. The sword was silver with the words 'Pure Innocence' in blue kanji. On the handle was a silver snowflake that was slowly turning blue. Small white dots seemed to float away from the snowflake. It's sheaf was attached to a black belt that went from her left shoulder to her right hip.

A necklace was on her neck too. It had a thin silver chain with a delicate yet complicated looking sapphire snowflake. There was a smaller dark blue fire within the larger sapphire snowflake. It seemed as though winter had frozen over the summer's heat. Her favorite necklace too. Not just because of how it looked but because of the person who gave it to her.

She also had a silver heart shaped locket. Another item she treasured and deeply cherished for the sane reason. The locket was surrounded by a whirlwind of dark blue snowflakes. Each with it's own unique design. Inside of it were two pictures. One had only her younger brother with herself inside of it. The second one, however, held a variety of people inside it. Great memories were attached to it.

She looked to be around the age of fifteen even if her height disagreed with her. As she was only a teen that had already matured in much more for her brother's, as well as her own, sake. Her birth given name was Kagome with her added earth given last name Son. Making her known as Kagome Son.

"Really onee-san?" asked the younger boy in an eager tone. His obsidian eyes lightened up at hearing her words. He had obsidian eyes instead of a bright sapphire like his elder sister because while she inherited looks from their mother he inherited looks from his father. He had a hair that looked crazy because of it stuck up in every direction. Almost like a birds nest except even messier.

The younger brother seemed to lack the same taste for clothes with his sister. His outfit instead of resembling any type of kimono or even a shrine maidens outfit was loose and baggy. It gave him the freedom to move without being restrained by tight clothing or worrying about tearing any tight suit. Although, he was pretty sure he wouldn't wear one unless his sister made him. And even then he still wouldn't like it!

He had a sleeveless orange fighting shirt that had the different sign for turtle hermit instead of priestess on the back in a blue circle. The words were in black while the rest of the unused circle was left a blank white color. It seemed they both also differed in a sensi Under his orange shirt was another blue shirt that was really weights. Although, both methods of their respective teachers didn't seem so far off either. The blue training shirt reached two inches past his orange shirt letting two inches of blue fabric clash with the orange of it.

He had baggy orange pants that let him move freely in as well. He had some dark blue arm bands on that were really weights on both his wrists. Around his waist he also had a blue obi that was simply there for mere decoration with no real purpose. The younger boy had blue boots as well. On the bottom they were a golden color.

In a matter of weapons he preferred to only use his training in the martial arts and to use his ki. His ki unlike his sister's was not holy ki but more like stored energy within himself. However, since his sister did insist that he carry around at least one weapon for protection he choose a rather plain staff.

The staff was a dark brown with a bright yellow color mixed in in random thin swirls and lines. The dark brown color came from the copper used to make it as the yellow color cane from the slight gold used to make it. The two substances were used just to ensure a durable and strong weapon. The quite plain staff closely resembled a long piece of a stick.

He looked to be around thirteen. Nativity and innocence seemed to surround him meaning he was still just only maturing. Unlike his sister he was not forced to grow up faster than he should have. His human given name opposed to his sayain name was Goku Son.

"Yup. Look at it. They say that if you gather all seven of the dragon balls together that you can make a wish and it'll come true." said Kagome grinning.

"Cool! Let me see it!" yelled Goku with obvious excitement.

"Fine, fine. Sheesh." said Kagome handing Goku the small two star dragon ball. Goku took it from her looking at the object with curiosity and determination.

"Onee-san one day I'll collect all seven of them and grant us three wishes! They'll be our three wishes!" proclaimed the young sayain warrior.

"I'll hold you to your promise Goku. Can't wait to swim in my never ending five by five oden bowl." replied Kagome smirking.

"Onee-san!" whined Goku lightly glaring at her. "What? You can make any wish can't we?" laughed Kagome.

"Yeah but that's a dumb wish!" complained Goku. Kagome faked a gasp and would have replied to his comment if she hadn't have thought of her two younger friends.

"I'll ask Bulma-chan and Krillin-kun if that's dumb." she stated pouting.

Goku seemed to only remember them now as his face lit with recognition. "Wow! Wait till Krillan and Bulma see this!" smirked Goku letting a chuckle.

"Hahaha! Yeah..." she trailed off stopping to look around suddenly.

"What are you doing Onee-"

"Goku be quite for a moment and watch." stated Kagome seriously. Goku looked on trying to see what she saw but stopped when he saw it.

The ground started to shake suddenly. Such sudden and abrupt shake almost sent Goku to the ground. "I-is it an earthquake?" asked Goku timidly, peering around them.

"Iie. Look down the hill." said Kagome looking in her own direction. Goku walked to the edge as well and glanced down wishing he was seeing an illusion of some sort.

Down the grassy hill was a large meat eating dinosaur. It was huger than the surrounding trees with rough green skin. It's skin was uncomfortable looking and had scars in some places. It had tiny arms adorned with silver claws and big feet with the same claws. Sharp fangs glistened in the sun as the dinosaur roared to the skies. It's beady black eyes were slowly scanning for it's next prey to eat. When it spotted the children it ran to them. The dinosaur made it clear they were his prey.

With each passing second the small tremors of the earth turned bigger and bigger almost like an earthquake as it ran to them. Unknowingly to the two it intended to take someone with it. Like it or not ge was getting food today and the two seemed like easy prey!

"Go and hide in the bushes or behind the trees for now." commanded Kagome narrowing her eyes as it came closer and as the shaking became more frequent.

"B-but Kagome! I-I just can't leave you alone with th-that huge thing!" stuttered out Goku in distress.

"I know you're worried about me but I promise you that I'll go with you as soon as I'm done ok? If you don't believe me still then here. I'll give you my necklace. You know that I don't go anywhere without it." said Kagome handing him, her blue necklace while keeping her locket hidden from his view.

The necklace she carried was so important to her because it had been given to her by her father and mother before they both died. Now she didn't remember her mother and father all that well because of the whole incident with Frieza. She did, however odd it may sound, remember that they were good, caring parents. She was given the necklace since her birth. It was the only thing that she had left to remember all her friends and family.

Goku nodded hesitantly and took the necklace. He put it around his neck gently as if it were delicate porcelain. Which was partially true in personal value.

"You better keep that promise." said Goku. Kagome nodded fibbing a reassuring smile and made a shooing motion with her hand. Goku hesitated but hid behind a near by bush anyways. He bent down on his knees and watched his sister through a small opening in the bushes. Right after Goku hid the dinosaur came crashing onto the hill top.

Kagome took out her sword almost immediately. It was silver with the kanji for 'Purity of Innocence' on it. The katana also had a raven handle that matched her own hair color. On the handle was silver snowflake that was slowly turning blue. Small silver dots seemed to flew away from it. The dinosaur roared at her.

Kagome didn't wait for it to attack as she flew to the air and cut it's arm off. The green beast roared in pain as it's arm fell to the floor useless. It hissed at her as blood poured from it's newly acquired wound. The prehistoric animal tried to hit her using it's tail. With her remarkable speed Kagome dodged all attempts. That is until she slipped on a wet rock.

She landed on the rock to take a small breaks but ended up slipping. And now she was paying the price from her ungraceful clumsiness. Even in situations like this she had the baddest of luck.

The Dino landed a critical hit on her sending her to the ground harshly. Kagome bit her lip to the point of bleeding so she wouldn't scream. She wouldn't even have the time for that because she hit the ground moments after. The dinosaur quickly turned it attention to Goku who ran to his sister. Kagome saw this and with the last of her quickly diminishing strength killed the beast by purifying it with a bright blue light.

"Ka-Kagome... KAGOME!" yelled Goku desperately as concern swirled in his eyes. "H-hey Goku. Look I wo-won." said Kagome weakly, forcing a smile for him. Goku started to cry as blood mixed with tears.

Her blood.

The blood that shouldn't be there.

The blood that should be his.

His older sister's blood that shouldn't have been shed.

This shouldn't have happened. Not at all. They were just supposed to have come to the forest to play for a couple of hours and go back to their home alive to greet their friends.

Not with one dead.

However, fate seemed to have a different idea on that. Both their destinies would dramatically change for the two. Especially for the blue eyed teen who would find our her true destiny.

"Ka-Kagome you promised me th-that you wouldn't die. You better not break it." said Goku sobbing above her body.

"I-I'm sorry. I th-think I might have to break th-this promise. B-but whatever happens I w-want you to kn-know I will always lo-love you Goku." stuttered Kagome while coughing. She seemed to be loosing consciousness quickly.

"Wh-what about Krillin o-or Bulma or ev-even Mun-Munten Roshi-sensi?" asked Goku in an attempt to get her stay long enough with him in the living world. He was not stupid he knew what would happen when she lost consciousness.

"Te-tell them I-I said bye. Don't wor-worry I pro-promise you we'll see each o-other in th-the future." said Kagome closing her slowly dulling sapphire eyes as she took her final breath. She'd rather die with a smile of joy than a face of pain.

"N-no... No. NOOOOO!"

He faintly noticed she started glowing a light blue color as did her sword. After, the glow came she started to become transparent and her body seemed to slowly be turning into a big blue ball of light that started to float ten feet in the air.

"Onee-san please don't go! Please! You're the only person who knows what I am or can help me! You-you promised!" he screamed broken heartedly.

Kagome didn't seemed to listen because she had already faded away into a bright blue ball that radiated a strange yet calm feeling. The orb shot out and into the sky. Then, in a blast of blue both his older sister and her sword were gone. Her last words seemed to come as the same time as when the orb shot out.

"Goodbye Goku. I may be gone for now but one day I will be back. I hope we will see each other again. Farewell and take good care of yourself and the others."

Goku wished that time would have just stopped long enough for him to save his sister.

Long enough to stop her from slipping from that rock or ever finding that dragon ball.

From even playing a simple game of tag up in the deserted hill tops of a forest.
But Goku found out the hard way.

Time stops for no one.


Author note – I want to thank Black Lily Angel for letting me adopt this story. I hope that everyone will like how it unfolds. I will try to keep it to the original plot. It was a pleasure to take over for another good writer. Keep reading and reviewing...