"Where is fucking ambulance?" I yell at Callie through my gritted teeth, clutching my stomach as another contraction rockets through my body. Holy shit, this hurts. Seriously, I have no idea how people can do this more than once.

Callie is rubbing my back comfortingly, but I can barely register her hand because of my pain. "Calm down, honey" she coos to me as tears form in my mocha eyes. "You are going to do great and your going to have your little girl in your arms by the end of the day" I smile at this. Honestly though, I still can't believe I am going to be somebody's mother - I mean, I was 19 a month ago.

As I lay back in the leather recliner chair, my legs spread apart with just my panties and black spaghetti strap on. "Shit, this hurts" I wince, screaming out loud as Callie sends me an apologetic and worried glance.

"Just relax, San" I send her a death stare, but sigh in relief when the doorbell rings. "Its the paramedics" I smile widely at her but then my jaw clenches as I try to calm the pain. Callie runs to the door and I finally let the tears fall from my eyes now that I am all alone.

I know that I should be happy now because I am about to give birth to my child, but it wasn't supposed to happen like this. Brittany should be beside me, holding my hand and encouraging me to bring our child into the world and not just mine. We are supposed to get married and live together.

But I fucked that up. I ran instead of telling her the truth and there is no way that I am going back now because things will be worse if I just show up with my kid. "Santana, whats wrong?" I am snapped out of my thoughts and see that Callie and the paramedics are all in front of me.

Oh my goodness. This baby needs to get the hell out of me fast because this shit hurts. "I can't do this without Brittany" I cry, my body shaking from both the pain and the fear of raising a child on my own. Yes, I will have Callie but its not the same.

"Well, Santana, I'm sorry but your fully dilated and this baby is coming now" I throw my head back at the woman's words and try to breath through the pain that is still shooting through my body, "Santana I need you to start pushing for me."

I do as she tells me, crying out loudly as I grab Callie's hand whilst starting to push. "Cal, I need her" a sob escapes my lips when I give up pushing and flop back down onto the chair, bringing my free hand to wipe the hair from my face. "Please don't make me do this" I am practically begging her right now, but I just want this pain to be over.

"Santana, you and I both know that you have to do this. Just think of the little girl that is going to love you and look up to you for sacrificing everything for her" I nod at her words and start to push again, screaming as everybody in the room whispers encouraging words to me.

"Can you all shut the hell up?" I shout, pretty frustrated that they can all see I'm in pain but are not doing anything to stop it. "Can't you do something to stop my pain and get this baby out?" the nurse visibly flinches at my harsh tone of voice and I start to feel kind of bad because she is helping me by checking out my vagina for any signs of the baby.

"I can see the head, a big push" I groan but start to push anyway. The grip on Callie's hand is so hard that I think I broke a few of her fingers. "The heads out" well, I guess it could of been worse. If this baby is as impatient as me then it should be out in the next couple of minutes.

"You're doing great, San" Callie kisses my sweaty forehead and I just about manage to give her a weak smile before an other contraction rips through my body.

"One more huge push and then you will have a baby" Oh my God. My eyes widen as I push one last time, harder than the pushes before. I swear, Brittany actually probably heard me wherever she is. I stop pushing and flop back against the chair in relief when a small cry fills the room, "its a girl."

I can't help the smile that washes over my face and the tears that are streaming down my face as I watch the nurse clean off my baby girl. "Hi Princess" I breathe out when she is handed over to me and when her dark mocha eyes lock with mine, she instantly stops her crying.

I kiss the top of her head and start to rock her in my arms. "Do you have a name?" the nurse smiles at me as Callie cuts the umbilical chord. Nodding to her, I trace my index finger across my daughters face, admiring every inch of her beautiful skin.

"Dylan Brittany Lopez" I softly announce with a proud smile.

My life changed that day. I went from having nobody to having a daughter and a best friend. We both spent every single minute together and I cherished all of it, but still; there was one thing missing. Well, one person - Brittany.

It was perfect already just the two of us, but if Brittany was there with us it would of taken it that step further into my dream life. But then things changed again when Quinn Fabray showed up, encouraging me to overcome my fears and go explain things to the love of my life.

I knew she was right and that she deserved some answers, so I packed up mine and Dylan's bag and we all made our way back to Lima. That trip is something that I will never forget, not even if I tried to. I got my parents back and I got my Brittany back - who then also became my fiancee and Dylan's other parent.

"Hey baby, what you thinking about?" Brittany asks me curiously as she walks over to me, hand-in-hand with Dylan who is looking at me with the same curious eyes as she is. I turn my gaze back to the leather recliner that is still sat in the exact same spot, even after 3, almost 4, years.

"That is where I gave birth to Dylan" I whisper to her, wiping the tears that have gathered in my eyes at the memory. "Can we take it with us?" Brittany gives me that look that says 'you don't even have to ask' and I smile at her thankfully.

When I left Delilah's office that day, check in my hand, I ran straight to Brittany and Dylan. We all decided, even Dylan, to spend the money on a home for the three of us, a nicer and bigger one. One that has space for us all and where we can be a real family and spend time together in piece.

We spend the last month searching for the perfect house and it is only last week when we finally found it. It has the space and everything we need. "Let go" Dylan excitedly squeals and grips my hand, whoa this girl is hyper. I give Brittany a look.

"How much sugar did you give her?" I tease, lifting Dylan into my arms as Brittany picks up the chair. Its good that she is so strong. "Lets go" I repeat Dylan's words and we all make our way down to the lobby where Callie is waiting for us with her car. The car we bought is already at the house.

"You all ready?" we nod our heads, Dylan a little more enthusiastically than Brittany and I, and get into the car after loading the chair into the boot. "I'm glad you called for me to take you, I wanted to be the first to see your new house" she grins at us and the rest of the drive is silent until we pull up outside of the large house, earning a stunned "wow" from Callie.

"This is our house" Dylan tells her, her little face squished against the window as she stares up at it with wide eyes. The house is probably like heaven to her; she doesn't even reach the top of the door handle its that big.

"Ill get the chair" Callie tells us as she parks up next to our BMW. We all jump out and Brittany, Dylan and I all run to the door, stopping in front of it. Brittany lifts Dylan onto her hip as I open the door with my key.

"Welcome home" I breathe out as we all step into the luxurious walkway. Brittany snakes her free arm around my waist, pulling me closer to her as we stare into each others eyes.

All I can think about now is how our new life together as a family is all I have ever wanted and how everything is about to change once more.

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