A/N : ok then. Hi !... I know, I know; I haven't published anything in ages, but (and here come the excuses). I am working on it, I really am –I've written a few chapters already, but I need to have more of the story to work on Bella's discovery on her feelings for Carlisle, from the beginning to the moment where they'll confess their love and the fact that they are mates.

But I don't give up and I'm so going to publish this story. For the others story I'm thinking about I'll wait till I have a sketch for the whole story and then start publishing. It was a lesson for me, and I've got it.

Sorry again!

Oh and, I'm warning you now, the vampires in here –I mean just Carlisle, will become slightly different, so don't freak out. The story is already AU since it's about Bella and Carlisle being a couple.

Ok, I've talked enough. I'll get my ass to writing right now! Anyway it's not supposed to last too long now, because I finally got to the part of the story I started with, in my head.

Till the next chapter, bye! (and sorry again!)