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Biju/Boss Summon/Very many speaking loudly at the same time speech

Chapter 11: Team Battle!

They were all here. Eight genin teams, twenty four genin. All were competing against each other. They could all be winners, or losers, by the end. Their countries and lives were at stake.

"Would Team Nine and Team Ten please make their way to the area?" The call was loud, even over the chattering clouds. The two teams made their way down.

The arena was large, oval shape, and completely devoid of any remarkable features. It was flat and boring. There was only a starting line, dividing the two halves. At the center was a jounin named Shiranui Gemma. He wore his headband in a bandanna style, with brown hair and a sebon in his mouth.

On one side of the arena was Team Nine. Naruto and Lee were at the front, with Tenten in the back. Team Ten had Choji in the front, with Ino and Shikamaru in the back. "The rules are simple. You win by getting the other team to surrender, knocking them out, forcing them into a certain death situation, or by killing them. It is over when I say it is over. Do you understand?" The teams nodded.

"Are both teams ready?" They nodded again. "Then fight!" The protractor leaped back.

Immediately Team Ten threw down smoke bombs, covering their retreat. "WAIT!" Naruto and Lee, who were charging forward, halted. "There is poison in those bombs."

"Fall back. I will scout with my clones." Team Nine fell back as several clones made their way around the mist. One dispelled. "They are hanging back around the edge of the wall. They have their backs to the wall. I have an idea."

The smoke cleared, revealing the teams to each other. Naruto smirked, and made a cross sign. "Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" A dozen more clones appeared in a large haze of smoke. "Charge!" The clones moved forward, intent on overwhelming the group. Lee was among them, while Tenten pulled out several kunai and started chucking them.

"Kagemane no Jutsu." Was Shikamaru's calm reply. His shadow raced out, catching the clones. It swiftly moved passed them, attached to the shadows of Tenten's kunai, and grabbed the girl herself. The normally lazy Nara ran forward, while Choji expanded.

"Tenten, Lee!" Naruto shouted, running after the now running Tenten. Choji smashed through the clones and Lee with his enlarged hands, all of which dispersed as clones. The real Lee, who had been running up the side of the wall to attack from behind, fell down with a painful crash. He had also been caught in the shadow of Shikamaru, which had extended from the edge of the arena.

"Choji, get Lee. Ino, don't be troublesome and do it now." The blond looked furious, but complied. Ino collapsed, and Shikamaru stopped running. His shadow retracted just as Choji smashed Lee with his fist, sending him flying back.

The green clad genin quickly stood up. "What a most youthful hit! Truly, you are full of youth!" Choji just looked shocked that Lee had gotten back up.

"Tenten, are you alright?" Naruto had reached his bun-haired teammate. She smiled.

"Don't worry, I am sure she is fine." Ignoring the "Wah?" from Naruto, the body of Tenten lashed out with kunai. Only Naruto's reflexes saved him from being hit.

"Tenten, what is wrong? What did I do to piss you off again?" He started running away, the Ino controlled Tenten following him. "Please, don't stick me full of kunai! What ever happened, I am sorry!" Tenten began laughing. Deep in Naruto's mind, the Kyuubi joined in.

A sudden boot to the head stopped the laughing. At Team Ten's rallying point, Ino's body jerked. "Tenten-chan, you must stop this unyouthful behavior." Suddenly she collapsed.

Ino's head jerked upward. "Damn does he hit hard. I feel really dizzy…" She collapsed downward again.

Meanwhile, Tenten was swearing. "That bitch got in my mind and completely messed me up. She took control of my body." Naruto looked really surprised.

"You were mind controlled? People can do that?" He was hit on the head by Tenten.

"Baka! Didn't you pay attention in class? The whole Yakama clan can do that." Team Nine then turned to face Team Ten. Lee moved to attack again, only to be stopped by Naruto, who had realized something.

"Wait, we don't have to attack. They are relying on the shadows for their defense. We just have to wait until the sun switches position, and then they will be defenseless." Lee and Tenten nodded in agreement.

Shikamaru heard Naruto's statement, and sighed. "Troublesome. You have figured out our plan. Protractor, we surrender." Gemma nodded.

"Winner, Team Nine." The crowed clapped politely. Team Nine grabbed their assorted gear, and returned to the contestant's box. Ino was pulled off by several medics, and brought to Shizune. "Would Teams Eight and Twelve please come down to the arena?"

The two teams stood in front of each other. Neji had taken the forward position of his team, and Kiba in his own forward position.

"You should surrender. You failures have no chance at winning." Kiba was enraged.

"Who the Hell are you calling failures! Your cousin is on this team!" Neji nodded, and then spoke as if he was aware of the Truth, and all that it pertained.

"You, like everyone, have a destiny determined by fate. Fate determined that you would be the dobe of your class. Fate determined that my cousin would be a weak, spineless creature who got others killed for her. Fate decreed that I would be a genius and born unfairly into the Branch House. And fate has stated that you will lose here."

"That is bullshit!" Minato Yakama smirked.

"Oh really. Your posture is tense, and bent backwards, indicating a leaning towards flight. You yell a lot, no doubt to drown out any shortcomings your betters might point out. Your eyes dart to the left when you proclaim your superiority, meaning you don't even believe it yourself.

Your female teammate keeps her hands together, and her face and back bowed downwards. She is nervous, and feels lower than others in terms of station. She is unhappy with her figure, hence her wearing those baggy clothes. In short, she has no confidence.

Your other teammate is the most hard to read. The sunglass prevent using his eyes to read emotions, and his attire is typical for the Abruame. However, what stands out is exactly how typical it is. There is no customization, which means you put the colony ahead of yourself. You have no true ambition besides getting better for others, and that is no ambition at all. In short, you are a team completely unable to pass these exams."

"Yah, say that-"

"We surrender." Kiba whirled, and Shino raised an eyebrow.

"What! What do you mean we surrender?" Hinata looked so sad, so apologetic.

"They are right, we can't win. We surrender." Gemma nodded.

"Winner, Team 12. Would Teams Seven and Dosu please enter the arena?" The two teams cleared out, as the next group moved in. Naruto looked at Team Twelve for a while, uttering the word "bastards" under his breath continuously.

"Hopefully you lot won't surrender. It would be much more fun to kill you." That was the mummy like genin, Dosu. Sasuke simply grunted.

"Begin!" The teams separated into their own personal fights.

Zaku paired himself with Sasuke. "I am going to pay you back for thrashing me in the forest." He raised his arms, and compressed balls of air and earth fired out. "You like? I had my cannons modified to fit my charka nature. I call it an earth bullet cannon." The rock projectiles came out a much increased rate, forcing Sasuke to turn on his sharingan to dodge the lethal projectiles.

The two reached an impasse, with Sasuke being unable to close the distance, and Zaku being unable to hit Sasuke. It was then that Sasuke noticed something.

'He is able to fire for a whole minute, and then takes 1 second to reload. That is not enough time for me to hit him, but every time he reloads, his tubes suck in air. I can use this.' Zaku began firing again, and Sasuke began counting seconds.

At 58 seconds he flashed through several hand signs, and released a fireball from his mouth. At sixty seconds, Zaku backtracked slightly to dodge the ball, while reloading. At sixty point five seconds, the wind currents forced the fireball into Zaku's tubes, where they promptly exploded. At sixty one seconds, Zaku was on fire, screaming painfully. At sixty three seconds, he was mercifully dead, a kunai is his head.

"Come on little princess. Let us see what you can do." Kin fired off several sebon at Sakura, who dodged them. She suddenly clutched her head, a horrendous ringing noise disrupting her sense of balance and causing her great pain.

"Ha, you simply got caught by bell sebon, and their genjutsu. You really are pathetic kunoichi." She roughly grabbed Sakura's hair, exposing her neck. "Time to die, hime." Kin pulled out looked down to pull a kunai out of her pouch. She looked back up to see Sakura's one kunai sticking in her stomach.

"I got out of your genjutsu really easily, bitch!" Kin collapsed, dead. Sakura looked at the corpse, and promptly puked.

Dosu charged at Sai, his melody arm swinging forward. "I beat you in the forest, and I will kill you now." Sai simply side stepped and beheaded the genin with his tanto, smiling all the while.

"My master instructed me to kill you and your team. And I was holding back." He then watched his team kill the other Sound Genin.

"Winner, Team Seven." Several chunnin entered the field, and pulled off the corpses. "Would Teams Thirteen and Suna please come to the arena?"

The two teams made their way down to the field. Kabuto looked nervous, but his team looked ready. Temari and Kankuro stood behind Gaara, who had a cruel smile on his face.

"Begin!" Two of the Kohona genin shot forward, intent on incapacitating Gaara. The redhead simply smiled, and wrapped them in his sand.

"I…I can't drain it all!" Some of the sand fell down, losing the chakra that had raised it, but the rest remained in the air.

"It's too tight, I can't escape!"

"Die, and feed Mother." The two genin exploded in blood.

"I surrender!" Kabuto ran away, clearly panicked.

"Winner, Team Suna!" Tsunade looked down with distain.

"Damn it Kabuto, why did you lose your confidence. You could have taken all three of them easily." She didn't notice the Kazekage smile cruelly at those words. Kabuto removed himself from the field.

'Time for me to carry out my assigned duties. I did always want to go out with a bang.' Kabuto smirked, and headed for his target.

"Would Teams Nine and Twelve please come down to the arena?" The two teams made their way down. Naruto and Lee were clenching their fists, and Tenten was sharpening a kunai much more than was needed.

Neji smiled at the team. "You should also surrender. Your fates have been decreed, and the most you could ever hope for is mediocrity. No matter how hard you work, you will never rise above your low level. You are a team of failures. A dobe who can't mold chakra, a fool who can't even produce a regular clone, and an orphan who can only throw weapons. You should just leave the ninja field now, you don't have duty binding you like my cousin."

Lee was seething in rage. "Start the match. Now." Gemma nodded.


Lee reached down, grabbed his weights, and chucked them at Neji. The boy dodged, and ducked under Lee's assault. Muttering a quick "Byakugan", Neji activated his eyes, and began to spar with Lee, trying to whether the furious rampage.

"I'll get the Nara, you get the Yakama." Before Naruto could respond, Tenten ran to the side, chucking a few kunai at the Nara, watching the shadows carefully.

Naruto shrugged, and turned towards the Yakama. "Right, let's do thi-wha!" A tree suddenly appeared around Naruto, wrapping him up and immobilizing him. "What the Hell is this?"

Minato smirked. "Let us see what your deepest fears are. "Shintenshin no Jutsu".

They were in Naruto's mindscape. The boy was bound in a chair, just outside the Kyuubi's cage. The great beast was watching the two boys with a lazy, but steady eye. "Wow, what an interesting mindscape."

Minato looked around. "Truly, you are an interesting boy. Look at that water, it represents your fears and security. And this cage…the Kyuubi." He raised his hands dramatically. "You actually cage up your rage, and think it makes you strong enough to be on par with the Kyuubi? You are pathetic." A tic mark formed on the Kyuubi.

"Are you implying that I am a manifestation of this puny human's mind? That his anger is somehow equal to my own?" Minato smirked even more.

"Wow, it actually believes that it is the Kyuubi. You will be entertaining to break. I think I will start by destroying this obvious gross overestimation of the power of your hate."

"No, wait, you don't understand! It is the Kyuubi!" Minato merely smirked as he marched right through the bars…only to be snatched by a hand of the Kyuubi. He was so surprised he could even be scared as the hand dangled him above the Kyuubi's open mouth, and then dropped him. His subsequent screams were quickly cut off as the Kyuubi swallowed. The chains binding Naruto disappeared.

"You…you ate him."

"He was foolish enough to come within the cage. And I would have found a way to harm him no matter what. Mind control…it is something no one should have. Leave, I want to digest my meal in peace." Naruto quickly fled his mindscape.

He came to in front of the body of Minato. He vomited over the body, and looked at Gemma. "Dead." The jounin nodded. It didn't take a genius to figure out what did the Yakama in.

Tenten smirked as she grabbed some marbles with seal from her pouch. She threw them down, releasing the flash-bangs, blinding her opponent and removing the shadows. She quickly threw some kunai at the Nara, only for there to be a poof as one of her early kunai were switched with.

"Good idea." The Nara, Mizore, pulled out her own flash-bangs, and threw them behind her, extending her shadow. In the brief second, she took control of Tenten.

"Naruto, I need help!"

This cry snapped Naruto out of his stunned state. His teammate was in trouble! "Here I come Tenten!"

Mizore quickly maneuvered Tenten to use her as a shield. She then tried to engage Naruto in a taijutsu battle, and capitalized on his reluctance to hurt Tenten.

"Don't worry Tenten-chan, I have a plan! Kage Bushin no Jutsu!" Several Naruto's appeared, and attacked Mizore from the sides. She quickly sent her shadows at clones, only for the real Naruto to appear behind her with a quick substitution with one of the kunai. A quick hit to the back of the head knocked her out.

"Nice job Naruto." The two turned to see the fantastic Taijutsu battle going on between Neji and Lee. "Think we should help?"

Naruto shook his head. "No. Lee needs to do this."

Neji was getting annoyed. This failure was actually pushing him. He was just so fast…and somehow his teammates were down, and one was dead. Too bad it was Minato. He truly understood fate. "Time to end this failure. Hakkesho Kaiten." A dome of chakra was expelled from his body, cutting off the chakra in Lee's muscles.

"Give up. You can do nothing. You are a failure, a cripple. Do not try to defeat fate, it is impossible." Lee stood up, shaking.

"You are right. I am a cripple. Normally, it would be impossible for me to become a ninja. But you know what? I have the flames of youth, and I will prevail. I am Rock Lee, and I will never give up on my dream. Gate of Life, open!"

His blocked chakra points were suddenly flooded open by the excess chakra. "I will succeed." He moved faster than Neji could see, and demolished the genin. All watched on in awe, including one Hinata. 'Lee-kun…beat Neji-kun…through hard work. He didn't give up, and became strong. Maybe I can do the same.'

"Winner, Team Nine!" The victorious group walked out of the arena, proud. "Would Teams Seven and Suna please come to the arena?"

The two teams stood in front of each other. Sasuke and Gaara had taken the front. "Mother wants your blood." Sasuke blinked.

"It won't be my blood she will get." Gemma looked at the two groups.

"Begin." Sasuke immediately charged Gaara, sharingan blazing. 'I have to take him out quickly, he is dangerous.' Lighting began to crackle in his right hand.

"Chidori!" He plunged his hand into Gaara, but hit the shoulder, forced away from the center by the spikes of sand that sprang out of Gaara. Temari and Kankuro stared, something followed by Sai and Sakura.

"What…what is this?" Gaara forced himself off Sasuke's hand. Blood ran out of the wound. "This…is pain. It's blood. MY BLOOD. MOTHER, I AM BLEEDING!"

Suddenly, it began to rain feathers, and all Hell broke loose.