"This sounds a lot like a break up to me."

"You know this isn't working, you know I will always love you the most."

"I love you too."

My eyes drift open and I blink back the tears that have formed in my eyes from the still painful memory that always replays in my mind.

Even after 3 years I can't get over Brittany and how lost and broken she looked that day in the choir room when I broke up with her. The way her lips and chin were quivering as she tried to hide her sobs makes my heart break.

That was the hardest thing I have ever had to do and I regret it every single day of my life. I wish I could take it back so I can cuddle and kiss the girl I was supposed to spend the rest of my life with.

But I can't. I broke it off for a reason. I couldn't hold Brittany back because of what happened to me or let her hate me by thinking I cheated willingly, because I didn't.

I hated what that man did to me and the way he touched me, even though I pleaded him to stop. The way he hit me every time I begged him to stop what he was doing.

Brittany was set to do great things after she graduated and I couldn't get in the way of that. So I did the only thing I could think of.

I changed all my contact information and used the money that my parents gave me to buy an apartment in New York. After a couple of days, I got a job in a small diner and I've been working there ever since.

"Mommy!" my eyes drift to the door of my bedroom to see my three year old daughter, Dylan, with a pout on her face. She plods over to my bed and I lift her up so she is laying next to me.

I smile as she cuddles into my side and I run my fingers through her brown hair, "morning baby." She giggles and starts to squirm as I tickle her stomach.

"M-Mommy" she tries to bat my hands away, but fails miserably causing me to smirk at the small girl who is now straddling my waist. "How many times did I tell you no to do dat?" she gives me a pointed look, trying to look intimidating, but I just think she looks even more adorable.

Times like this, I am thankful I didn't have an abortion. Dylan is my world now that I don't have Brittany and I don't know what I would do without her. She's like my best friend and I love it when we spend time just the two of us, like now.

"Sorry, Di" she giggles as I pout playfully at her before quickly placing a sloppy kiss against my lips. "Ewy" I groan, wiping my lips causing her to slap my arms.

"Hey!" she crosses her arms over her chest and turns away from me, like she does when she gets upset. I bite down on my lip and take her in my arms.

She tries to get away but I just hold her closer. "I'm sorry, you know I love your kisses, Dylan" I reassure her, kissing her cheek to get my point across.

Her face instantly brightens and she looks up to me, "when we go to see Auntie Callie?" she asks me. Callie is one of my co-workers and the person I am the closest too here.

When I go to work, Dylan comes with me and sits on the stools drinking milkshakes as I work behind the till so I can keep an eye on her. Next year though she will be in pre-school whilst I'm at work.

I glance at the clock on my bedside desk and my eyes widen. "10 minutes!" I screech loudly and quickly change myself into my work uniform and Dylan into some jeans and a unicorn jumper that I bought because it reminded me of Brittany.

When we finally arrive at the diner, 10 minutes late, I quickly place Dylan in her usual seat before going behind the till. "Mommy? Can I find Auntie Callie?" Dylan asks me, a beaming smile on her face as I place her usual double chocolate milkshake in front of her before putting the money in the till.

"Uh, baby just drink your drink and I'll go call her" I say to her, glancing around the diner and seeing that it was practically empty except from a guy in the corner, who looks about my age.

Dylan starts to drink her milkshake and I kiss her forehead before going in the back to find Callie. It doesn't take long because I could honestly spot her bright red hair from a mile away. "Cal! Dylan wants you" she smiles at the mention of her God-daughter and follows me back out to the front.

"Sup, Di" Callie raises her hand in the air for a fist-bump, making the Lopez smirk come onto Dylan's face before bumping her tiny fist against the other girls.

"Hi" Dylan is giggling as Callie ruffles up her already messy hair. "Can you braid my hair?" She asks with that cute face nobody can say no too.

Callie taps her chin, pretending to think making Dylan punch her arm lightly. "Dylan, no punching" I warn her, smiling when she mutters a small sorry before rolling her eyes. Yeah, she is definitely my daughter.

I hand Callie the two elastic bands and she starts to gently braid my daughters hair. "Why no one here?" Dylan's face is scrunched up with confusion and I shrug my shoulders before checking my phone.

I grin when I see the background of my phone. "Did you take this and put it as my background?" I ask Dylan, turning my phone so she can see the photo. It is of herself with a big toothy grin and it is so cute. Dylan nods her head proudly. "Well, thanks baby" I kiss her cheek and stuff my phone back into my bag.

"Your welcome" the small girl replies, her mouth still fill of milkshake causing it to splatter slightly on my face.

"Dylan Brittany Lopez!" I gasp, before bursting into a fit of laughter at the guilty look on my daughters face. She soon joins in on the laughter, only to be stopped when Callie tells her to stop moving her head. "Haha, you got told off by Callie" I tease her, sticking out my tongue.

"Auntie Callie" Dylan whines, a pout on her face. "Tell mommy to stop being mean" I raise my hands in defense when Callie gives me a pointed look.

"Stop being mean to your daughter, Santana!" now its Dylan who sticks her tongue out at me.

"Hey, now your the m-" I am cut of by the bell, signalling that somebody has entered the diner. I glance towards the door and my stomach tightens as my face pales.

When the person finally looks up and sees me, her face pales also.

"Mommy? What's wrong?" Dylan asks worriedly as she looks between me and her milkshake.