Test subject is a shorter male human that is very happy, despite some odd and demoralizing circumstances.

Test subject, as stated earlier, is a very nice and kind man, though he has his strong suit too. Test subject originates from region of earth called "Finland"; this is a land known not only for tourist sites but for infamous sharpshooters. His niceness, however, is shown as he takes the guise of "Santa Clause" on Christmas (holiday of Earth) and delivers presents to every single human on Earth, which is approximately seven billion. He loves animals as well and treats most very nicely.

Test subject is part of the group "The Nordics". He seems to be the most level-headed in the group, and is probably what keeps the group stable throughout all the chaos the group can generate.

Test subject is in a sexual relationship with test subject 256 (Berwald Oxenstierna). Both the males feel strongly for each other and do not allow the other Nordics to distract from this. Test subject 256 likes to call subject 254 his 'wife', which makes no sense considering they are both males, and on the planet Earth, 'wife' is a term use to describe a female sexual partner. They have a strange, but close relationship indeed.

Test subject has a dog called Hanatamago that he is extremely fond of. The dog is very loyal to him, and the two seem to have a good relationship. Perhaps this comes from test subject 254's love of animals.

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