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As we were watching the videos, I was enthralled. It was like he knew exactly how I felt, which is odd, because I had never met anyone that had the same notions as I did. Dan made me laugh and smile so much that I forgot about all the small upsetting things in my life. Also, the fact that we were all squished around his computer in his room, having Dan pretty much plastered to my side was just another reason that I was feeling elated.

The entire time, I kept a running commentary on all of their videos. I provided another couple of drunks (the stripper drunk, the activist drunk, and the happy drunk), told them my stories of the first time on London transport, the time I almost got killed, when people annoy me to the full extent, when I almost punched a kid for being obnoxious in the shopping center, me attempt flirting, and my own dare ideas.

But then we approached my downfall. The video was called "Gamer Girls are Hawt". I died. At first, it opened up with things like procrastination, making me feel like I was actually talking to Dan, when in reality, his arm, leg, and hip were pressed against mine. But then all Hell froze over. He started asking about video games, saying that his kind of girl was one that would cuddle up on the couch and play guitar hero with him. That was my perfect scenario when I was with Ben, though he never wanted to. He thought Guitar Hero was stupid, and that he could teach me how to play the actual thing. I smiled when I heard Dan say that to his web cam, and Micah nudged my arm, winking. I shot her a glare, and Dan took no notice (hopefully).

Then we proceeded to watch both Dan and Phil's videos. Phil was that friend that was shy about swearing, funny, and sweet. Where as Dan was the friend that was slightly abusive, funny, likes to swear, and goes hard in the video games. I couldn't help but find a slight connection to Phil and Dan with Micah and I.

I was right when I said that this was practically a cult. The people subscribed and following Dan kind of scared me. What if I ever interfered with Phan? The girls on these websites are pretty. I mean, I get that he likes video gamer girls but am I going too far in the games? Plus, I'm not as physically attractive as they are. My friends and ex-boyfriends, have told me I am, but they will tell you anything as long as it makes you happy.

Don't get me wrong, I know I'm not ugly. And I do like certain aspects of myself, but I compare myself to a lot of people, and I overreact. Those two do not go well together.

But as we viewed "List of reasons why I'm an awful Human Being", I realized that I wasn't the only one with flaws. And I thought each one of his imperfections only made him more perfect. I didn't care if he bit pencils, or dropped things behind things, or cracked his knuckles, or anything that wasn't "perfect". I hope that he would be okay with the way that I fidgeted with my hair, wiggled my leg up and down, picked at my nail polish, and started making odd noises when things got awkward or frustrating.

It had been about six hours of non-stop videos when our stomachs started singing harmonies with one another. We eventually made our way to the kitchen, after untangling each other from our stiff positions.

2 boxes of frozen stir fry later, we were sitting around their living room area, next to the fire place.

"You guys are actually really good as YouTubers. I can see why so many teenage girls want you two to date," I said with a smile.

"It's like Beiber Fever only worse," Micah added.

"And it's a shipping between two people."

"Well we tried that, but it didn't go over well," Phil said, a slight blush to his cheeks.

Micah and I gave them questioning looks, and Phil felt that he had to explain everything. "Well our fans have been pushing us together, the majority of the comments being about us together, and we decided that we might as well try it. Dan had just broken up with his girlfriend that wasn't treating him right, and one thing led to another while we were drinking a bit, and we kissed." The blush on their cheeks was adorable. Micah and I did a synchronized "awww".

"But then when we sobered up, we realized that we like boobs, not dick," Dan said, laughing. "But we are actually really good friends, and in a super cheesy way, I don't think that we would still be friends if we tried dating."

"I think it would be very hard," Phil said.

"That's what she said," Dan commented. I laughed and put my small hand up for a high five which he returned.

We did eventually go home to a hungry cat meowing at me to feed her. "Why does she only love you?" Micah huffed and tossed off her shoes.

"Maybe because I remember to feed her, or get someone else to feed her when I can't, where as you just let her starve." I removed my shoes and went into my room to change.

Micah and I have gotten so used to each other, it's as if we are one another's bodies. We don't close doors, we don't close windows, we don't try to hide anything from one another, and we know how we operate, no matter how odd the habits are. For instance, Micah puts her shower shit all around the bathroom. Her soap is located right next to the towel, her shampoo is by the sink, and her conditioner is right next to her razor. What?! Take me out of the oven, I'm so done.


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I'd just like everyone to know how awkward this is to write ahahaaaaaa D:

"Micah seems cool," Phil said, smiling. I rolled my eyes as I went to go sit on the couch. I literally felt like jumping out of the window after taking to Atari. Could I be any more socially awkward?

"Yeah she does," I said as I grabbed my laptop. Would it be too soon to friend her on facebook? Ahahaa what is this nonsense?! What happened to my yolo video?

"Did you know she dyes her hair?" Phil asked, going to sit facing the television.

"Woah! No way, does she really?! I would have never imagined that a girl would dye her hair. Stop the fucking presses." I'm such a sarcastic twat.

"Hey now," Phil tried to defend himself. "She's actually a good person, who doesn't swear obnoxiously and isn't super sarcastic. Micah doesn't even eat meat because she thinks it's wrong." Okay, I'll just click... It's just friending, not anything super traumatic. No one's going to die or something.

"She doesn't eat meat! How can you live in a house without meat?!" I asked incredulously, ignoring tumblr and moving my hair out of my face.

"It's possible! And I don't have to give up meat, she still lives with Atari who eats meat," he defended himself.

"That is true. Atari is pretty cool too," I added. And I clicked "Send Friend Request" on her facebook "time line". Who even uses facebook anymore? No one, it should just end it's life. Right now. Just NO.

"Yeah, she's like you only with boobs."

"Shut up, she's more feminine than I am."

"She kept blushing." Phil nudged me.

"You're so stupid."

"Did you notice anything with Micah? She's quite cute. I like the colour of her eyes."

"I'm sure that's not the only thing you like about her." I winked and laughed. He looked kind of shocked and tried to defend himself.

"No, she's a nice person, come on."

I began to sing an unrecognizable tune whilst scrolling through tumblr and twitter. A half hour of agony and pain later, I got a response from Atari. She said yes.

Level up.

And, being the stalker that I am, I noticed that the most recent post on there was "Atari Emerson is single" with 28 likes. Does this count as another level up? I'll take it, whatever it is.

"Maybe we could have them guest star in one of our videos, Dan. Would they be into that?"

The brilliance! "That's actually a good idea." And the plotting began.

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