Alrighty, people! There's just a couple of things I need to clear up before we start the story, of which I'll ask you to PLEASE READ to avoid confusion. First of all, there may be spoilers as this is set during and after episode five, so if you haven't played episode five yet, don't read it . . . unless you want to of which case, welcome to the story! :D

The Walking Dead can have a gazillion different outcomes and the relationships between the characters can be very different when people play it, so some things may not be touched on because I might have avoided them, or some things may have been different due to the choices I made.


The decisions that will most likely be reflected on in this story were the decisions that were played in the game. They are the following:

*Lee saved Carley instead of Doug.

*Lee attempted to help Lilly revive Larry (of whom was supposedly alive as he managed to move his lips somehow during the attempt) before Kenny smashed his head in.

*When Lilly killed Carley, Lee chose to leave her on the side of the road.

*Neither Kenny nor Lee shot Duck. Instead, he was left in the woods to reanimate.

*Omid pushed Lee off of the bridge to avoid a herd of Walkers, and not the other way around.

*Neither Kenny nor Lee killed Fivel (Zombie child in the attic), but it is assumed that Christa does off-screen.

*Molly was saved. Her status currently is unknown.

*Lee revealed his bite to Christa, and Christa, Omid and Ben went with Lee to find Clementine, where Lee did not have his arm amputated.

*Kenny threw the statue at the wall, giving the group a way out when they were trapped, during an argument, and not Lee.

*Lee asked Christa and Omid to take care of Clementine.

*When Ben was impaled, Lee willingly left, giving Kenny another bullet, and Kenny shot Ben and himself before they could reanimate.

*Lee chose himself to go across the sign first.

*Clementine shot Lee so he could not reanimate.


I am unsure who or what Clementine sees when she's by herself and in the country-side at the end of episode five. If anybody finds out, please PM me (and . . . well . . . I'd kind of want proof. Any proof, whether it be a youtube video, word-of-mouth from a WD official, or somebody wrote it somewhere, that'd be great) and I'll make the necessary changes if need be. :D